Dual Stimulators are notoriously tricky biologically. Its hard to get the stimulation in the right place for both elements. Usually they come in the form of a rabbit type device so when the Womanizer InsideOut landed in my bedroom I was stunned at the unusual design.

The Womanizer InsideOut was sent to me by Orion. I recently reviewed the Satisfyer G Spot Rabbit and found there were issues with the design. Meaning getting the stimulation to sit against my G Spot and the air pulse over my clit was an effort. The inflexible clit arm was a problem. So, looking at the Womanizer InsideOut the first thing I wondered about was flexibility.

High End Look

The packaging for the Womanizer InsideOut is gorgeous. Presented in a slick black box sealed inside with a ribbon and satin storage bag it looks very high end. Lifting the Womanizer InsideOut out of the box I’m surprised by the weight of the unit. The entire body is covered in silky black silicone with gold trim.

I’m now going to attempt to describe the Womanizer InsideOut, this could be comedic so bear with me. The bottom of the unit is a bulb shape leading up to the familiar Womanizer nozzle. Coming off this bulbed unit is a protruding arm which is intended for internal stimulation. The shape of the Womanizer InsideOut is unusual and looking at it I’m wondering if it’s going to fit my body shape.

The All Important Flexibility

The internal arm is approximately 5 inches in length and 3.25 inches around so it’s not particularly big. But importantly it is flexible. There is a good degree of movement to it. The nozzle is nice and wide, and Womanizer have included a spare nozzle in a different size in case this one is the wrong size for you. I do love that Womanizer do this.

The InsideOut is USB rechargeable and there are magnetic contact points on the base of the unit ready to attach the paddle charger to. The connection is good and solid, which makes me happy.

Lots of Settings

The controls for the Womanizer InsideOut are on the front of the unit. There are two separate controls, which is great. This means the functions can be used independently to each other. Each element has a +/- button allowing you to climb up or down through the 12 intensity levels.

There is a marked difference from 1-12 but the difference between each setting is subtle and this makes for a smooth change. I find a massive change can be jarring.

Because the Womanizer InsideOut is covered in silicone its only compatible with water-based lube. If you use anything else, it can damage the surface of your toy. Womanizer also recommend removing any intimate jewellery before use.

G Spot Stimulation

I was excited to try the Womanizer InsideOut and so broke my cardinal rule of giving it a full charge before first use. Naughty Candy, but honestly the design was so unusual, and I was very curious. I slicked a little lube over the internal arm and slid it inside me. There is a curve to the internal arm bringing it right up against my G Spot. I was impressed already.

I wriggled the nozzle between my labia and over my clit, the fit is instinctive. Thanks to the flexible arm you can simply pull the nozzle up wherever you need it. Switching on the internal arm I felt the strong vibrations massaging against my G Spot. This was already damn good. I worked my way up through the settings until around halfway and then laid back to enjoy. It was at this point I switched on the air pulse unit and OH MY GOD.

Immense Pleasure

Its no exaggeration to say the intensity and pleasure I got from the InsideOut is immense. The two stimulations working together to create waves of sensation through my abdomen. I had worried the internal arm wasn’t big enough but at no point during use did I want for more.

The crazy thing about the InsideOut is the fit is so good it almost operates as a handsfree unit. The nozzle seals around my clit. With the arm buried deep inside me the InsideOut just sits on me without me holding it. It feels amazing and allows me to explore the rest of my body whilst enjoying the pleasure the InsideOut brings.

This useful aspect of the InsideOut came in handy when I played with it with a partner. He thoroughly enjoyed restraining me and placed the InsideOut into me. Leaving me effectively helpless, with the device forcing orgasms from me. This was so hot I can’t even tell you.

Multiple Orgasms

The orgasms I experience from the Womanizer InsideOut are very intense and strong. They’re the kind which force your head back, the kind which make you sound like you’re being exorcised. They left me shaking and gripping the headboard. I can achieve Multiple Orgasms very easily using the InsideOut. In short, it’s fantastic.

Cleaning the Womanizer InsideOut is easy. It’s a waterproof device so is fine to submerge. The nozzle is removeable for easy cleaning. I use a cotton bud to make sure the inside of the nozzle gets a thorough clean. Being waterproof you can also use the Womanizer InsideOut in the bath or shower too.

In Summary

2018 is really raising the bar for sex toys. The Womanizer InsideOut is without doubt the best air pulse type toy I’ve tried. The added sensation of the G Spot stimulation really lifts the InsideOut above the other devices like this on the market.

Orion sell the Womanizer InsideOut for 189.00€

Thank you so much to the fabulous team at Orion for sending me the Womanizer InsideOut for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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