We all know the benefits of a good massage. And most of us have incorporated it into our foreplay. Candlelight and oils make a fantastic way to get a partner in the mood. But have you heard of Tantric Massage?

Tantra has been practised for over 9000 years dating back to the Himalayans in India. Ancient religious leaders believed that sexual ritual led to a higher form of ecstasy and a more relaxed state of consciousness.

Tantric massage takes the principles of Tantra and combines it with a full body massage which leaves you fully relaxed and fulfilled. Aside from the obvious pleasurable benefits its believed there are also health benefits to this type of intimate massage. This includes reducing stress, improving your breathing, healing your emotional well being and elevating your self-esteem.

What is Tantric Massage?

So, what is Tantric Massage exactly? Despite the use of the word massage this isn’t like your sports massage or deep tissue massage at the spa. There is no kneading or manipulation of the muscles at all in Tantric Massage. Instead the focus is on stroking and ritual.

Warm oils are used to aid the therapist to free the flow of sexual energy. By stroking and stimulating the entire body. It feels somewhat like being worshipped. Usually at the end of the ritual the therapist uses yoni or lingam massage. This brings about a full body orgasm. Utilising the sexual energy freed during the previous ritual.

Yoni or Lingam massage is basically a form of intimate massage involving genital stroking and stimulation. This can be intense and its not unusual to feel extreme emotion during this part of the massage.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is another form of Tantric massage. This involves the therapist using their own body to create pressure and sensation against the recipient. This kind of body to body contact is extremely intimate and can bring about delicious stress dissolving sensations. Nuru uses Nuru gel, a thick massage gel derived from seaweed leaves as opposed to oils. This technique originated in Japan.

All forms of Tantric massage are intimate and require the client to be naked. Many of them involve genital stimulation and orgasm is possible. If you have intimacy issues this can be overwhelming. So, please be aware of this and fully research your chosen form or tantric massage. I have experienced Tantric Massage and can attest to the adoration felt during the ritual. It left me extremely relaxed and satisfied.

Tantric Massage is a fantastic way to explore your sexual energy in relaxed and professional surroundings. Its renowned for its sexual healing properties, helping with a wide range of sexual problems. Whilst this sounds great this obviously isn’t a service you can pick up at your local spa. So how would you go about finding a genuine tantric massage therapist?

About Xmassage

Xmassage is a site dedicated to making this an easier process. Their team comprises of experienced massage therapists who have been practising Tantric Massage long before it became a trend. Each therapist is checked and authorised by Xmassage before being listed on their site. So, you can browse in confidence that each therapist is vetted to be in-line with Xmassage’s standards.

Xmassage’s Mission Statement is to create the most well known and trusted directory service in the world. Helping users find the perfect tantric, nuru or erotic massage experience for them. For those new to this kind of service it can be intimidating, and hard to know what to look for. Xmassage helps to simplify this process with descriptions of massages offered and detailed profiles of the therapists listed.

Xmassage doesn’t advertise any kind of escort services and any masseur is found violating this receives a permanent ban from the site. Offering therapists specialising in an array of massage techniques. Some of these include Body to Body, Couples, Nuru, Prostate and of course Tantric among many others.

Nationwide Locations

What makes Xmassage different from other Tantric sites I’ve seen is the range of locations covered. Xmassage list therapists in locations across the UK from London to Edinburgh. This makes their services much more accessible to a wider range of people.

To book is simple. Each therapist has their own profile which you can click on to read the various massage types they offer, where they are based and rates etc. You book directly with the therapist. Clients can leave reviews on therapist profiles so there is feedback for you to check out before choosing a masseur.

If you feel like you could benefit from a Tantric Massage or would like to treat a loved one to one or perhaps book a couple’s massage to spice up your love life, then check out Xmassage and browse the extensive range of therapist offered. Then prepare to have the most relaxing and sensuous experience of your life. Despite going in as a sceptic I was won over completely.

This is a sponsored post for Xmassage.



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