I never win anything so I was super chuffed to receive an email from Tenga Iroha telling me I’d won an Iroha Sakura clitoral vibrator. I have had plenty of Tenga Products in my collection but only one of them was for me. Tenga are better known for their male masturbation devices. Iroha is Tenga’s range of female toys.

Modern Appearance

When the Iroha Sakura arrived, I was impressed with the crisp modern packaging. You’d never guess the function of the unusual looking item within the pink and white box. The outer slip case holds two smaller boxes. One containing the Iroha Sakura and the other holding a charging cable and instructions.

Opening the Iroha Sakura I was bewitched by the presentation. Encased in a small plastic charging station it looked like the Sakura was an exhibit in some space age museum. Pale pink in colour the Iroha Sakura looks like an egg at first glance.

Tactile Sensation

Smoothly oval shaped with a cleft at the bottom a little bit like a tiny hoof. The Sakura is unusual before you even touch it. The best was yet to come though. Opening the clear plastic lid, I wasn’t expecting the tactile explosion which assaulted my senses when I picked the Iroha Sakura up.

The texture of the Iroha Sakura is almost like a stress ball! I can squeeze it and it yields to my touch. It’s so satisfying. The give to the surface of the Iroha Sakura makes it extremely soft when pressed against my skin. I worry that this might make the vibrations defused or weak.

Clever Charging

At the tip, the cleft is equally soft but offers a groove to place your clit into. Turning the Iroha Sakura over I’m surprised to find two small metal arrows on the underside of the egg-shaped toy. A little investigation into the instructions informs me these are both charge connectors and control buttons.

At first, I don’t fully understand how the Sakura charges but I eventually realise the storage case doubles as a charger. At the back of the platform there is a small USB port. This connects to the included plug. Then you place the metal arrows on the base of the Iroha Sakura back onto the two metal connectors and it begins to charge! Clever!

Strong Vibration

The Iroha Sakura isn’t a large toy. It nestles happily in my palm, but it’s chunky enough to be able to get a good grip on it during use. Offering 4 settings, the Iroha Sakura has three steady vibration speeds and one pulse pattern.

Although I was worried about the squishy body of the Iroha Sakura dampening the vibration I need not have been concerned. The vibration feels strong and rumbly in my hand its surprisingly quiet as well. Keen to try the Sakura I applied a little water based lube and switched it on. Because the body of the Iroha Sakura is made of body safe silicone you should avoid using silicone lubes as these can damage the surface of your toy.

Easily Controlled

Controlling the Iroha Sakura is as easy as pressing the arrow key. Press and hold the + arrow to switch the Iroha Sakura on. Use the +/- to scroll through the settings as you desire. Press and hold the – arrow to shut the Iroha Sakura down again.

I placed the cleft of the Iroha Sakura over my clit and switched it to the third steady speed, which is the highest setting. The soft squishy silicone feels like a dream pressed against my clit. The vibrations are deep enough to massage me and I find gently rocking the Iroha Sakura across my clit built layers of pleasure.

Massaging Pleasure

I could orgasm easily with the Iroha Sakura. It was a strong climax which I wasn’t expecting from the vibrations. Whilst in the throes of my climax I pushed the Iroha Sakura against myself harder to increase the sensation and prolong my orgasm. It was so good.

The softness of the Iroha Sakura makes for a really different experience to using a firmer or harder surfaced vibrator. The cleft shape was a perfect fit for my clit and it nestled in the gap beautifully.

I love the storage case and have left my Iroha Sakura on my dressing table. Nobody would ever guess what it’s for and it looks so funky.

In Summary

The Iroha Sakura is quiet enough to use even with people in the house and is so easy to clean. Being water-resistant I could wash it with antibacterial soap and water. It’s worth noting the silicone is dust resistant too. This means I don’t have to spend hours picking lint and hair off it. It has a powdery texture to it which is very nice to touch.

For me the Iroha Sakura was a very sensual experience. It ticked all my tactile boxes and made my clit sing. I really enjoyed using it and feel like this will turn into a frequently used favourite.

Tenga Iroha sell the Iroha Sakura for £59.99. I’d buy this vibrator with no problem. It’s unique and unusual but still works like a dream.


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