Flavoured lubes can be a minefield if you have a sensitive vagina. Often people don’t even realise the multiple infections they’re getting are being triggered by their lube. Therefore, my favourite lube is Sliquid, and their flavoured brand Swirl is my favourite oral lube.

Sliquid Swirl starts life as the original Sliquid Natural H20 water based lube. This is then delicately flavoured and sweetened with a dash of sweetener. Sliquid Swirl contains no glycerine or parabens, is vegan friendly and hypo allergenic and non-toxic. What more could you want really?

Knicker Rocker Glory

I was first introduced to the delights of Sliquid Swirl by Ruby L’Ace of Knicker Rocker Glory. Since then I’ve been slowly gathering a collection. When I saw Ruby was running a promotion on Sliquid I took advantage of it and grabbed myself a bottle of the Pina Colada flavour one. Purely in the interests of science obviously.

My Sliquid Swirl arrived fast, as is always the case with my Knicker Rocker Parcels. Discreetly parcelled nobody would ever know of the exotic delights inside. The familiar Sliquid Swirl bottle was brightly coloured and echoing my particularly summery vibe. With a bright yellow label and cap, the Sliquid Swirl bottle doesn’t scream lube and doesn’t look out of place on my bedside table.

Water Based Fun

Sliquid Swirl is water based which makes it extremely multi-purpose. Silicone based lubes can damage silicone toys and oil based lubes are not always condom safe. Water based lube is pretty much safe to use with everything.

The lube itself is clear and quite thick, although there is a good deal of viscosity to it. It feels silky between my fingers and I can already smell the delicate scent of pineapple wafting in the air. Sliquid Swirl didn’t mark or stain my sheets or clothing and washed away easily after use. There was no sticky after effects either. This is such a common problem with flavoured lube.

Summery Flavours

Smearing a little Sliquid Swirl over my partners length I was actually salivating at the thought of Pina Colada flavour blow jobs. The taste of Sliquid Swirl is delicate and subtle. It allows you to still taste your partner and I love this. I want to taste him not mask him. I love the way Sliquid Swirl enhances oral.

The flavour of the Pina Colada Sliquid Swirl is of subtle pineapple which morphs into coconuty back notes as it lingers on your tongue. It’s a taste of exotic beaches and holiday nights. The taste is present throughout the time the lube is there and despite its subtle nature it is quite long lasting.

Sweet and Delicate

If you’re looking for a masking lube Sliquid Swirl isn’t going to be the lube you want. However, I’ve found the stronger the flavour the more chance the lube is packed with glycerine and sugar. Which for me is a fast track to yeast infections.

Sliquid Swirl Pina Colada is sweet enough to add a little exotic spice to oral without being over powering. And knowing I can go straight from oral to PiV sex without risk of irritation is such a good feeling. Using Sliquid Swirl as an internal lube is just as good as using Sliquid Sizzle. The lube is long lasting and provides a great friction free penetration. Sliquid Swirl is a great all-rounder.

In Summary

Sliquid sell Swirl in six fun flavours Pina Colada, Cherry Vanilla, Green Apple Tart, Blue Raspberry, Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Pomegranate. It’s great to see a twist on flavours as the standard mint, strawberry, cherry or vanilla gets a bit boring after a while. I’ve also got the Pink Lemonade flavour Sliquid Swirl and it’s very refreshing!

Knicker Rocker Glory sell Sliquid Swirl for £12.00 for 125ml. Considering how far a little Sliquid goes this is an amazing price! I’ve already decided my next Sliquid Swirl purchase will be Cherry Vanilla. If you have sensitivity issues or are just looking for a great flavoured lube for oral I recommend Sliquid Swirl. It’s my favourite for a reason.


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