Realistic Wanking

Up until now my experience with masturbation sleeves has been with non-realistic Tenga style strokers. So, when Candy gave me a box of Thruster Pro masturbation sleeves from Lovehoney I was interested to try them and compare the two types.

I was excited to try my first stroker of the set, the Thrust Pro Mini Lola. It’s the same principle as a sleeve but actually looks like a cunt. Lola comes in a box with a large picture of the product on the front and seeing as that is basically a large vagina, this isn’t a box you could leave lying around if you wanted discretion. However, the box from Lovehoney is completely plain and you’d never guess to the contents.


Thrust Pro are a company which product realistic looking masturbation aids. These range from the smaller hand held mini strokers to larger arse and pussy Xtra devices which would be great for lovers of doggy style sex or anal as these have a double entry point. 20161120_101851

Meeting Lola

Opening the box, I removed the Thrust Pro Mini Lola and had a look. There was quite a strong smell of rubber but this wasn’t off putting or unexpected really. I assume this will fade with use and washing. The Thrust Pro Lola is a pink flesh coloured stroker. The inside of Lola is coated with ridges to stroke you and around the outside are some gentle ridges to assist with grip whilst wanking, TPR and Lube make slippery bedfellows. 20161120_101752

Lola’s inner canal is 5 inches of penetrative length, which is not bad for a Mini device. The Canal diameter is 0.5 inches and Lola weighs 240g. The Base has two small holes, an exit hole and a bullet hole. The entrance is shaped like a classic vaginal entrance complete with lips and clitoral hood. 20161120_101821

The Thrust Pro Mini Lola is made from TPR and is very malleable with little rigidity to it. The TPR is soft to touch and quite strokeable. The Thrust Pro Lola Stroker doesn’t pick up lint and fluff when you put it down on the bed unlike some TPE’s and this is a bonus. The Thrust Pro Lola doesn’t come with any lube, so make sure you have some before settling down. I used my favourite Tenga Hole Lotion lube.

Penetration And Sensation

The Thrust Pro Lola is labelled on the box as Mini and given that I struggle with base size Tenga products I already anticipated some issues with tightness and penetration. However, my experience with Tenga Eggs has taught me perseverance is key.

Lubing up the Lola and putting some lube on my helmet I was good to go. Some concentration was needed to enter the Lola, due to my size and the flaccid nature of the TPE. Once inside the initial feeling was good. It was tight and felt realistic. There is a light ribbing in the canal of the Lola which I could only feel with a firmer grip, but this felt great stroking against my shaft. 41otqao79kl-_sy400_

It’s not difficult to grip the Thrust Pro Mini Lola thanks to the ridges on the outside and the soft TPR which moulds around your shaft with your grip.

Mind Tricks

Now I don’t know if it’s psychological, probably is, but because the entrance to the Thrust Pro Mini Lola looks like a cunt the overall feeling on the Lola was more realistic compared to a sleeve or a non-realistic stroker. The lubed up TPR feels amazing stroking across my shaft and it is very easy to get into a decent rhythm.

There is an exit hole in the bottom/top (depends how you look at it) that your cock will stick out of as you take long strokes to the base of your cock. This does add to the sensation as you can feel the exit ridge on the ridge of your bellend, which is nice.

The small hole in the base of the Thrust Pro Mini Lola is to enable you to add a bullet for vibration.
The small hole in the base of the Thrust Pro Mini Lola is to enable you to add a bullet for vibration.

Switching between fast, hard strokes and longer slower teasing ones added a real mix of sensations to my play with Thrust Pro Mini Lola. Candy loved watching me wank with the Lola and found both the noise of the lubed up stroker caressing my cock and my moans as it took me closer to climax, incredibly sexy. We used the Thrust Pro Mini Lola as a solo toy but you could just as easily get your partner to use it on you for a different experience. Candy said it turned her on to watch my reaction as the sensation built.

The Point Of No Return

I found as I built to my orgasm I could increase the feelings by using that little ridge on the exit hole. Frantically stroking that across my helmet lifted the experience to another level and It wasn’t long before I could feel the sensation building and knew I needed to cum.

Cumming inside the Lola felt great, just be careful to remember that the Thrust Pro Mini Lola is open ended and when you cum it will go everywhere, unlike a Tenga sleeve or Egg which keep your load contained.

There is small additional hole in the base of the Thrust Pro Mini Lola which you can insert a bullet vibrator into to aid in the experience. I haven’t tried this, but will do in the future to see how this changes the experience.

In Summary

The Thrust Pro Mini Lola is simple to clean. You can turn it inside out to ensure compete cleanliness and run it under warm water. The Thrust Pro Mini Lola is waterproof so you can take this great little stroker into the bath or shower for some fun too.

Thrust Pro Mini Lola is latex and phthalate free and I suffered no adverse effects after using Lola.

I enjoyed my first realistic stroker experience and can’t wait to see what other Thrust Pro strokers are like in comparison.

I’d give this 7.5/10, the ridges inside the canal could be larger but overall a great wanking aid for an average sized man, however if you’re of a larger size then you might be better off with one of the larger Thrust Pro Products.

You can purchase Thrust Pro Mini Lola at Lovehoney for £14.99 I think this is a great price for a reusable stroker of this quality.

Affiliate links have been used in this review, Thrust Pro Lola was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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