If you haven’t come across Thrust Pro they make anatomically correct masturbation strokers. Having only tried non-realistic strokers previously, experimenting with Thrust Pro strokers was an exciting experience for me. Lovehoney stock a large range of Thrust Pro products from Mini Strokers to larger Ultra products including arse and pussy openings.

Having recently tried my first realistic Thrust Pro stroker (The Lola Pro Mini) I was excited to try the next stroker that Candy had handed me… the Thrust Chloe Pro Ultra!

Meeting Chloe

Now the Chloe excited me as I’ve had some initial issues with my size when using masturbation sleeves and the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe came in quite a big box which insinuated that the product would be a lot bigger. And physically it was.


Although Chloe was a lot bigger than the Lola, on first look the entry hole looked smaller, which it was. The Chloe is made from a skin safe TPE which is very malleable, due to the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe being bulkier the TPE wasn’t as “floppy” as the Lola, meaning it was more rigid when you held it either at the base or the top of the stroker. 20161205_161026

The box containing the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe had a huge picture of the stroker itself on the front, given that this is a massive vagina it probably is best to make sure you use discretion when opening this one.


Realistic Styling

The Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe is a flesh coloured tube style sleeve. Chloe is open ended so you need to be careful when you cum as it can be messy. A slimmer handle type shaft leads down to a wider base housing “Chloe” herself. 20161205_161057

Chloe’s lips appear less pronounced than Lola’s were, in fact the detail on the entrance seems far less intricate than on Lola and yet I prefer the look of Chloe, it seems neater. 20161205_160956

Internally the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe has two internal patterns, simple ridges down the centre and then what can only be described as raised spots/bobbles in the last third of the tunnel. Chloe has a hole in the base of the stroker where you can insert a bullet to add vibration to the experience.

Wanking With Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe

Once lubed up I was ready to go. From experience, I’ve come to the conclusion I’m going to need two hands to enter these strokers so with some guidance and a little push I was in. The entrance hole to the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe was smaller than the Lola, the expansion of the hole and the way it hugged my shafted as I slowly slid my length all the way in the Chloe was really good. Gently holding the Chloe and slowly pulling her over my shaft I could feel the internal ridges over the ridge of my belled. The unique sensation of the bobbles stroked the head as my cock protruded out the other end. 20161205_161133

Delicious Sensations

As the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe has a thicker TPE than the Lola, this helps when working the stroker around your bellend. If you’re like me and work the stroker in a twisting manner as you wank, the bobbles inside work well in heightening the sensation around your bellend, especially when you’re on the build up to climax.

The internal pattern of the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe Stroker is two tone adding amazing sensations to your wank.
The internal pattern of the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe Stroker is two tone adding amazing sensations to your wank.

Although the Chloe is a thicker sleeve you can still squeeze it hard and lose the feeling of the inner ridges, however this helps prolong your wank. The tightness of the entry hole hugs your shaft nicely to give a realistic and constant feeling. If you close your eyes and forget it’s a stroker you’re fucking, it could easily pass as being inside a real cunt.

I was surprised by how realistic wanking with the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe felt, I’d actually say this was the most realistic stroker I’ve used to date.

Climax With Chloe

Having had some experience of both sleeves and strokers now I’ve become more aware that by mixing up your wanking action, to slow and then fast, you can manipulate the inner pattern to suit your needs. Using this to either prolong or speed up your orgasm. This makes the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe very versatile20161205_161103

Cumming inside the Chloe was a pleasure, as I orgasm I become very sensitive on my bellend and the inner bobbles made this even more pleasurable. Candy enjoyed watching me wank with the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe, she said it was clear how much I enjoyed it and I was very vocal, much more than with the Lola or some of my previous sleeves.

My Verdict

The Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe is waterproof for bath time fun and easy to clean. Simply turn it inside out to wash and rinse it out ready for another day, however I’d be very careful when inverting Chloe as the holes either end are tight, you could rip the TPE which ultimately would affect the performance of future use.64544-0

For me wanking with the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe beats wanking with my hand any day. It’s deliciously tight and the sensation on my cock was really great. The only real downside for me is the lack of rigidity, when I come out of the sleeve accidentally it’s a bit of a pain getting your cock back inside due to the lube etc.

I really like the Thrust Pro selection I’ve tried so far but Chloe is by far the best and given my size issues if I was purchasing a Thrust Pro stroker I would stick with the Ultra range.

You can buy a Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe from Lovehoney for £24.99 which is a good price for a stroker this realistic. If you’re thinking about trying a masturbation sleeve this is a great one to start with thanks to its realistic feel and reasonable price.


  1. I love trying new strokers, and this one looks interesting. I’ve had trouble getting inside when the hole is that small. Not that I’m that huge, but many times not as ‘rock hard’ as needed to penetrate. This is usually with the harder materials, and generally not that great feel inside anyway. I’ve thrown away a fortune in strokers, but it’s worth the search when you find a good one. Your description seems to indicate this is may not be such a problem. Good review, I’ll look for one.

    • Thank you! Of all the strokers he’s tried this rates up there. He said in terms of realism it can’t be beat.

      Candy xx

      • Thanks, that’s good to hear, Candy. I just ordered one, Mr Snatch sounded pretty positive about it. At first all I could find were UK suppliers. The were all over Amazon (UK) but not Amazon (US). Then I found a link to Lovehoney USA… it was like finding the Holy Grail, I was so happy, as I was impressed with the products at Lovehoney. They also had the Oxballs Atomic Jock Stretchy Cock and Balls Sleeve which I have been dying to try. Thanks again, and I’ll report back when my Lovehoney Box arrives.


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