The Tenga Eggs are a neat little disposable masturbation sleeve from Japanese company Tenga. The Tenga Egg Wavy was my first experience of a masturbation sleeve and I was excited to try another, so I was pleased when Candy told me MEO had kindly sent me some to review. MEO are a German mail order sex accessories company. What sets MEO apart is their site is aimed mainly at men which makes it the go to place when looking for male masturbation equipment.

About Tenga

Everyone loves a good wank and the Tenga range, for me, have made that experience so much better than the palm-on-penis wank I was used to. Tenga have produced a massive selection of modern looking masturbation sleeves. The variety and choice in the Tenga range is brilliant. The Tenga Egg is the disposable baby of the range, priced very reasonably they come in a wide range of seventeen different styles and patterns. The Tenga Egg Thunder was the first egg I tried from the selection MEO had sent me.


The Tenga Egg Thunder, like all Eggs comes in its own plastic shell, breaking it open like a chocolate/toy egg to find the neat little soft white Tenga Egg inside. It’s made from a skin safe TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and is a little sticky to touch. It will pick up dust/hair if left on the bed so have yourself set up beforehand to minimise putting it down and getting it un-necessarily mucky.

The Thunder Egg

The inside of the Tenga Egg Thunder is covered in a lightning bolt pattern of peaks and ridges to add sensation to your masturbation experience. The twisted inner texture of the Tenga Thunder Egg holds the lube and strokes your cock as you wank with it. Coming with its own sachet of lube which is stored inside the Egg in what can only be described as a “tampon applicator” like packet, there is more than enough in this little sachet to use with the Thunder Egg.20161107_132645

Removing the Tenga Egg from the shell and my first thought was

“No way is my cock going to fit in that!”

Even though from my previous experience with Tenga Wavy Egg I knew it would stretch impressively, the opening appeared smaller than the Wavy. I applied the full lube sachet and went to work. The lube included with Tenga’s Egg range is clear, workable but sticky. When in use it’s smooth and silky but it does dry to a sticky finish. 20161107_132724

Wanking With Thunder

As I began to put the Tenga Egg Thunder over the head of my cock I knew I was right… I felt too big. With a little persuasion, I managed to stretch the Tenga Egg Thunder over my helmet, and with gentle motion started wanking. Encouraging the Egg to stretch over my shaft this got easier the more I progressed. Once at full stretch the Thunder Egg almost became transparent and I genuinely felt like it would split (I may have forced my cock in as far as possibly to see if it would) yet it didn’t, which is impressive. 20161107_132704

Seeing the Egg go almost transparent enabled me to see the inner mound which subconsciously helped me to feel the Thunder pattern, but if you closed your eyes you’d have to squeeze the Tenga Egg Thunder around your cock with a firm grip to feel the lightning bolt pattern. The sensations from the Tenga Thunder Egg were definitely nice whilst wanking.

Size Issues

I found the size an issue when wanting to have a full wanking action as opposed to just over the head of my cock. As I got faster my strokes get longer and getting the Tenga Egg Thunder down to the base of my shaft was quite annoying, this was due to the size of the Egg {or my cock depending on how you look at it} and the stickiness of the lube. 20161107_132806

When I say size, I don’t mean its ability to stretch which, as I already commented on, is impressive. I refer instead to the width of the opening. The Tenga Egg Thunder will stretch to the base of my shaft no problem, but as the opening was tight and the lube sticky as I pulled the Tenga Egg down to the base of my shaft the TPE would want to roll in on itself. This led to excess lube seeping out into my hand and the Tenga Egg Thunder not gliding smoothly up and down my cock.

I got around this by placing two fingers on my shaft and two fingers on my cock to kind of anchor the TPE down. Now that sounds like it might be messy and to be honest it was, but it done the job. From that point I never once felt I had to concentrate to maintain a rhythm or even to cum, as I have had to with some other sleeves. Wanking with the Tenga Egg Thunder is very enjoyable, it’s a close feeling to the real thing, especially with the lube.

An Easy Finish

Cumming inside a Tenga Egg is always a pleasure, your cum fills the grooves in the mould, I just continued with slow strokes until I’d completely emptied into the Egg and it felt great. There was some leakage of cum from the Tenga Egg Thunder but seeing as it was a messy affair with the lube already this wasn’t anything I’d have an issue with.

The inside of the Tenga Egg Thunder is covered with lightning bolt patterns
The inside of the Tenga Egg Thunder is covered with lightning bolt patterns

Seeing as the Egg is designed to be disposable it’s simple enough to just pull off and bin. This is one of the real bonuses with The Tenga Egg range over a reusable sleeve, you never have to worry about where your cum will end up and can just throw it at the end with minimum clean up if you want. However, if you want to use it again, with careful use and delicate cleaning you can definitely get a few uses out of a Tenga Egg.

My Verdict

The Tenga eggs are a great little masturbation sleeve but being honest they don’t compare to a full sleeve, say The Tenga 3D Module or The Airtech for example.  Comparing the Tenga Egg Thunder to the Tenga Egg Wavy I previously reviewed, I wonder if there is a size difference between types? The Thunder definitely felt tighter at the opening than the Wavy to me. If so it would be better to specify this in the description as I require Ultra Size full sized Tenga Sleeves so may struggle with a tight sleeve.

I think the Tenga Egg range are brilliant value for money and a good introduction to using strokers, or a way to introduce some variety into your sex life, with or without a partner. Wanking with the Tenga Egg Thunder was much better than using my hand and not far off the real sensation but due to the size issue I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the Wavy. I look forward to trying the next Egg on my Tenga to do list.

You can buy Tenga Egg Thunder {and other Tenga products} at MEO for £7.90. Tenga Egg Thunder was sent to me by MEO in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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