Mr Snatch has been experimenting with different masturbation sleeves recently and although he loves the Tenga range I felt it was time to try something different. So when I received the Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker from Lovehoney I couldn’t wait to see what he thought about it. The packaging was nice, not sleazy but obviously an adult product. I opened the packaging to have a sneaky peek and found a clear rubber sleeve with some enticing ribs on the inside. I tentatively pushed my fingers into the stroker and my word it felt nice. I couldn’t help but be slightly jealous. What did Mr Snatch think of it?

“I think Candy was more excited about the Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker than I was, as she handed me the half-opened packet grinning and saying “look put your finger in here, it feels so good it makes me wish I had a cock” and yes I couldn’t disagree, it did feel like it was gonna be a good wank!!”

The Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker is a clear body safe open-ended rubber sleeve with internal ribs to stroke and massage your cock as you wank. The sleeve closes as you get further up to apply more pressure to the head and you can apply a slight suction to the experience by covering the hole at the top with your finger. There is no structure to the Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker, it’s flexible and is deliberately styled tight to give a firmer more intense wank. So how did Mr Snatch think the Super Sex Super Tight stroker measured up?

“As I got myself ready to try the Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker I was a little concerned about the fact it said “super tight” and I had to get my cock inside it, purely down to the fact that even the Ultra Size Tenga range were a bit difficult to enter. My first impressions were good, it looked great, you can see the ribs through the transparent rubber and it even had two hand grips to help hold the sleeve, though I didn’t feel the need to use these. The stroker itself is a bit sticky to touch (even before any lube is applied) so be careful when putting it down as things just wanna stick to it, dust, hair etc. First thing I noticed is that it is open-ended with one hole smaller than the other. As said already you can see the ribs inside through the transparent rubber and you can also see the channel gets smaller as it goes up the sleeve.


I lubed up the larger opening and with two hands slid the sleeve over my cock, the initial feeling was good, you can feel all the ribs as they slide against your shaft, you can feel the sleeve tighten the further down your shaft you pull it, as I pulled the sleeve to the base of my shaft my helmet would stick out the end. Now one thing I have to mention is the noise, “noise??? You say” well yeah, as with all the other sleeves there is a “squelchy” sound due to the lube and the sleeve sliding up and down your shaft, however not only do you get the squelchy noise, with the Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker you also have another sound, sort of like a xylophone. You know as you run a stick up and down the xylophone the noise goes low to high one way and vice versa on the way down? This was the noise the Tracy Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker made as I wanked with it, at first this made me laugh but then became slightly off-putting as I tried to control my action to keep the sleeve from playing a tune.

Similar to the Tenga 3D Series Module you can grip the rubber sleeve as hard as you want, for me this wasn’t needed as the Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight sleeve was definitely super tight… half way through I thought “I wonder how it feels from the other end?” So I turned the sleeve around and attempted to get my cock in the smaller hole… this needed two hands and it was an effort to get the smaller hole round my helmet, never to be deterred by a challenge I persevered with a bit more lube and I was in. The initial feeling was good, but too tight and did nothing for me, because the inside of the sleeve is like a cone, so using the sleeve “upside down” required a stronger grip to feel all the ridges on your shaft, so turning the sleeve back the other way I carried on.”


The noise Mr Snatch refers to is definitely a major issue with the Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker. It’s almost comical and definitely breaks the mood a bit. Sound effects aside did The Super Sex Super Tight stroker do the job?

“One of the major cons of the Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker is because of the sleeve being opened ended if too much lube is used it may have a tendency to leak out the other end, increasing the stickiness of the sleeve. Similar when you cum, be careful not to push your cock out the end unless you want a handful of cum. In use I found the Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker to be less enjoyable than other sleeves I’ve used, as my pace got more aggressive the sleeve would fold in on itself causing me to lose rhythm, for me the tightness was too much and add that to the comedy sound effects and it wasn’t the best experience with a stroker I’ve had. I did cum with the assistance of some porn but this isn’t as good as the Tenga products I’ve tried”


The Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker is fully reusable, easily washable and being water proof can be used in the bath or shower.

The Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker is easy to clean, although you can’t turn this inside out like the Tenga Airtech or the 3D Module, its open-ended transparent design makes it easy to ensure you have cleaned it thoroughly.”

So Mr Snatch wasn’t sold on the Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker, however if you enjoy a tighter sensation or don’t require an ultra size product you may enjoy this stroker. Just wear ear plugs. Mr Snatch gave the Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Tight stroker 6.5/10.



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