Touch free orgasms through air pulse technology have been a recent phenomenon. I’m already a huge fan of this type of orgasm so when I was offered the chance to try the Womanizer Pro40 by Orion I was so happy. So far, all my touch free orgasms have been from the various Satisfyer toys nestling in my bedside drawer, I was excited and curious to see how the Womanizer would measure up.

Design and Style

The Womanizer Pro40 comes in two colours, white or pink and obviously, I chose the pink. I love the clean design of the Womanizer Pro40. It looks stylish and modern. The main body is a nice deep pink and the inside panel is silver. The controls sit on this silver panel. The Womanizer Pro40 could be mistaken for a health gadget, a thermometer or such like.

A white silicone nozzle crowns the Womanizer Pro40 and of course this is where the all-important Pleasure Air Technology takes place. The nozzle feels thick and solid and I’m quite surprised at how compact and tight the opening seems. Much to my relief Womanizer have helpfully included two sizes of nozzle with the Pro40. This is a stroke of genius as the original N nozzle is nowhere near as good for me as the XL.

Taking Control

The controls are brilliant. Nice and simple there is an on/off button and buttons to increase and decrease the speed. Note the decrease button, this makes me very happy. One thing I constantly lament about my Satisfyer is the lack of a decrease button. This type of stimulation is very intense. Having the ability to dial it back quickly is priceless to achieving a seamless orgasm.

One small complaint I have is the positioning of the controls is not very ergonomic. To me they feel like they should be on the back of the handle, not the inside. During use I find changing speed ok but turning it off in a rush is difficult. This is a bit annoying. There is also a slight delay to the switch off. This isn’t a real issue but might be awkward if you are ever required to switch it off quickly.

Charging Details

When in use the nozzle glows red which is a nice touch, it also flashes green when charging. This is handy because it’s impossible to miss. The Womanizer Pro40 is a USB rechargeable device and comes complete with charging cable as you would expect.

The charging port is at the bottom of the device hidden behind a little rubber lug. This is important as it’s what enables your Womanizer Pro40 to be waterproof. You need to gently prize the cover back to plug in your charger. Even more importantly before taking the Pro40 into the bathroom make sure you check this cover is secure again.

Intensity Choices

Ten intensity levels offer plenty of scope for play using the Pro40. There is quite a difference between the sensations at each level and depending on my mood I find I use a different level every time. One thing I notice on my very first use is that I can tolerate the top intensity level with the Womanizer, whereas I never can the Satisfyers.

Touch free clitoral stimulators work by using a pulse of air to stimulate the clitoris. They aren’t an internal toy, you simply place the nozzle over your clit and switch it on. It’s advisable to use lube when playing with the Womanizer Pro40 as this increases the vacuum effect in the nozzle by creating a better seal.

The Womanizer in Use

So, what did I think of the Womanizer Pro40 in use? When I first switched the Pro40 on I was surprised by the gentle feel of the stimulation. This is possibly because I think the intensity of the Satisfyer is stronger on the lowest settings. I slowly began to climb through the settings till I found the correct level to trigger my clit into arousal. The massaging feeling of the pulse produced by the Womanizer is delicious.

Closing my eyes, it was very easy to lose myself in the sensations of the air pulse stimulating my clit. As I begin to climb through the levels again I felt the stimulation change slightly. The higher the level the more it felt like a suction and less like a massage. I loved being able to change the sensations up and down to prolong my orgasms which came thick and fast.

Super Strong Orgasms

As I built on the layers of sensation with each orgasm I eventually found myself at the top setting. This surprised me as, like I mentioned before I can’t tolerate top setting on any of my Satisfyers. By this point I was literally in eye rolling ecstasy. It really is such an amazing sensation. I wasn’t done with being surprised though.

Using the top setting felt like my soul was being sucked out of my clit. It was quite simply the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had with a toy. As I came using the top setting I was shocked to feel a familiar release as I squirted all over my hand. I still don’t understand how this happens with no internal stimulation but I do know it feels delicious. The Womanizer Pro40 left me a shaking mess.

In Summary

The nozzle on the Pro40 is fully removable for excellent access for cleaning. You can also buy replacement nozzles which is a great idea. The noise levels at top intensity can be a little on the loud side. However, like all these devices this is muted once in contact with the body. The bottom settings are virtually whisper quiet but unfortunately, they are a little too low in intensity for me.

Orion sell the Womanizer Pro40 for around £85. It is without a doubt worth every penny of that. I’m totally sold on the touch free sensation as almost a failsafe way to guarantee orgasms. The intensity and strength of orgasm with the Womanizer Pro40 is quite addictive. For women that struggle to multiple orgasm this would be a great device to train your body to do this.

Do I recommend the Womanizer Pro40? Hell, yeah, I do. If you have a clit you absolutely need to try this device. It will revolutionise the way you wank. If you’d like to experience your own Womanizer Pro40 delights you can purchase one at Orion.

I was sent the Womanizer Pro40 free of charge by Orion in exchange for an impartial review. Thank you so much to the great people at Orion for sending me the Womanizer Pro40.


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