It’s so hard waiting for Daddy. I wish he could just stay here all the time and play. When he’s here we have so much fun. Sometimes I like to be a bad girl just, so Daddy will punish me. My puppy dog eyes and pout cut no ice with him when I’ve been naughty.

I know just from the tone of his voice I’m in trouble and as my insides tighten with lust. I make the split-second decision as to whether I want to be a good girl. And try my best to make up my indiscretions or push my luck.

The problem is as cute as I may look all candyfloss pink and fluffy hair, I’m a proper little brat. Daddy’s Little Brat. I want to be bad, so he’ll be hard on me and teach me a lesson I won’t forget. I love nothing more than when he roughly throws me over and spanks my ass hard. “Who do you belong to??” he demands. Nobody does it like Daddy. And that’s why even though I miss him I will wait. Patiently, like a good girl.

Because as much as I might act up I know I belong to Daddy.

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Sinful Sunday


  1. What a delight it must be to have a little who looks like such a good girl but misbehaves because she wants a harder punishment! I bet you are so much fun to play with. ^^ I love the sparkles you added to your photo!

  2. Oh you are absolutely sexy and adorable at the same time! And I love my own wait for Daddy…sometimes it’s *almost* as good as what happens when he can give me what I want…almost, lol.


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