It’s been a week since Eroticon and I’m sad. It seems ridiculous that it’s going to be another entire year before I can be in full blown Eroticon buzz mode. To help me with my Con drop I’ve decided to repeat last year’s post of Things I Took Home from Eroticon.

I can’t stress enough how much fun I had this year. I thought 2017 was good but 2018 took that, doubled it and injected an added dash of va va voom. But what were my highlights? *Deep Breathe* here we go.


This years Eroticon was packed full of moments that just made me giggle so much. From Petra Pan and myself dashing through the snow on Saturday morning like slightly hungover reindeer. To getting refused at Wetherspoons for lack of ID and DivaFoof telling me off. Not to mention the 1am dirty Maccies. The entire weekend was packed with fun with friends, old and new.

It’s a weekend of bonding, support and love. I can’t tell you how sad I was to be stood in the corridor watching the Sheets of San Francisco bed go down, hugging people as they walked past us and up the stairs. I had genuinely prickly eyes and for the first time since arriving in Euston on Friday I found it hard to smile.

A huge thank you to all the amazing people who made Eroticon 2018 so great for me. Especially but not exclusively, Petra Pan, DivaFoof, Aurora Glory, Wriggly Kitty, Tabitha Rayne, SubBee, Mark from Sheets of San Francisco, Kink Craft, Monika from Godemiche, Anna Sky, Kayla Lords, Pixie Heart, Posy Churchgate. Thank you all for the laughs, hugs and support. You are all bloody amazing.


I’ve just said how much fun Eroticon was. But please don’t think I spent the whole weekend downing double vodkas and running around Camden (just the Friday night lol). I learnt an absolute metric fuckton. I came home with a unicorn notebook packed with a million notes.

For me the value of the Eroticon sessions can’t be measured. I attended the Legal Tips talk with Neil Brown from Decoded Legal and honestly, I couldn’t write fast enough. The most illuminating of this was the breakdown of the Age Verification element of the Digital Economy Act.

The Future of Sex Tech panel was another highlight for me. I attended this panel with my Katy Seymour hat on. I wanted to cover some of the Con for YNotCam and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. Hearing the panels opinions on the various elements of sex tech was interesting and offered real insight into this part of the sex industry.

For me though the most absorbing and valuable educational element of Eroticon 2018 would be Dom Signs, Tech for Blog Success session. Wow, the stuff covered was like Blog Tech 101. The session didn’t feel long enough. I came home with a list of things to sort, install and change on my site to fine tune it. I really hope Eroticon 2019 runs this session again. What I really liked was there was very little jargon. Michael has a way of making the often-complicated tech stuff easy to understand.

Swag & Lust List additions

Goodness me the sponsors had some serious swag going on this year. I went through my goodie bag in my hotel room Saturday evening and was seriously excited by the contents. Even if I was slightly tempted to use the Slube sample in the hotel room bath for housekeeping to find the next day. I have a ton of samples to try and test. The beautiful and awesome Tabitha Rayne was showing off all the gorgeous new Rocks Off products on her stall. Like a magpie I was drawn to the stunning metallics and colours. I’m now the proud owner of a Joycicle and the Atomic! The Atomic particularly has me curious.

Thanks to some incredible insight Doxy were giving away woolly hats and T shirts on their stand as well as showcasing the powerful little Doxy 3. This was a genius stroke on their part as thanks to the surprise snow Camden was packed full of folk wandering through the snow with Doxy emblazoned across their heads! I was super grateful for the gorgeous pink one Will gave me.

Hot Octopuss had their new Atom cock rings out on display and I did have a little giggle watching people gasp as they switched them on. Having received mine for review the week before I’d had that exact moment in my lounge. It’s an unexpected kick of power.

Speaking of unexpected kicks ElectraStim were introducing people to the delights of Electric play. At one point I think there was a queue to experience the unusual ElectraStim sensation. Mutters of “I need one of these” could be heard.

Sparkly and Stylish

I loved the Bijoux Indiscrets stall, well I would wouldn’t I. It was sparkly, stylish and gorgeous. Bijoux Indiscrets were giving out their own goodie bags containing samples of their beautiful Mimi body jewellery stickers. My boobs are getting stickered up at the very first opportunity. I was lucky enough to come home with one of their stunning Twenty-One vibes. The aesthetic is knock out.

I may have gotten a little over excited when talking to EroPartner about Zumio. I was Fan Girling in an epic way.

The talk of the venue was the Sheets of San Francisco bed. It became like the place to hang. At any given time, there were about 6 people sat, laid, hanging off it. All enjoying the gorgeous silky Sheets of San Francisco bedding.

