My man has been steadily working his way through a swath of Tenga Products but the one that really got his attention was the Tenga 3D Series Module. Being all about making his sexy dreams come true, for our anniversary I made sure a 3D Module and some Tenga Hole Lotion were among his gifts. Tenga specialise in male masturbation sleeves that are so modern and contemporary that they probably wouldn’t even need hiding. There is a huge range starting with disposable sleeves like Tenga Eggs right up to the almost space aged Tenga Flip Hole. The Tenga 3D Series is a set of elegant looking reusable masturbation sleeves made of stretchy AG Antibacterial Elastomer. Each sleeve has a different internal pattern designed to stimulate in a variation of ways and bring about a different sensation from each product. The Tenga 3D Module has random rows of little blocks on the inside. The protruding blocks are designed to stroke your shaft whilst you wank while the receding ones are meant to cling to your cock to create a tight sensation. The Tenga 3D Series comes in Spiral, Zen, Polygon, Pile and of course Module. The internal designs are world’s apart meaning there is something to please every cock.

The Tenga 3D Series comes in a nice clear display case which houses the product inside out to show case the internal patterns. The Tenga 3D Module looks classy and elegant when it arrived and I was very impressed. Mr Snatch was equally excited,

The 3D Module was the first Tenga product that I wanted to try, even though it has actually become the 4th. After using the Egg, the Onacup and Airtech and being impressed with them all so far, the Tenga 3D Module looks like it will be an amazing wank! 

At first I thought the blocky exterior would create a great grip whilst wanking, unlike the Tenga Onacup which has a tendency to slide in your hand as you become more vigorous. Once I’d opened the packet I couldn’t wait to get started, being a novice to this reviewing game I read the instructions (even though its simple enough, open, lube it up and wank) and was surprised to realise I had to turn the product inside out, the blocky exterior that looked so good to grip was actually the inside. This made me wanna get stuck in even more.

The module comes with a tiny sachet of lube that’s stored on the underside of the stand, which to be honest I didn’t use as it didn’t look like it would be enough. I used the “Wild One – Tenga Hole lotion” which was amazing!!”

Tenga do a wide range of lubes for use with their products. The lube that Tenga supply with the 3D Module is a sachet of Hole Lotion in Real. This is meant to create a realistic wet sensation which isn’t sticky. Mr Snatch enjoys stimulating lubes so he asked for Hole Lotion in Wild which contains menthol for a tingling refreshing feeling. So how was using the Tenga 3D Module?


“Once turned the right way around the Tenga 3D Module looks very boring, plain white and simple (although what more would you really want from the outside of a masturbation sleeve?) Squeezing plenty of lube inside the 3D Module and around the opening I was ready to abuse this product!

Entering the 3D Module initially was a bit fiddly as the hole was tight and the product has no core strength to it, therefore it was a bit messy with the lube. Once I was inside it slide down my shaft and felt completely different to all the Tenga products I’d used previously. I found with a soft slow action I could feel the blocks of the 3D Module over my helmet and down my shaft, it was easy to gather rhythm and felt more like an extension of my hand as opposed to say the AirTech where I knew I was holding a bit of kit.

The beauty of the 3D Module is that it has no external housing, meaning you control and can vary the experience yourself, gripping harder to increase pressure round your shaft or holding it looser, like the Tenga Egg it will stretch if it needs to. Forcing my cock deep into the Tenga 3D Module I could see and feel my helmet stretching the base of the Module, from experience with the Egg I knew I wasn’t gonna pierce or rip the material so I could be as aggressive as I wanted. I could control my experience and even delay when I felt like I wanted to cum, changing the strength of my grip and rhythm to prolong the experience and edge my orgasm.

If you haven’t worked out by now that one of the biggest benefits to all these products is you don’t have to worry about “where you finish” no grabbing for tissues, wipes, worrying about shooting all over bed… just carry on your action and let yourself go. I found this was even better with the Tenga 3D Module because I could control when I stopped, if that makes sense, once I’d cum it felt so good to slow my action down and keep massaging my shaft as I basked in the sensations.”


The Tenga 3D Series are totally reusable and therefore completely washable.

The 3D Module comes with its own stand for you to store it in and to allow the Module to dry out after use. The cleaning of the Module, like the Tenga Airtech, was simple. Being able to turn the sleeve back inside out made washing it with soap and warm water really easy to ensure you’ve cleaned it fully. Then you can just hang it on its stand to dry.”

The dimensions of the Tenga 3D Module series are an insertable depth of 13cm and a width of 4cm, however Tenga state that the 3D Series should stretch to accommodate any size. Considering my man needs the Ultra Size variant in most Tenga products this is probably true.

The Tenga 3D Series Module is his favourite Tenga product to date. I really enjoyed watching him use it and found the sounds of the lube in the sleeve caressing his cock and his own moans of pleasure were enough to make me need to touch myself too. We continue to be huge fans of the Tenga range and give The Tenga 3D Series Module a 9/10. It’s exceptionally stylish and gives a mind-blowing wank. You can purchase The Tenga 3D Series including the Module from Tenga Store for £29.99 which is great value for money for a reusable sleeve of this quality.



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