One of the wonderful things about running your own site is feedback and interaction with the folk who read your posts. Recently I’ve had a lot of people asking for tips on taking your own pics for sexy selfies or lingerie reviews. Inspired by the amazing Georgine Horne (if you aren’t following you should be!) tweeting her own posing tips recently I decided to put together my own guide.

(Disclaimer: I’m not a professional photographer or model, these are simply the things I do to create my own images.)

It’s All About the Pose!

One of the most important things you can do to improve your body shape is to correct your posture. Standing upright, with your shoulders back and head up will pull your body into it’s correct line and instantly slim and smooth your silhouette. Pull your shoulders back more than feels natural. This sounds peculiar, but it really works to create a more defined body shape. It lifts the boobs and pulls your core in. Slumping doesn’t make for a sexy pic.

When standing for a picture try dropping one knee to the side and crossing it over the other slightly, this gives a natural hip tilt which creates a more hourglass figure. Standing with a sideways angle is much more flattering than face on. If the picture is from the waist up, turn the shoulders.

Avoid low angles, they distort the body in the finished image and make the lower body appear larger, hips wider etc.

Try to avoid compacting your body too much, laid positions are better stretched out to elongate you. Separate your limbs from your body, lift your arms away. If your arm or leg is pressed against you it makes it look thicker. This is an easy optical illusion to create a smoother line to the body.

What to do With Your Hands

Hands become awkward when you’re being photographed. A great way to prevent them just hanging by your side is to play with your hair, face or lingerie. This adds a more natural relaxed look to the picture. When placing hands on hips try to relax your wrist. Avoid showing the backs of your hands if you can, sides of the hands look smaller and photograph better.

Create a Waist

If you don’t have the hourglass waist fake it. Corsets and lingerie are great for nipping in torsos and creating a waist. However, if you don’t want to rock the boning there’s an easy way to do this. Use your hands. Place your hands on your waist and pop your hip up to create an illusion of waist. Create visual space around the waist. Try to make it so you can see blank space on either side of you, as opposed to your arm blocking this out. It reduces the bulk around the middle.

Be Aware of Where the Light is

Your light is what makes the image, try to be aware of where it is and how the shadows will fall. If the light is in front of you try not to create obstructive shadows which will fall across you. Unless this is part of the intended image. If you’re looking for a softer image avoid harsh lights, often for a boudoir look this can be great.

The Windows to the Soul

The eyes are so important in a sexy picture. You need to try and convey the look you want via the eyes, fierce, smouldering, ethereal. If you’re looking away from the camera avoid exposing too much white, if looking direct avoid opening them too wide. Looking slightly down is a great way to avoid camera nerves and give yourself a soft, natural expression. For a fiercer look eye contact with the lens is much easier.


I’m the queen of the pout and all my friends and family wind me up about it, but it’s part of my style. Not everyone is comfortable with the trout pout look. Practice in front of the mirror to find an expression which suits you, a more natural look is often sexier than the sex kitten pout anyway. The same applies to posing, mirror practice is great if you’re taking pics often.


My style is very much a classic pin up look. I favour heavy smoky eyes and nude everything else. When applying make up for a shoot remember your make up needs to be heavier than it would normally, or the camera will lose it. Lipstick benefits from being a shade or two darker and well lined to stand out in a photo, especially if it’s a nude colour.

An instant way to add glamour to a look is false eyelashes. I’m a massive fan of strip lashes as they enable you to change the look often and are less damaging to your real lashes. So many people say to me they’d love to wear false lashes but can’t. You totally can. You just need practice on how to apply them. I will be doing a post on this very soon. I was going to attempt to incorporate it into this one, but it needs its own post really.

If you don’t have hair extensions an effortless way to fake thick glamourous hair is to put a curl in it and pull it all over your shoulders. This gives the look of much more volume than you have. Adding a curl adds body, even if it’s just a wave this gives a tousled sexy look. Super flat GHD ironed hair (whilst gorgeous) can make you look like you have thin hair on camera. A little backcombing adds instant bed head va-va-voom.

Create Cleavage

When wearing lingerie make sure you’ve done the Scoop and Swoop. I learnt this technique from Curvy Kate and it works wonders to boost your cleavage and plump your boobs up. Scooping and swooping the breast tissue from under the arms and into the cup lifts your boobs and fills the cup correctly. Check the link above for more info.

Heels are your friend. They elongate your legs, lift your bum and make you taller and your body lines sleeker. Plus, we just pure love how bad ass a good pair of heels make you feel. For a photoshoot you can be braver with heel size than in real life. These aren’t going to have to stand the test of the dance floor or the cab queue at the end of the night.

Take a Bunch of Pictures

During photoshoots the photographer will snap off a bunch of pics in each pose. This is because nobody on earth takes a great picture first time. Every picture you see in fashion magazines and online will be the best one of about 20. Adopt this philosophy at home. Take a bunch and choose the best. Pick a pose and slightly alter your face and head angle for say 5 pics, then change pose. When you’re done select the ones you like most.

Be Confident

The most important advice I can give you is be confident. These are your pics, rock them. If the images are to be sent to a partner, then they already think you’re smoking hot and will be impressed at the effort. Confidence translates via the lens, believe in yourself and you’ll knock it out the park. You don’t need fancy equipment to take a great picture, a camera phone will do nicely.

This post isn’t telling you to be something you’re not. It’s simply about enhancement. We all enhance to look better, from make up to hair dye. This is purely how I do it.  Taking sexy pics is fun! Create your own boudoir photoshoot and unleash that inner sex kitten.



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