I recently wrote about why I love being a Switch. It really is having your cake and eating it. It’s not that I don’t want a preference I simply don’t have one. How can I choose when I love both sides of the coin equally. No one role suits me best, I want to play them both. Each complimenting different aspects of my personality perfectly. Part Queen, Part Slut.


I love to Domme, wielding the crop and heels and bathing in the worship of my adoring sub. Relishing my sadistic streak as the crop cracks against his arse. That little intake of breath as the pain kisses their skin. Watching with pride as the marks bloom across his skin. Marked as mine. My insides tightening with lust as he softly begs to be allowed to cum. My darker side drinking in the silent plea conveyed in those eyes. But no release for him, it’s all about my pleasure. I’m the one in control tonight, Queen of my scene.


Conversely my submissive side has me begging to be used like the slut I so clearly am. Restrained, helpless and vulnerable. Begging silenced now. Just muffled whimpering as my cunt gets wetter and the anticipation builds. Intimidated by the look in his eyes and the tone of his voice. I know this isn’t about me, and yet it feels so good. I know I’m just a toy to him tonight. So why is every nerve in my skin alight every time our eyes connect? Why am I craving the heat of his palm on my arse?

I refuse to choose, I’ll wear both dependent on my mood. Like different dresses in my wardrobe I’ll rock them both.

There are plenty of sinners to be found this Sunday, simply click the kiss…

Sinful Sunday


  1. oh, my those shoes! I understand a little about what u have written – I am a submissive, but every so often I just want to take control of my mans cock and decide exactly what goes on – ah 😉

  2. Another amazing picture!
    I find it fascinating the sub/dom switch roles but havent encountered them in relationships fully…. will do.

  3. This is a fab post! I too change my preference depending on how I feel in the moment. Sometimes, taking control is empowering. Sometimes giving it away is.

    Your photos are hot too!

    PP x


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