I think that for 90% of the male population one of the top wank-bank fantasies has to be a threesome with two women. Way back at the beginning of our relationship myself and my other half were having the whole “things we have done” discussion and when I mentioned that I’d had a threesome a few times he admitted although he had actually turned the opportunity down once as a teen he regretted it and it had been something he’d always wished he could have done. We were in the flush of a new relationship and I wasn’t about to share him so easily but I told him that I may be open to the idea when the time was right. He never pushed the issue and after we had been together a little while, one day whilst talking dirty I began to tell him how exciting I would find it to watch him fuck another woman, feeling his cock harden against me and hearing his low moan I knew in that exact second that I would definitely make this happen for him. When the time is right is a very open ended promise and I honestly don’t think he thought I meant it, however I may have questionable ethics elsewhere but where he is concerned a promise is a guarantee.

As all relationships occasionally do at the beginning of this year we went through some difficult times and I found myself contemplating life without him, not a thought I wish to dwell on. Luckily we were stronger than the troubles we faced and we came out the other side tighter and I believe with a better appreciation of each other and what we had together. And as our anniversary approached and with a new found appreciation of the relationship we shared, the time suddenly seemed right. I can’t say I wasn’t amused at his reaction when I suggested it to him. We talked about it and I told him to leave it to me, I would arrange it. Now one thing I was absolutely certain of, I wasn’t going to let someone I knew sleep with my boyfriend. I may be super tolerant and open minded but I’m also human and I realised that this would lead to all kinds of weirdness long term. For me this was a new experience too, as even though I had indulged in group sex before it had never been with someone I loved. I searched inside myself to see if I felt I could compartmentalise my feelings well enough to handle this. In all honesty I wasn’t sure. In most sexual situations I’m super confident and I doubted this would be any different, however I knew my mind worked differently with him and I was concerned about the aftermath. It wasn’t something I would know for sure until it happened. This was a risk, but I’ve always lived for pushing my comfort zone.

I began searching for a girl with who I could share the man I love for an afternoon. My first thought was to use the net. I began posting reverse bookings on various sites detailing what I wanted and started searching through profiles. It actually didn’t take long before I found a girl suitable in location and who would fit what we were looking for. Looking at her pictures she was quite pretty and she sounded friendly in her message. I showed him and he was quite happy with my choice so I fixed a date for two weeks after our anniversary, the romantic part of my brain didn’t want it to be on our actual anniversary. I asked him how he felt once it was all arranged and he replied he was excited but didn’t think it had quite sunk in. I began the process of mentally preparing myself for what I knew could be an emotional minefield. Now I’m not gonna lie, the thought of a threesome with him did turn me on massively but I was also horribly aware that he invoked jealousy in me that I didn’t often experience. Was I going to be able to use that in a positive way?

Days ticked by and as it drew closer and he became more accustomed to the idea, he grew more excited. I noticed a definite increase in the amount of threesome related porn he was watching and he would excitedly show me clips and tell me that this was how he imagined it. I began to do the same, happy at his enthusiasm at something I was able to give him. When the date was a few weeks off I decided we needed to discuss our limits etc. I explained to him the importance of knowing boundaries beforehand and he agreed this was a good idea. He said he didn’t want to restrict my play in any way as he knew I hadn’t been with a woman for a long time and he also wanted to see how I would be. I thought long and hard and decided I wasn’t going to set him limits. I wanted him to have the experience he wanted and if I was going to agree to this it was kind of go big or go home. It helped that the girl we had chosen didn’t want to indulge in any D/s play as I don’t think I would have wanted him dominating anyone but me and equally when I’m switching he is MINE and I know in that head-space I wouldn’t share. I told him to do what he wanted, I wanted him to fuck her and I was happy for him to cum inside her, of course protected. In fact this bothered me far less than the thought of him kissing her. Weird huh? He sent me a list, via message, of things he hoped would happen. A very comprehensive, detailed message which made me chuckle and also turned me on. OK, this was going to be one hell of an afternoon. In the approaching weeks he gave me ample opportunity to back out, not that I would have ever done that, but I honestly didn’t want to. I was excited to share this with him, I wanted to give him this experience.

