I was recently tweeted an Article  about how young men dislike going down on girls. The piece went on to discuss how female genitalia can be seen as intimidating or “icky” and some of the quotes used to describe it by teenage boys left me seriously disheartened. Words like “dirty” “disgusting” “nasty” and “messy” left my piss boiling in a most alarming way. Is it any surprise that some young women lack self-confidence when this is the kind of terms being applied to the most personal parts of themselves. Although this was predominantly about younger males I myself know that the act of oral sex is not always fairly apportioned. It’s considered standard for a girl to suck cock but I know lots of men who simply refuse to go down. This is of course their choice but it’s got me wondering if this is because of a similar fear or repulsion of the vagina. It made me think about an incident that really illuminated this for me. After having my children I decided to have a coil fitted as I was crap at taking the pill. After the coil was fitted the FPC nurse advised me to “look for the strings”. The next day I tentatively poked my fingers around inside me hunting for said strings and found nothing. I Googled “how to find coil strings” and ended up spread across my bed with a hand mirror and my phone propped against a pillow rooting around inside myself for all my worth. No strings to be found. Eventually in desperation I asked my partner if he could see if he could feel them. He looked at me in abject horror. His eyes widened. His mouth gaped slightly. I stood miffed at this reaction after all it wasn’t as if he hadn’t had his fingers inside me on a regular basis. Yet his ridiculous response was akin to if I’d asked him to put his hand in a bear trap. This was a fully grown man. I think that amongst a certain childish section of male society it’s seen as amusing to be grossed out by the vagina.

How dare they. As a 38-year-old woman I’m fiercely proud of my cunt. Not only has it been responsible for some of the best times of my life but it’s delivered two of the biggest babies I’ve ever seen into the world and somehow managed to recover seamlessly. Despite years of self-abuse I’m still regularly amazed at the inner workings of my body. How a simple thought or image can stir the blood in my loins and a sudden rush of moisture occurs between my thighs. My cunt knows what I want and works in full co-operation, lubricating in readiness for delicious play.  How on earth did we come to be a society that prefers the penis in terms of aesthetic? I find female genitalia to be much more pleasing to the eye. It’s tidier for starters, tucked away like a sexy secret waiting to be discovered. Playing with a woman and watching her folds moisten and open in readiness is fascinating. Nestled away between delicate thighs and crafted from sensuous velvety curves of skin there is nothing “disgusting” about a vagina. Being unashamedly bisexual I enjoy both genders but I can definitely appreciate that women just look sexier naked. There is something devastatingly sexy about the softness of the female physique. Even the most toned woman struggles to force angles into the natural curvature of hips, boobs and bum.

Thinking about the design of the vagina it’s simply amazing.  It has so many facets and purposes it’s unreal. It helps to create life and then helps to bring that life into the world. After birthing my own two daughters I had a brand new respect for my vagina. I kind of decided that it must be made of steel. When I look at my cunt  (I know you probably won’t struggle to believe I do this a lot) it’s actually impossible to believe a 9lb baby came out of it, it still looks just as good as it did 16 years ago. Especially given that I struggle to take certain dildos without a warm up. Such are the magical properties of the vagina.

Of course we also menstruate via the vagina. Maybe this is where the source of the disgust lies. The dreaded female curse. I can’t lie I do hate periods myself. I feel at my least sexy when I’m bleeding. However let’s not forget that menstruation is required for reproduction. Those same little shits pronouncing their disgust at vaginas should remember where they would have been when they took their first breath, usually shoulders deep in their mother.

I applaud the men that embrace going down on girls. My God it feels good, so you keep on doing it. It tickles my nerves sending actual shivers and shock waves into my brain and making my vision blur. Even when I’m touching myself I find the velvety soft skin and the viscous natural lubrication extremely sexy. Cunts are warm and soft and everything you associate with femininity. Maybe if these repulsed youths had more play time with a vagina they would realise it really won’t bite. I’m not for one minute going to apologise for my cunt, it’s fucking perfect the way it is.



  1. How can a man not enjoy slipping their tongue into a warm wet woman.
    I can still remember my first girlfriend and exploring her and falling in lust with her cunt and getting my face in there.
    Happy memories indeed


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