We are all fundamentally different in the things that get us off. Our fantasies are as unique as our fingerprints. But one thing that most of us have fantasised about at one point or another is a threesome.

Group sex is awesome. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Even before you factor in the actual sensation of being touched intimately by more than one person. The very idea of fucking two is horny. The atmosphere is much more charged than in a one on one encounter. It feels like being in porn and quite honestly, it’s addictive.

The Thrill of Two

I’ve been lucky enough to have more than a few group encounters, in all kinds of gender combinations, MMF, FFM, and even FFF. Often threesomes are portrayed as a male driven thing. This is utter bollocks. Us girls love it too.

We love the thrill of double penetration. Dominant women love the worship element of two men serving your every sexual need. Submissive enjoy the feeling of being vulnerable and outnumbered. I fall somewhere between the two.

My First Encounter

The first threesome I had was engineered 100% by me. I’d had threesome and group sex fantasies for as long as I can remember. Having a particularly fertile sexual imagination even as a child. There were more than enough naughty day dreams involving all 3 of the Dukes of Hazzard. Saying this, I can’t recall whether this was in my mind the night it happened.

I was meant to be staying at my friend’s house for the night, but this summer we had all been lying to our parents saying we were staying at each other’s houses. Then sleeping wherever the hell we liked. On a hill around a campfire, in the woods, at the park, it was a strange summer of sex under the stars and the smell of bonfires in my hair. I was just seventeen and loving life to the full.

Opportunity Arises

At some point during the night someone mentioned putting tents up in one of the gardens as it had begun raining. And despite the copious amounts of vile white cider in my system I’d spent far too many nights cold and wet to disagree.

I don’t know who set the tents up, probably one of the lads. But I remember when I arrived at the designated spot for the night it already resembled a camp site. The plan had been for me and my girl friend Dani to share a tent. But Dani being Dani she had copped off with a lad and asked me if I’d mind sleeping in his tent. So, she could have him in ours.

A Plan Forms

I agreed primarily because one of the two lads (who I will refer to as J and B) in the tent I was assigned I’d liked for a while. He had a girlfriend who was absent that evening. The predator in me could smell blood from the way he looked at me when the tent swap was discussed.

As the dark sky begun to lighten with the threat of day we all climbed into the tent. I could feel the weight of the situation as one of the lads zipped the tent shut. I wonder sometimes if it was in their heads too.


Executing the Plan

The tent space was cramped and as we all sat there awkwardly at first, I decided to break the ice. Declaring I wasn’t sitting there like an idiot and was going to try and get some sleep. I laid down, putting them either side of me. In my head the plan was forming perfectly.

They followed and there was a period of that weirdness where people pretend to sleep. I was far from sleeping. The cider had ebbed away, and I could feel J’s hands wandering. A gentle brush against me, almost as if by accident at first to test the water. Then when he wasn’t stopped he got bolder, slipping his hand beneath my top.

Lighting the Spark

Anxious not to give my game away too early I enjoyed his attempts at concealed heavy petting. I could feel B behind me, the space so close he was pressed against me and could feel every movement of my body. The entire tent crackled with sexual tension.

Time to kick this plan into gear. I sat up suddenly announcing I didn’t want to ruin my clothes as I had to go home in them in the morning. Wriggling out of my jeans and top I drank in the sight of the two stunned lads laid there watching me disrobe.

Now just in underwear I laid back down between them. We lay there in silence for a few long moments before J continued touching me as I lay on my side facing him. We began to kiss. He was so wrapped up in the moment he couldn’t have noticed my hand reaching behind me to touch his friend.

Lust Filled Frenzy

The circumstances changed fluidly. I wonder at what point they realised what I was doing. Either way I had every intention of making it a night to remember. What started as subtle grew to lust filled frenzy as the two horny boys removed my remaining underwear. And began to strip off themselves.

I lay watching them trying to tear their clothes off fast, almost as If they were afraid I’d change my mind. But the fact that I was laid there naked and touching myself should have reassured them. Quickly they resumed their positions and for the first time in my life I felt the thrill of being between two naked men.


I was almost intoxicated on lust. As J sucked and licked my tits, B behind me slid his hand around to my wet cunt. He began to rub my clit whilst kissing my neck. It was without doubt the most aroused I’d ever been. All around us were the sounds of our friends fucking, drowning out my desperate moans.

They were both rock hard and something about holding two cocks sent electric thrills directly to my cunt. I needed to cum. Begging for release they both instinctively reached down to help me out. In unspoken agreement B continued to work my aching clit. Whilst J slid his fingers deep inside me.

Pressed between them both, feeling their bodies against me and their cocks aching for me I came hard. Seeing stars despite the tent above us. It was so good. And as I lay between them shaking and struggling to breathe, I wanted more.

Wanting More

Spinning myself around to face their delicious cocks I began to take turns in sucking them. Hungrily forcing them into my throat, wanting them to feel the pleasure they just gave me. Never taking my hands off I alternated them. Relishing in their strangled moans as they tried not to cum, neither wanting to be the first to go.

As I knelt there, sucking cock with all my teenage heart. It took me by surprise as I felt fingers slide back inside me. Something felt different, I couldn’t place it. I felt full and it felt great. Pausing my work, I glanced back and realised to my surprise they both had their fingers in me. Fuck, that was so horny I just about exploded there and then.

Enough was enough, I need fucking badly. This was the whole point of the plan, to bring about the filthy dreams I made myself cum to. At first, I laid back down. J slid inside my aching cunt and I wrapped my legs around him. Whilst B laid next to us playing with my tits and kissing me. But I wanted more, wanted it all. I wanted them both.

New Sensations

Whispering my need aloud they slowed to try and work out the logistics of this. J laid back down and slid back inside me. With my legs wrapped around him this gave B perfect access to my ass. I remember the searing pain as he slid inside me, filling me up completely. It hurt, and I fucking loved it. Gently we moved at first. Despite my horny intentions my young body needed time to adjust to this new and extreme sensation.

Hearing them moaning either side of me, B’s hot breath on my neck as he pushed himself deeper into me. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced. We literally couldn’t be closer. As the sensation became easier I wanted more. Hungry to be fucked properly. I shifted position. Climbing on top of J and lifting my ass so B could come behind me and refill it for me.

Filled and Fulfilled

This time was easier, and the penetration was so much deeper. It felt horny and amazing. I felt filled and fulfilled. And as they slammed into me hard I came over and over until I was crying with the sheer emotional pleasure.

B came first, calling my name as he shot deep in my ass. I remember feeling almost a loss as he pulled out of me. Leaving his cum trickling between my cheeks. He watched as I rode J until he also came, not far behind his friend.

We collapsed into a cum covered heap, back into our original positions, naked and sticky. Listening to the rain on the tent roof. The last thing I remember as I fell asleep was both of their arms around me and how contented I felt.

I remember feeling no regret at all the next day. This had been my biggest worry, that I’d get caught up in lust and regret it next day. If I’m honest I’d opened a door to something I knew I’d never be able to shut again.







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