Its well documented on my social media the problems I’ve had with squirting and my poor bed. I love the sensation of that orgasm, but the result is serious bad times for my mattress. That is until Sheets of San Francisco Printed Fun Sheet came into my life.

When I was at Eroticon, Sheets of San Francisco had a full bed set up and I couldn’t help but stroke the silky black sheets every time I walked past it. Mark from Sheets of San Francisco had told me he had something to show me the next day. I was intrigued and excited.

Pink Feathers

When I entered Arlington Conference centre the next day I made a beeline for the Sheets of San Francisco bed, I’d actually beaten Mark to the centre and so the bed remained in its black splendour. When he arrived, he asked if I’d help set the bed up. As I was once a chambermaid back in my teens I was more than happy to do.

The Sunday bed was a totally different aesthetic to the Saturdays. Whereas Saturday’s bed was black sheets with the Sheets of San Francisco Black Strap Printed Fun Sheet draped over it, Sundays was white sheets with the piece de resistance over it.

Mark produced a box, opening it up I found inside the most beautiful pink feather printed sheet I’d ever seen. The print was so realistic I felt like I should be able to feel the feathers against my hand. We draped the sheet over the bed and I was stunned how different the bed looked from the previous day. Mark was lovely enough to let me have one of the beautiful pink feather sheets to review. I’m not exaggerating when I say I squealed with excitement.

Sheets of San Francisco

Sheets of San Francisco sheets come in a range of sizes including, Double, King, Super King they also offer custom sizing. The base colours of black and white can be found in flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillow cases. If you’re one of these people who is mad about their bedding matching they can also make duvet covers as a special order.

My Sheets of San Francisco Printed Fun Sheet is a new item, the current fun sheet they offer is a black sheet with strapping printed on it. This is quite a masculine BDSM style print and I can see the juxtaposition of the Pink Feathers beautifully. I’d be unlikely to buy the black strap fun sheet, but the feathers are right up my street.

Sensual Experience

The colour of my Printed Fun Sheet is the most delicate shade of baby pink. The photographic print allows you to see the details of the feathers, you really feel like you should be able to touch them. The effect makes the sheet look almost marbled from a distance. Add this to the soft, silky feel of the material and the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Pink Feathers Fun Sheet is a sensual experience.

Why are Sheets of San Francisco so special? Well quite simply they have changed my life. Their bedding is fluid proof. To a stunning degree. Put it this way I can create puddles on mine. But unlike standard fluid proof materials, like rubber or plastic the Sheets of San Francisco feels silky and soft against your skin. This means they can be used as normal bedding as well.

Life Changing Effect

It might sound dramatic to say they changed my life but its true. I test sex toys alongside having an active and healthy sex life. My bed sees a lot of action. I love it when I start to get the sensation of ejaculation. It feels so good. But I was so over sleeping on a damp mattress.

This had become such an issue, I’d regularly run out of clean sheets. Especially in the winter when I couldn’t dry them outside. I began to keep towels alongside my bed. This was great if I had the notice of putting them underneath me. But I’m not always aware that play is heading that way till it’s too late. Or sometimes I’m too caught up in the moment.

I’d also started noticing that I could soak through a towel very easily. Lifting the soaked towel up I’d find wet sheets and a destroyed mattress beneath it. I’d feel my heart sink. It’s next to impossible to sleep on a wet bed.

Orgasm or Sleep?

I began to get creative with my ways of getting around this. Including putting bin liners under my sheets. Mmmm rustly. These moved around as I moved on top of them. I’d began to try and stop myself from coming in a way which would mean I ejaculated. I literally couldn’t let go if I was on my bed. It was a choice between sleep and orgasm. What a crappy choice to have to make.

The first time I used my Sheets of San Francisco Printed Fun Sheet I was a little nervous and unsure. I didn’t want to ruin it (LOL! Irony claxon) it was so beautiful, and I also wasn’t sure how waterproof the sheet would be. I need not have worried.

After a couple of hours of testing and play the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Fun Sheet was soaked in various bodily fluids. It creates actual puddles of liquid! I was fascinated by this. Yet it felt so good against my skin.

Permission to Let Go!

Carefully lifting the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Fun Sheet off the bed I pressed my hand all over my mattress looking for the dreaded wet patch. Nothing. Not a drop. My bed was dry. My mattress unsullied. I felt my heart sing. This was the solution I’d been looking for! I could finally let go!

I popped my Sheets of San Francisco Printed Fun Sheet into the machine and washed it on a 40 degree wash. Giving the sheet an additional spin after the cycle, when I removed it from the machine it was perfect, clean and just damp. I hung it on the line and it dried very quickly. The Sheets of San Francisco site states you can tumble dry your Sheets of San Francisco bedding as well.

Blends in Beautifully

My Sheets of San Francisco Printed Fun Sheet looks amazing on my bed, it works well with all my trademark pin up girl and unicorn bedding. Blends into my room as if it’s part of the décor and nobody would ever guess from looking at it why it’s special.

I can’t tell you how much difference the Sheets of San Francisco Printed Fun Sheet has made to my life. It’s allowed me the freedom to forget about my mattress during sex. It’s given me permission to let go without worrying about my bedding. I only wish I’d gotten one sooner, it might have saved me many uncomfortable nights and the damage I’ve already done to my mattress.

In Summary

If you, like me can be quite messy in your orgasmic bliss you should definitely check out the Sheets of San Francisco website. If you can’t spring to a full set of bedding, then a fun sheet is a terrific way to combat the problem. This can easily be used over the sofa, on the front room floor, wherever the fun takes you!

You can buy a Printed Fun sheet from Sheets of San Francisco for £169.00.

Thank you so much to Mark and the amazing people at Sheets of San Francisco for giving me the Pink Feathers Printed Fun Sheet to review. I was given this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.



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