Finally the day came, after what felt like an eternity. Our room was booked and I had bought some stunning lingerie and a boat load of condoms. Kissing him that morning I asked how he felt and could already see in his eyes the answer, he was nervous, excited and oh so cute. I felt calm, I had control on my feelings and that was how I intended to keep it. Sometimes I worry about this side of my nature, its definitely bordering sociopathic how I can mostly box off my feelings. Driving to the hotel I reached over and stroked his cock through his jeans and feeling how hard he was already couldn’t help myself but to lean down and start to suck him, careful not to make him cum but greedy to taste what is mine before I had to share. We checked in and I quickly got changed into the ridiculously expensive lingerie I’d bought for the occasion. As I left the bathroom I watched his expression change as he took in my appearance, for the first time in the whole process I felt strangely vulnerable. There was something about the way he carried himself that made me feel suddenly intimidated and as he crossed the room to close the distance between us, for a split second I thought he would take me where I stood, instead he teased the life out of me, making me cum several times before the eventual knock on the door.

As she breezed in all confidence and friendly ease I watched him take her in, our eyes briefly met, in what I believe was both of us checking the other was OK. She was quick to undress to match my lack of clothing and I was pleased to see she had chosen full lingerie too, while my inner female decided mine was nicer and I felt smug at my choice. She joined me on the bed and we began to undress the man I loved. Much as I expected watching her kiss him was hard. I felt a definite twinge of jealousy which I swallowed down deep and remembered that he loved me and sex is just sex. I held her hair and kissed him while she began to suck him and as he told me that he loved me I steeled my resolve and pushed my feelings to one side. From that point it was easy. I was seriously aroused by this point and happily dropped to the bed to suck him with her. She had amazing pierced tits, which I’ve always found erotic as fuck and as I gently cupped those soft boobs I felt that desire for another woman flood back through me. As things heated up and we swapped about and shared each other over and over I felt horny as hell and wanted to watch him fuck her. Looking him in the eye, over the top of her, I whispered that I wanted him to fuck her and he paused for a second almost as if he was processing what I’d said. I laid him down and told her to ride him, whilst I straddled his face so he could lick me. I watched her face as he slid deep inside her, a feeling I knew oh so well, lucky little slut, my inner Domme taunted. Out loud I asked her how it felt and her lust filled response of “so damn good” tightened my insides deliciously. He turned her round and fucked her from behind while she buried her face in my cunt. As I came I watched in the perfectly positioned mirror at the bottom of the bed, as my boyfriends hard cock slid inside her, looking at him I smiled, blew him a kiss and told him to fuck her harder, holding her hair back off her face I watched her expression as he slammed into her over and over, hearing her moan hard and beg him not to stop. As she came he leant forward to kiss me and I could taste her on his mouth as he told me he loved me and it was my turn. I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked as hard as he fucked me, my tongue tasting her cum on her cunt from where the man I love had just fucked her into next week.

After she had left we laid wrapped around each other and talked. He said he still couldn’t quite believe it had happened, although he says he knew I would go through with it I honestly think some part of him thought I wouldn’t. I lay there and contemplated how I felt. The aftermath had been my biggest fear. I’m a horny slut in the heat of the moment but when I calmed down would I be able to accept what we’d done or would it taint the way I felt? Honestly, I think I felt closer to him than ever. We laid in bed and talked about the experience we had just shared and I felt unbelievably connected to him. I didn’t feel threatened, throughout the whole session we had been holding our own secret conversation with our eye contact and whispered love. I’d wanted to give him an experience I’d taken for granted for almost my whole life and it seemed alongside that I’d taught myself new things too. Like sometimes if you love someone that much there really isn’t much that can threaten that. And making a dream come true for someone you love more than anything is a pretty great feeling. We have already decided that it probably wont be the last time we do it, although it isn’t something we want to do regularly we would definitely do it again.


I don’t think threesomes are for everyone. I think you need to be extremely secure to be able to deal with the feelings which can occur in that situation, if your relationship isn’t strong this could easily cripple it. If you are thinking about it don’t rush into it! This was nearly a year in the planning, make sure you talk lots beforehand and really are honest with each other about how you feel. And equally remember aftercare, make sure you have time afterwards to sort through the way you both feel after the event. Real life is very different from porn and whilst there is no denying its definitely high on the list of horny experiences it’s really important to make sure you don’t hurt your partner. It is without a doubt much easier if you’re not emotionally connected to any of the parties as I have been in the past, however sharing it with a loved one makes it a much more intimate act, and a memory I’m sure we’ll both never forget.



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