After Mr Snatch had tried the Tenga Double Hole Onacup he was keen to try more of the Tenga Range. The Tenga Airtech was the one that caught his eye. So he was very excited when I gave him one as part of his anniversary present. Tenga is one of a few brands leading the way with male masturbators.

The Tenga Ultra Airtech is a reusable version of the Tenga Cup series. He really loves the Tenga range but finds the standard sizes a little on the tight side. So I always look for the ultra size option if it’s available.

Different Variants

The Tenga Airtech comes in various types Gentle, Regular and Strong as well as Ultra and Vacuum Controller Compatible. The Airtech is similar in design to the Onacup and the previous Tenga disposable vacuum cup range. Except it benefits from being fully washable and reusable.

As suggested by the name the Airtech mimics a blow job by using a vacuum effect. Using Tenga’s Air-Flow Structure the Airtech creates trapped air stimulation for the shaft by using Air Cushion Technology. Whilst letting air escape during insertion to add suction.


The internal structure of the Tenga Airtech Ultra Vacuum Cup is similar in design to most of the Tenga range. A TPE foamy sleeve within a hard case. Consisting of various patterns of nubs and ridges of differing yields and sizes. This creates a wealth of sensation.

Larger Dimensions

With a canal diameter of 0.5 inches and a depth of 5.5 inches it’s 1.2 times the size of its standard size counterpart. Which is essential for the more well endowed man.

My man found the Tenga Airtech Ultra Vacuum Cup tight enough for the correct stimulation. He probably would have been unable to use the standard Airtech comfortably. I think the Ultra Size variant in these ranges is invaluable and I wish Tenga would extend it to all the ranges.

Lubing The Airtech Ultra

The Tenga Airtech Ultra Vacuum Cup comes with a vial of lube which Mr Snatch found slightly frustrating.

“The sample tube of lube which comes with The Airtech Ultra Vacuum Cup was a little frustrating to get out. It came out in blobs from having to squeeze the tube. This sounds a bit “well dur” but it’s because the tube was so rigid.

It wasn’t a squeezeable tube like say a toothpaste tube. It flexed back to original shape with every squeeze. Therefore the lube came out in blobs. This made it a little frustrating spreading it inside the Airtech Ultra and around the top for insertion.

It would definitely be easier if the lube was in a more easily squeezed container”


Because the Tenga Airtech Ultra is reusable it does make sense to not pre-lube it. So, the included lube is a nice touch. Especially if the purchaser is new to male sex toys and hadn’t thought to buy lube.

Tenga do sell a range of lubes to go with their products. From Egg Lotion for use with the popular Tenga Egg range to Tenga Play Gel. Or the brilliantly named Tenga Hole Lotion.

Using The Tenga Airtech Ultra

Once he’d managed to master the lube what did Mr Snatch think of the Tenga Airtech Ultra Vacuum Cup? 

“I was unsure the Tenga Airtech Ultra would be any different to the OnaCup. It had a similar TPE internal sleeve but the moulds were different so I was expecting some, although not much, difference in feeling on my shaft.

There is a sticker on the top which you remove to allow the air to flow through. You cover this with a finger if you want to enhance the suction. This is a nice way to customise the level of suction during play depending on your mood.”

Comfortable Grip

“The external case is a different mould to the Tenga Onacup. This makes it so much more comfortable to grip when wanking. My cock slid into the Airtech Ultra with ease. Same principle as the Onacup with a little TPE muffin top. This stops the plastic casing hurting or chaffing your pubic area when inserting your entire length inside.

The textures inside were better than I’d imagined. The whole experience from pulling the Tenga Airtech Ultra from tip to the base of my shaft felt so good. Especially as previously stated you have a better grip on the product. Allowing for a more flowing and rhythmic wanking action.

Aggressive wank or slow and steady it didn’t matter, it feels comfortable in the hand and amazing on the shaft.


Strong Suction

The hole on the top to aid suction was interesting. When in mid flow by covering the hole with a single finger it almost grabs your shaft. Reducing the ease of which the Airtech Ultra glides up or down your shaft. It does give a realistic blow job feel. Almost like your girl is trying to suck your stomach through your cock!!

Personally I didn’t like this. It broke my rhythm when accidentally covering the hole. But if you’re looking for a strong suction it will definitely do the job.

On the whole I loved using this product and my first reaction once I’d cum was….”I ain’t using my hand again” it was brilliant!”

Watching Him Play

I enjoyed watching him use The Tenga Ultra Airtech Vacuum Cup. It was very clear just by the loud vocal appreciation how much enjoyment he was getting out of the Airtech. He was genuinely surprised by how much he enjoyed it. Commenting how it has basically spoilt him for wanking now.


Cleaning Up

The Airtech Ultra Vacuum Cup is latex and phthalate free but Tenga says it isn’t waterproof. It would be great to see if this could be improved. Enabling men to use this great male masturbation sleeve in the bath or shower.

After use you can just remove the TPE interior and wash it out in the sink. Before towelling it dry and replacing it in the casing. Mr Snatch really loves that his Airtech is reusable as he was reluctant to part with his Onacup. Insisting on rinsing it to try to get a longer life out of it.

“The clean up of the Tenga Airtech Ultra Vacuum Cup was so easy. The TPE sleeve removes completely. You can really rinse and wash it out to ensure it’s totally clean for next time.

Getting the sleeve back into the plastic casing was simple. Once you realised you weren’t gonna rip it while adding some pressure to it.”


In Summary

All in all we were super impressed with The Tenga Airtech Ultra Vacuum Cup. Tenga go from strength to strength for Mr Snatch. He is sold on the idea of masturbation sleeves, despite never having tried any before his Tenga products.

He enjoys the variation in the products despite initial scepticism as to how different they could be. We give The Tenga Airtech Ultra Vacuum Cup an 8/10. I really hope Tenga extend the Strong and Gentle variants into the Ultra Size too.

You can buy the Tenga Airtech Ultra Vacuum Cup for £27.99 at Lovehoney

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