Mark had told me I was going to love the dressing for the bed on Sunday, when I made a beeline for it curiously I was left speechless by the Sheets of San Francisco Pink Feather print sheet draped over the bed.

It’s so pretty, hard to believe it’s a print. It looks like you’re laying on a bed of feathers. Mark was lovely enough to give me one to review and if I’m honest I haven’t stopped looking at it since I bought it home.


Eroticon is a hot bed of inspiration. Every session is packed full of brain storming and idea exchanges. In the opening session Girl on the Net did a summary of the last 12 months. I found myself getting goose bumps as she reminded everyone that despite it feeling like the last year had been a total dumpster fire we can change things. Our words matter. Don’t give up hope. Keep writing, keep campaigning, keep fighting for change. Girl on the Net should do inspirational coaching as I find her talks light a fire under me.

I attended Remittance Girl’s talk on Taboo. This one was something I was curious about. It’s a subject I’ve read about and touched upon in fantasy play. Hearing Madeleine Morris explore the historical and societal background to taboo as a fetish gave me much food for thought.

One of my favourite sessions of the whole weekend had to be Emmeline Peaches Sex Toy Activism talk. Emmeline is the perfect person to tackle this thorny issue as she’s the most positive and enthusiastic person I’ve ever met.

She basically radiates positive vibes. Listening to her explain why call outs aren’t always the best form of Sex Toy Activism had me nodding away like a famous insurance company mascot. Emmeline believes in positive activism and urged us to take an empathetic approach to dealing with problematic companies. Education and support is the way forward and good grief I can’t agree more here. I left that room 110% #TeamPeaches.

As someone who enjoys dabbling in a little Erotica I was looking forward to Annabelle Knight’s session on the Erotica Affect. Annabelle has really made me question why society sees Erotica as a second-class genre when it’s extremely popular.

Leads and Networking

Despite Eroticon being fun, I attended it as a writer and reviewer. Being in the heart of the sex community for a whole weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to pick up leads on posts about sex tech, community projects etc. It also allowed me some face to face time with companies and people I work with all the time. This is so valuable to building relationships within the community.


One of the nicest things about Eroticon is how friendly everyone is. Lots of people attending on their own and everyone just seemed to be mingling in together. There were no cliques, no competitiveness. Molly, Michael and Girl on the Net have managed to infuse the whole event with a family atmosphere.

A real attention is paid to the fact that not everyone finds these events as easy as me. There’s a designated quiet room to take some time out and Eroticon Ambassadors to help anyone who needed a hand. I was so proud to have been chosen as an Ambassador this year.

Most of the people attending Eroticon, blog anonymously or are the person behind a company so faces are often unknown. It’s great fun putting faces to names and making new friends as well as catching up with old ones.

A To-Do-List

In an astonishing and unusual display of insight I basically cleared my to-do-list before leaving for Eroticon. Why did I do this? Because last year I came back with a ton of ideas, posts to write, items to review buzzing around in my head. This year I have all this plus practical site-based things to do and investigate. Eroticon kicks my game up a gear and for this I love it. My Post Eroticon To-Do-list is epic, but I booked holiday time to be able to work through it. Good grief, I almost appear a little organised. Who knew?


In an event like Eroticon its easy to feel overwhelmed by the talent surrounding you. Meeting Girl on the Net and Molly last year for the first time felt a bit like meeting Madonna. I admire both hugely, in their work and the people they are.

Looking around the rooms of Arlington you are literally surrounded by people whose work you admire and who inspire you. However, when you listen to the conversations what you hear is unbridled support and enthusiasm for each other.

Tabitha Rayne and myself had a conversation about self-confidence which really switched a bulb on in my brain. I have moments when I feel like a fraud, but Tabitha says she feels similarly. And I really look up to Tabitha. In fact, even Girl on the Net touched on this in her opening session. Bloggers and sex writers all seem to undervalue themselves. We are brilliant damn it. We need to realise our worth. Eroticon is a wonderful place to get that confidence boost.

My Name in Print!

I was too nervous last year to submit to the Eroticon anthology but this year I steeled my resolve and did it. I was over the moon when it was accepted. To see my name in print alongside so many amazing writers is a total thrill. I’ll never not be proud of this.

I bloody love Eroticon and everything is stands for. I love my sex positive community of bloggers, writers, reviewers, photographers and companies. It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to come together with them like this. I know it’s a phenomenal amount of work Molly, Michael and Girl on the Net put into running Eroticon. I’m eternally grateful for all their graft and enthusiasm. I’ll be back next year. Have no doubt about that.


  1. The energy in this post makes me smile and also remember the weekend all over again. You were a wonderful ambassador for us and so many people said as much to me so thank you for being perfectly you and looking for others



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