Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe Review


When I was sent the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe by Orion I initially wasn’t sure how compatible it would be with my anatomy. G Spot stimulation for me requires curve and the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe didn’t seem to have enough of one.

Bright Pink and white in colour, the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe looks clean and modern. The top insertable half is made of soft pink body-safe silicone, this feels lovely to stroke but be aware it does grab everything it touches, hair, lint etc. There is a clear head to the shaft, nice and bulbous with a gentle pointed tip. This graduates down to a thin narrow neck leading to the handle.

Style and Design

The handle at the bottom is white ABS. On the inside of the slight curve to the handle is the single control button. This is nice and simple and really doesn’t require instructions, press and hold to switch on, press again to move through the settings and press and hold to switch off. The controls are positioned nicely and I find my thumb sits on top of the button automatically without me thinking about it.

There is a deep channel running around the handle up into the main shaft, I can’t see any real reason for this aside from decorative purposes. Whilst it gives a quite nice feeling to the handle, on the shaft it just feels like unnecessary cleaning problems. At the top where the channel is quite narrow it can be a bit fiddly to make sure you’re getting it clean.


Being USB rechargeable, the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe comes with a charging cable. On the back of the white handle is the covered charge port. This has a silicone plug over it which lifts and pops back into place after use. Although the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe is waterproof it would be very easy to accidentally not secure the charge port plug. And so, I’d advise making sure it’s totally secure before taking the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe into bath or shower.

I gave my Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe a full charge initially, this took approximately an hour and half. This should give you around 80 minutes of play time, which is good. The total length of the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe is 18cm and this gives you 11cm of insertable length. It’s quite narrow in circumference, particularly at the neck.

The Bendy Neck

So far, I’ve concentrated on the way the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe looks but it’s cleverest feature for me is hidden from immediate view. The neck of the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe is extremely flexible. I can bend it almost in half, from side to side and backwards. Whilst at first glance it may appear there is no curve to the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe you can basically create your own degree of curve using the incredibly bendy neck. I found by applying pressure to the handle during use I could force the curve to be what I wanted it to be. This is really clever as every woman is different and all bodies require a different angle of stimulation.

If you’re a fan of deep vibrations the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe is unlikely to be the vibrator for you. The vibrations are strong but shallow in depth. This said against my G Spot they felt good. I tend to be less fussy with internal vibrations than with clitoral. I found wriggling the handle a little whilst the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe is buried inside me allowed me to use the bulbous head to massage my G Spot. The silicone has just the right level of grab to graze against my insides and create the friction I’m craving.

Selection of Vibrations

Seven different function settings offer plenty of choice for stimulation. Starting with three basic vibration intensities and building to four throbbing pattern settings. Changing the sensation during play is very easy. I’d love to see a way to go back through the settings as opposed to having to scroll to the beginning if you wish to take it back a notch.


I always like to explore all possible options for play during testing a toy. And so I had to test the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe clitorally as well. The pulse patterns were strong enough to build a nice climax. But unusually for me the steady vibrations didn’t work as well. I found the flexibility great for applying strong pressure to my clit without hurting myself.

The Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe isn’t the quietest vibrator I’ve encountered. It varies greatly from setting to setting. On the first two settings, its fairly quiet however the minute you inch the power up it is quite pitchy. It’s not so loud you couldn’t camouflage it with a telly or music. However I wouldn’t use it in a quiet room with other people in the house.

In Summary

I enjoyed using the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe. The flexible neck really is a clever selling point. Especially to someone who has trouble finding the perfect angle to get that G Spot stimulation on the money. It’s not going to be the vibrator for a power queen. But for someone just looking for a decent level of internal vibration this would be perfect. It managed to make me cum both clitorally and internally.

You can buy the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe from Orion for 59.95€

Thank you so much to the amazing people at Orion for sending me the Sweet Smile G Spot Vibe free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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