Drunkenly stumbling out from the bathroom I see him leant against the chrome bar running along the plate glass windows. Stopping for a moment I smile lazily. All this time and I’ve not lost the butterflies I feel when I see him. Collecting myself I sashay across the hallway, aiming for seductive and probably failing.

“Hey baby, I was looking for you. It’ll be midnight soon.” The sounds of New Year revellers drift out from the party room. “Sorry babe, I needed a moment. Too much wine.” If I was honest, I dislike New Year. Too much self-reflection, too much pressure for New Year, New Me.

I lean against the cold chrome and gaze out at the beautifully lit up city. The dark night sky set ablaze by neon, soon to be replaced by fireworks. His arms slide around me and I feel the delicious security of his embrace. His face nuzzling into my neck sparking my own internal fireworks of desire.

Gently he begins to kiss my neck, softly moving my hair away. His touch spreads heat through my skin as alcohol and desire blend to make a heady cocktail of lust. I can smell him as I close my eyes. The scent of his skin makes my mouth water as he gently bites my ear and I moan, quite accidently.

I hear him growl, low and dangerous. Slowly he pushes the straps of my dress off my shoulders, hooking the thin black material in his fingers he yanks it down. I watch it pool at my feet, gathered around my heels. I lean my warm face against the cold glass as he exposes me, drunk and dizzy I feel him unhook my bra. I should care. I don’t.

Sliding his fingers into the top of my thong I moan as he pulls it down my thighs, stroking my skin in the process. Kicking my legs apart, I can feel the air touching my exposed cunt. Stood naked, vulnerable leant against the window. High above the city I quietly beg as his fingers slip into my aching wetness.

I feel him pressed against my back, hear the want in his ragged breathing as his fingers tease deep inside me. My writhing body exposed to the view of the street below as my orgasm creeps up on me. Slowly building. Growing deep inside me. “Please…” I beg.

I feel his hardness pressed against me like sweet relief. He pulls my hips up and bends me further into the window. Dizzying views of the drop below make my head spin as he slams his cock hard into my ready cunt. Our weight against the window I pray it will take our weight.

The danger, the thrill of being seen, the view… all combine as his cock strokes inside me, my vision blurs. The street below me swims as I can hear the countdown to midnight. Will I beat the New Year?

Fireworks fill my vision as my insides explode with pleasure.

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