Flutters of nerves chase through my stomach as I check my appearance for the millionth time. Smoothing my suspender skirt down over my hips I calm my breathing, convincing myself I can do this. Appraising my reflection, I’m pleased to see I look the part.

I tell myself it’s natural, as I touch up my carefully applied lipstick. Anyone would feel nervous in my position but this is how it had to be. He had earnt this now. It was time to turn the tables. The doorbell rings and one final check has me sashaying to the door in my heels.

Composing myself, I open the door, a slow reveal of what’s to come. He stands there all cocky grin and pretty eyes. My clit screams in impatience. Shush, greedy bitch your time will come. I don’t say a word, I don’t need to. He knows exactly why he’s there. Carefully we’d planned, plotted, schemed. Finessing the idea to the point of perfection. This was our baby and it was time to execute it.


Following him through to the lounge I watch him through a lust filled haze. His easy nature belies the gravity of the situation. But his eyes tell a different story. He knows the weight of what we’re doing. He craves the thrill too. Pulling me to him he strokes his hand across my skin. I feel the sheer electricity in the air.

Wrapping his fingers in my hair he pulls my head back to kiss me. The taste of him leaves me intoxicated. Grazing his lips across my jaw up to ear he whispers,

“Baby girl… it’s time”

I can barely breathe let alone move and yet I know he’s right. He pushes me to my knees and with barely concealed hunger I begin to stroke his already hard cock through his jeans. Annoyed by the barrier and impatient for my reward I gaze up at him.

He stops me, and begins to release my prize. With reverence, I gasp as his cock is finally in my hands. Softly stroking my fingers up his length, I feel my mouth water in anticipation. I can feel the weight of his gaze upon me. I begin to lick, running my tongue up this ridiculous shaft. The stuff of my wet dreams. Softly teasing his balls, sucking them into my hot mouth and tending his length with my hands. Losing myself to the hunger I let go.

Hungry for Him

As his tip slides between my lips I throw caution to the wind, slamming him into the back of my throat. My eyes begin to water as I strain to take his pure length. I won’t be beaten. My stomach lurches as he thrusts hard and fast robbing me of air and making me fight to breathe. Mascara pours down my face but I won’t stop. I can’t, that wasn’t in the plan.

Feeling himself get close he pulls out, I swallow great gulps of air while he watches me. I’m aware my pretty façade is in tatters. Hair a mess, make up ruined and yet I sit there proudly. I know what’s coming. I no longer care

He pulls me up to the sofa and lays me back, inching my skirt higher as he does. I lay in front of him and the seconds feel like hours as he looks at my exposed, wet cunt. He gives me the look and I feel as if I could cum without even a touch.

“whose cunt is this Baby Girl?”

Struggling to breathe through the lust I whisper,


He runs his fingers across my clit and I moan. I hope he doesn’t tease. I can’t stand it and yet I know this is part of the plan. He slides his fingers deep inside me as I writhe against his touch. Circling against my insides, teasing, building layers of pleasure. I mustn’t cum. Be a good girl. Stick to the plan. You know the plan.

He watches me struggle and chuckles, low and cruel. How I want him in that moment. He glances at the clock and our eyes meet. It’s time.


He pulls me up and stood in front of him I feel my legs shaking in my heels. Oh, to be barefoot right now. Shots of pure adrenaline and lust coursing through me. Pushing my bra straps down my shoulders he exposes my tits. Nipples hard and aching for him. He moans in appreciation as blush creeps across my cheeks. Discarding my bra, he spins me around.

I hear him undress behind me. Aching to look but know I need to be a good girl. The best girl. This must be perfect. I jump as he grabs my hips, shoving me forward, grabbing the back of the sofa to steady myself.

My heart is in my mouth as the butterfly’s return. I stare at the wall waiting… the wall, the door… He leans against me and I feel his cock press against my aching cunt. There is no resistance as he slams inside me. I open my mouth to say something but it’s lost in the moans.

His Now…

My knuckles whiten as I struggle to stay on my feet against the assault from behind. Waves of pleasure crash through me heightened by the sheer thrill of how close we are to that moment. His fingers creep around my throat and I cry his name. I hear him moan,

“that’s it, good girl… who’s slut are you now?”

I can barely see straight as I hear the key in the door. I feel him tense momentarily and then his pace increases. My thighs are shaking, my tits bouncing as I can no longer stand it…


As my climax rips through me I scream,


As the lounge door is thrown open I open my eyes to find myself staring straight into my shocked boyfriend’s eyes, as Daddy cums deeps inside me.


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