Being a fan of all things super sweet I’ve been longing to try Sliquid Swirl, particularly the Pink Lemonade flavour. Finally, I decided I needed this in my life after realising that I was never going to be able to use flavoured lubes for anything other than oral on my man unless I invested in some Swirl.

Why Is Sliquid Special

What makes Sliquid special amongst the squillions of other lubes on the market is its user-friendly nature. Sliquid Swirl contains no gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, propylene glycol, sorbitol or sulphates. And breathe. Basically, this translates to is no matter how sensitive your vagina is you should be safe with Sliquid Swirl.

For me the selling point is the lack of glycerine. Glycerine is almost ever present in flavoured lubes, this is obviously to make them taste better. However, it also makes them triggers for yeast infections in certain women. Glycerine can be converted to sugar in the vagina and this can create thrush and other yeast infections if you are prone.

Exciting Flavours

I really love using flavoured lubes during play to spice things up but I don’t enjoy the ensuing bouts of thrush afterwards. Sliquid offers a brilliant alternative to this in Swirl. Swirl comes in a range of flavours including Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada, Strawberry Pomegranate, Green Apple Tart and Cherry Vanilla. For me the thrill of Pink Lemonade couldn’t be ignored.

Sliquid Swirl is sold in 125 ml bottles and I’ve found a little goes a long way, I can see my bottles lasting months. The flip top bottles themselves are fresh looking and wouldn’t look out of place on my bedside table.

Enhance Not Over-Power

The flavouring to Sliquid Swirl is perhaps subtler than some other flavoured lubes, this is obviously how they can be glycerine free. However, although it is delicate it is flavoured and because it’s not over powering I’m still able to taste my partner. And I like this a lot. Sliquid work on the principle that flavoured lubes should be used to enhance oral play and not mask the natural taste of your partner’s body. This is a great ethos to have.

The lube itself is thin and silky. It has a good level of viscosity and glide when used during PiV sex. I found it wasn’t thick enough for anal sex though and needed reapplying a few times. Though to be fair Sliquid sell an anal specific lube {Sassy} and Swirl isn’t marketed as an anal lube.

Delicate Zesty Flavour

During oral play I found Swirl lasted well. The delicate flavour of the pink lemonade flavour is a zesty, grapefruit flavour. It’s fresh and sweet and tastes amazing licked off my partner’s cock.  There is no nasty chemical taste to Sliquid and it also leaves no sticky feeling on the skin after use.

The flavours available are all unique combinations and this adds to the special feel of Sliquid Swirl. Sliquid Swirl is water based making it safe for use with all sex toys and condoms, to reactivate it you just need to add water.

Not only is Sliquid hypoallergenic it is also cruelty free and 100% vegan. The clear fluid is non-staining and I can confirm neither of us had any adverse reactions after use. Sliquid is Ph Balance neutral as well, making it ideal for sufferers of BV.

In Summary

I can’t recommend Sliquid Swirl enough. I really like multi-purpose lubes. I’d rather not have to have half a dozen bottles out during play so if I can find one which ticks many boxes I’m a happy girl. Sliquid Swirl is the flavoured lube I can have sex with, without infection issues. This makes it a winner in my book.

You can buy Sliquid Swirl at Knicker Rocker Glory for £12.00 for 125ml. I recommend Sliquid without any reservations at all. I truly believe this is a lube for everyone.


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