I’ve long been searching for the perfect G Spot toy. I’m an absolute sucker for G Spot stimulation and the orgasms it produces are earth shattering. But I struggle to find a toy that hits the angle perfectly without adjusting.  Then I saw The Jopen Key Comet II G Spot Wand and knew I had to try it. The curve was so similar to my beloved Annabelle Knight Ooooh, which I love but I wanted something with a more premium feel, preferably rechargeable so carrying a bit more punch. The Jopen Key Comet II comes in three stunning colours Robin Blue, Lavender Purple, Raspberry Pink. The colours are gorgeous and for once I decided to opt for something other than pink as the lavender seriously drew my eye.



When my Jopen Key Comet II G Spot Wand arrived I actually didn’t want to open it. Crazy huh? The box was really attractive, with an expensive look to it. It reminded me more of a hair straightener box than a sex toy. When I eventually opened it the Comet II itself was pretty damn impressive visually. The major USP of the Jopen Key Comet II is that it’s not made of one solid material. The handle is a coloured glass-like plastic, housing a shiny metal control button. This leads down to the shaft of the wand which is dipped in a beautifully silky coloured body safe silicone. The whole look of the Jopen Key Comet II screams elegance. The tip of the wand is thick and wide, with a really pronounced bulb about 6 inches in circumference. The shaft has a delicious curve that literally has me wet with the anticipation of possibly reaching the end of my sex toy quest. The insertable length of the Jopen Key Comet II is around 5 inches and the total length is 7.5 inches.


The Jopen Key Comet II G Spot Wand has 7 settings of vibration controlled by the little key button on the handle. This couldn’t be easier or more straightforward if it tried. Press and hold for on, press again to scroll through the settings, press and hold for off. Easy.  The first setting is a constant vibration and the rest are variations of patterns which are fairly standard for any vibrator. I’m not a fan of vibration patterns as I feel they interfere with the build up I need to cum so I would have liked a few more steady vibe intensities instead of 6 patterns. The vibrations are fairly strong but nothing to write home about. But this didn’t dampen my ardour for the Jopen Key Comet II as that shape was still doing crazy things to me. The vibrations are pretty quiet making the Comet discreet enough to use with people at home. The Jopen Key Comet II also comes with a satin storage bag which is a nice touch.


The charge port for The Jopen Key Comet II is two magnetic dots on the side of the wand. This attaches to the USB charger, it’s not a tight connection and you do have to be careful not to knock it loose. However the magnetic charging means the Jopen Key Comet II is waterproof, which is a bloody good thing as despite not really taking my toys in the bath I certainly was grateful for this feature once I’d used it. I believe the first charge is about 4 hours to full charge but was pleased to note my Comet II came partially charged enabling me to have a play straight away.


By now I was practically salivating to feel that wand shaft inside me so gently rubbed the bulb against my aching cunt. I quickly realised despite being absolutely drenched the wand wasn’t going to slip inside me easily, the friction of the silicone is pretty high and the size of the bulb made this harder than I expected. This isn’t an issue as I have bottles of lube next to my bed, so quickly grabbed my favourite one and liberally smeared the Jopen Key Comet II with slippery lube. Nestling it up against me this time it slid home much easier but it feels big… I mean much bigger than it looks! It was an absolutely exquisite feeling when it finally slid right up to my G Spot, the curve was spot on as I’d hoped and that wide head just rubbed against me in the most amazing way. The silicone pulling slightly on my G Spot as I rocked it inside me. I hadn’t even switched it on and I came, feeling the warm wetness spray down my thighs was twice as satisfying given how long I’d been searching for this toy. Composing myself I begun easing the wand gently in and out, aware that getting too rough with a toy with that degree of curve could be painful. Feeling the sensations build inside me again I reached down and flicked the Key button on so The Jopen Key Comet II burst into life inside me. The steady vibration massaging my already swollen and sensitive G Spot it was mere seconds before I came hard again and once again soaked both my bed and myself in a sexual tsunami that I didn’t think was going to stop! I was actually dizzy from the intensity of the climax.


Deciding I needed to change position and escape the puddle I moved onto my knees, rubbing the vibrating Comet against my swollen clit I came almost straight away due to my massive levels of arousal and then continued to gently thrust The Jopen Key Comet II against my G Spot. I soon began to see stars as I reached my third consecutive G Spot orgasm. By now everything was soaked. Me, the Comet, my bed… the floor? Really?! Wow. It’s fair to say that The Jopen Key Comet II is absolutely perfect for a woman who craves that G Spot orgasm, it basically turned me into a human sprinkler. It’s worth mentioning that I also really enjoyed the vibrations against my clit and if you aren’t into G Spot play you probably would still enjoy the Jopen Key Comet II as a clitoral vibrator, especially given the range of patterns.


I am totally in love with my Jopen Key Comet II it has effectively retired my Oooh and I feel like I’ve finally found the G Spot vibrator I’ve been craving for so long. I’ve recently purchased an Njoy Pure Wand and I’m so curious to see the comparison between the two. The Jopen Key Comet II can be found at Amazon priced around £50, which is around half the RRP. I give The Jopen Key Comet II G Spot Wand a 9/10 had there been more steady vibration intensities it would definitely have been a ten.

The Jopen Key Comet II G Spot Wand  compared to the Annabelle Knight Ooooh G Spot Vibrator


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