Recently my man tried a Tenga Egg for the first time and he was pretty smitten, especially as this was his first foray into the world of male sex toys. We decided to look for some better variations on the Tenga Egg idea as he enjoyed it so much. Browsing the Tenga Site he choose a Tenga Double Hole Onacup. This is basically a masturbation sleeve which is double ended giving the option to swap the sensations during play, kind of like fucking two girls at once, or allowing for two totally different, separate experiences.  Each Thermoplastic Elastomer channel in the Tenga Double Hole Onacup is different. They call them the Sweet and Bitter sides. The bitter side is made for ultimate sensation and tight insertion with tightly packed tiny nubs for high impact whereas the sweet side is meant to be a softer more enveloping experience with wider, larger nubs to stroke you to orgasm. The two channels are air-cushioned to ensure no chafing or rubbing whilst playing and come ready lubed. I opted for the ultra size Double Hole Onacup simply because he found the Egg on the small size (not bragging this is pure fact lol). I struggled to find the Ultra Size variant in the UK initially, however eventually discovered an excellent Tenga Ultra Size range at Simply Pleasure  who were a dream in terms of customer service, with a fast turn around and discreet delivery.

When the Tenga Double Hole Onacup arrived his first reaction was that it was big. I did point out this was due to his problems with the Egg. The insertable depth of the Tenga Double Hole Onacup is 17.5cm with a width of 6cm. This is much more accommodating for men on the larger side than the dimensions of the standard size.  He was keen to give it a go and see how it compared. He found the Onacup messier than the Egg due to the healthy amount of lube included within the channels but he suffers with friction burns if he’s not careful so more lube is better and although it leaked out onto his hand as soon as he flipped the lid off it wasn’t a problem just a bit messy. So what did he think of the experience itself?


“I couldn’t wait to use this Tenga Double Hole Onacup, the size of it compared to the Tenga Egg I had sampled previously looked huge. It came pre lubed, quite a lot of lube actually, as soon as I popped the lid of one of the ends the lube just wants to get everywhere. It’s not offensive in any way, just a standard slippery, stringy lube.  

Putting my cock inside the Double Hole Onacup was so much easier than I thought based on previous experience with the Tenga Egg, the hole was tight on insertion but with a gentle but firm push it slid over my cock and felt really good. With slow strokes I could feel the mould inside over my helmet, the material was soft, rubbery and in no way at any point felt uncomfortable. 

I could slide it down my whole length pressing it against my pubic area, the rubber mould comes out the casing, like a little muffin top to stop the plastic casing touching your skin when pressed fully down, which prevents any chaffing or discomfort. The feeling won’t ever compare to the real thing but this is close.”


“Turning the Tenga Double Hole Onacup around and using the other end mid way through added a different feel, it felt different, in a good way. It felt warmer, the depth of the sweet side was slightly shallower than the bitter side, all be it not by much. The sensation difference between the two wasn’t massively different but enough to notice, I didn’t have a preference between the two sides, both were good. You can use a slow and steady wanking action or be as aggressive as you want thanks to the lube without any friction issues. Using the Tenga Double Hole Onacup is so much better than wanking with my hand, it’s like bridging the gap between sex and wanking.”

The Onacup comes with a smooth pad insertion mechanism which is meant to lube your shaft on insertion and minimise leakage but my other half found there was a bit of leakage. Tenga sell The Onacup as disposable but having read a few reviews we decided to try to see if we could wash it out and reuse it. I found many people saying they got more than one use out of it and considering the price I totally agree with this. TPE is washable and as long as you’re thorough there should be no reason why you can’t use the Onacup a few times. My man really enjoyed the Tenga Double Hole Onacup and was absolutely sold. Yes the price is high for a disposable toy but I genuinely think you can get more life from the Onacup with a little care and it made a great step to other masturbation sleeves. When asked what downsides he found using the Tenga Double Hole Onacup he replied

“The only negative really are the caps/lids for both ends, if you get carried away and become more aggressive with your action the lid has a tendency to pop off and you find a finger or palm covered in lube, getting a firm grip over the lid and the casing will help keep it together but any slight squeeze or movement then the lid will come off”

Possibly making the lids tighter might prevent this and from my point of view a softer case enabling him to grip the shafts and control the tightness might make a nice addition too. Watching him use The Tenga Double Hole Onacup was a real turn on for me, partially because of the noise. I’d actually read people complaining of the noise in reviews because the pre-lubed nature of the Onacup means it’s squelchy. But for some reason this turned me on spectacularly, reminding me of the sounds when we have sex and I’m seriously aroused. This is obviously just personal preference and may be a factor if you wanted discretion from your session. He really enjoyed The Tenga Double Hole Onacup and we have decided to try more from the Tenga range to see how they compare. He rated the Tenga Double Hole Onacup a 7/10. You can purchase The Double Hole Onacup at Simply Pleasure for £20.00 (currently priced £13.95) along with other Tenga products.

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