The cool air gently caresses my cheek as the overhead fan turns. I sit hypnotised by the rhythmic turning of the card as the Tarot reader translates the pictures. Her buttery soft voice soothing my nerves.

Turning the last card, she strokes her hand across the picture, The Lovers, oh the irony. It had been years since I’d had any kind of loving. I blinked at her whilst she began to interpret the images.

My mind drifts as her voice lulls me into a waking dream. The remembrance of a hand tracing up my thigh. I stare at the image on the card feeling myself pulled in. The room begins to fade and I feel dizzy as I realise I’m somehow part of the picture on the card.

Glancing down at my sudden nudity, my nipples harden in the breeze as my hair softly tickles across my breasts. I glance up at him, stood mere inches from me. Trying hard not to allow my eyes to linger I take in his naked glory. What the hell was this? Was I drunk?

Reaching forward his fingers intertwine with mine. A warmth spreads through me as I feel my senses stir. He pulls me into him and my fingers trace the strong lines of his chest. Gently sweeping my hair away from my face he softly kisses me. I feel my heart ache with need as his love and acceptance sweeps over me.

My fingers knot into his blonde hair as his tongue begins to probe softly into my mouth. The heat between my legs grows and parts of me that have long been asleep suddenly recall how it feels to be awakened by another.

He lifts me off my feet, carrying me to a patch of grass under the shade of a tree. Whispering my name, he begins to kiss his way across my body. Tiny little butterfly kisses on my collarbone, gentle nibbling kisses across my breasts, not an inch left uncovered. Kissing away all my self-doubt.

He hovers over my clit and blows. The warmth of his breath making me gasp, my hips rise towards his beautiful mouth. I need him to lick me. He kisses my swollen bud into his mouth and sucks. It’s like every nerve in my body is on fire. His tongue swirls into my folds and I feel as though my insides are melting.

I open my eyes half-drunk with pleasure and take in the sight of his face buried in my cunt. Feeling my gaze, we lock eyes as he teases me with torturously slow strokes. Sensation building second on second as the tension in my abdomen threatens to spill over and drown him.

I cry out as it all becomes too much, clutching at his head to prevent him from moving. My climax hits me hard, releasing years of frustration. I gasp as I open my eyes, and find myself sat at the table listening to the whir of the overhead fan.


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