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If you’re a regular visitor to our site, you’ll know I’ve been wanking my way through a selection of delicious Tenga Eggs sent to me by German mail order sex accessories specialist MEO. If you’re looking for a masturbation device then MEO is the place to go, not only do they stock a large range of vibrators and strokers but they have an enormous collection of different fetish equipment, all aimed mainly at men.

Tenga are one of the front runners of modern masturbation devices. Hailing from Japan, Tenga specialise in unrealistic looking sleeves which offer a wide range of different sensations and experiences. The variety in designs from Tenga is so diverse they literally cover all bases for anyone with a cock. Tenga eggs would be the bottom of the range starting at under a tenner in price, however if you want something more permanent or fancy you can look to the Tenga Fliphole or 3D Module designs.

What’s Inside The Surfer?

So far I’ve wanked my way through The Spider, The Thunder and the Twister thanks to MEO , time to try The Tenga Egg Surfer. Going by the pattern on the packet I was intrigued to see what the actual inner mould was going to be like; the packaging is covered in silver swirls. As soon as I opened the packet, inside out it went and from what I saw I couldn’t wait to stick my cock in it. 20161107_132645

The inside of the Tenga Surfer was a pattern of small whorls and grooves covering the entire surface of the inside of the Egg. I imagine it’s meant to represent breaking waves hence the name. This looks like it will create a fair bit of sensation and I’m excited to try it.

About The Tenga Egg

The Tenga Egg is basically a small, soft TPE stroker with no open end. Looks can be deceiving and although at first you think there is no way that will fit your cock in it the stretch on these is massive, they expand out to totally encompass your cock. 20161111_151844

The Tenga Egg comes housed in a small plastic egg with a sachet of lube stashed in the middle. The lube is smooth and silky to touch but does dry to a sticky finish. Try not to get carried away when adding the lube, I found if you use it all it can pour out the bottom and masks the sensations a little. 20161107_132704

Practice Makes Perfect

Pouring a small amount of the supplied lube into the opening I began to ease the Tenga Surfer over the end of my cock. I always have size issues with Tenga Egg holes, it requires two hands to get it over me but with practice this has gotten easier and I can slide the Surfer into a delicious rhythm quickly.20161111_152516

The more I’ve used Tenga Egg’s the easier I’ve found them.  As with all Eggs the TPE will stretch to an almost transparent sleeve when pulled completely down your shaft. This reveals the inner mould pattern of raised waves and whorls.

Wanking With Waves

This particular pattern feel amazing on my cock, with long slow strokes you can feel the raised mould over your shaft and the ridge of your helmet, this inner pattern is my favourite so far. With some twisting action or simple good old fashioned grip, it gives a good sensation, even squeezing hard you can still feel the raised parts of the pattern on your shaft whereas you lose that with the others. 20161113_110750

I really enjoyed the sensation of those TPE waves caressing my cock as I twisted and stroked. I found that being able to hang on to the feeling of the pattern, even when gripping tightly allowed me to enjoy the texture all the way to climax. Which is something I’ve not experienced with the other Tenga Eggs I’ve tried.

Once The Ride Is Over

I quickly felt myself tipping over the edge and Candy commented on how vocal I was as I came. This was definitely the best Tenga Egg I’ve tried. Feeling the raised ridges stroke me to orgasm was amazing. Thanks to the closed end I could calm down and catch my breath while still slowly stroking my twitching cock as it enjoyed the final moments of my orgasm and I enjoyed the final sensations of the waves.

Once I’d calmed down, clean up with the Tenga Egg Surfer is so easy. You just gather everything up and dispose of it. However, if you fancy another go with your Egg you can wash it out carefully and allow it to dry off and bingo! Good as new. Tenga market the Tenga Egg as disposable so it won’t last forever but given its impressive strength and stretch you can certainly get a few uses out of it.

This is the 4th Tenga Egg I’ve tried and I’ve had no adverse reaction to either the lube or the skin safe TPE after use.

Making Comparisons

After using all 4 of the Tenga Eggs generously sent to me by MEO I’ve realised I have a definite preference for the closer patterned eggs like The Spider or Surfer. For me the wider, more open face patterns lose some of the sensation once I get close to orgasm whereas the tighter packed patterns hold on to that.

This is something to consider when choosing one of the 17 different Tenga Egg designs on offer. Equally just because one doesn’t particularly do it for you doesn’t mean the others will feel the same. Each Egg is totally different in levels of sensation, though they all feel great and fairly realistic as you wank.

The different inner mould patterns of the various Tenga Eggs. Bottom Left – Twister, Bottom Right – Thunder, Top Left – Surfer, Top Right – Spider.

The Tenga Egg Surfer is currently my favourite Tenga Egg, I felt the inner mould and pattern had the biggest effect which is well worthy of extra marks. Although the sensation from these little strokers isn’t comparable to a full-size sleeve like the AirTech for example they are brilliant value at less than a tenner and a great starting point for anyone looking to expand their wanking horizons or add a little variety into their sex life.

Value For Money


MEO sell the Tenga Egg Surfer [and lots of other Tenga Egg designs] for £8.90 which is a brilliant price for these little beauties. Especially given that they don’t have to be disposable if you don’t want them to be. You can buy any of the Tenga Egg’s I’ve reviewed at MEO and if you’ve never tried a masturbation sleeve I strongly recommend you give one of these a go. You’ll never want to wank with your hand again.

The Tenga Egg Surfer was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review. Thank you so much to MEO.


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