I have a real affinity with collars. They are often attached to specific relationships and I tend to attach an emotional value to them based on the particular relationship. However, I tend to look for statement collars. They’re something I wear outside of the bedroom as well as in and I want something striking. My collars are often pretty, reflecting my ultra-feminine style. So, when Shiri Zinn offered me the chance to review her new collar I was thrilled.

As soon as I saw pictures of the Shiri Zinn Beaded Choker and Lead, I was struck by the beauty of the design. In some ways it’s almost jewellery like. When I received the collar itself, my immediate impression was the contrast between delicate and strong.

Solid and Sexy

Just under 17 inches in length and an inch and quarter in width, the Shiri Zinn Beaded Choker is a good solid item. The collar dominates my throat when I wear it. Drawing the eye and demanding you look at it. However, it’s dressed by the most delicate crystal beaded decoration that it’s hard to tell you’re looking at a bondage collar.

My Shiri Zinn Beaded Choker and Lead are red in colour. A rich red, not quite scarlet but not far off. The collar is complimented by its silver coloured hardware and fastened with a large thick buckle which ticks my submissive boxes beautifully.

In the centre of the collar sits a silver O ring for attaching the lead to, or for attaching to other forms of restraints. Usually the O or D ring is the focal point of the collar but because it’s situated above the beading it’s lost almost.

Crystal Beading

Across the front of the collar sits 9 inches of crystal beaded decoration featuring purple and gold diamond shapes. These are created from the most delicate bead work. From this hang 17 double stranded beaded twists in predominantly red and gold. This delicate fringe sits across my chest when I wear the Shiri Zinn Beaded Choker.

They stroke and tickle my skin when I wear them and of course naturally draw the eye down to my cleavage. Creating a gentle swishing noise when I move, they really are quite sensual. You could easily get away with wearing the Shiri Zinn Beaded Choker as a fashion piece.


One of the things I struggle with when selecting collars is avoiding leather where ever I can. So, I was really pleased to read that the Shiri Zinn Beaded Choker is fully vegan. Hand crafted from faux ostrich leather. The faux leather is very flexible which is sometimes hard to find with fake leather. It can be stiff and uncomfortable. The surface of the collar is smooth to the touch, stamped into the reverse is Shiri Zinn’s logo which is a nice touch.

The Shiri Zinn Beaded Choker is easy to fasten and thanks to the 6 different adjustments can be made to fit a variety of neck sizes comfortably. My Shiri Zinn Beaded Choker came complete with a lead for play. The lead is formed predominantly of silver coloured chain link. It strongly reminds me of the leads I use with my dogs. The top of the lead features a red faux leather strap to compliment the collar, which is a nice touch. Tying the aesthetic together. The lead clips on easily and is fully functional. There is some serious weight to the chain of the lead, it’s heavy and intimidating. Which is great for D/s play.

African Roots

Shiri Zinn says she was artistically inspired by her African roots when designing the Beaded Collar and it’s clear to see this influence in the design. It’s beautiful and I do find myself wondering how the beading will stand up to rough bedroom play. I suspect not well. So, the Shiri Zinn Beaded Collar may be more of a show collar, one to wear out for a striking look rather than a functional collar for rough play. I’d hate to damage the fringing and can just visualise beads scattering across the bedroom.

In Summary

Shiri Zinn sell the Shiri Zinn Beaded Choker and Lead for £118 excluding VAT and shipping. As well as the red faux leather the collar is available in Black, Turquoise and light gold as well. This collar is part of a set of accessories in the range, including the pictured paddle and ball gag.

Thank you so much to Shiri Zinn for sending me this stunning beaded collar for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

Shiri Zinn Beaded Collar and Lead
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