When you tell people you’re a sex writer they tend to think it’s a charmed existence. That you must be knee deep in nymphy-gorgeousness, with sex on tap and orgies cluttering your schedule. Of course, this is utterly absurd. The realities of working within the adult industries is much harder.

At every turn, anything linked with sex is being clamped down on, repressed and shamed. From the much-hated Digital Economy Bill (don’t get me started) to the recent shocking developments at Patreon. The on-line world is suddenly a much thornier place for adult content producers.

Heavy Handed

Social media networking is bread and butter for sex bloggers and yet even there we aren’t safe. Facebook and Instagram are well known for their draconian restrictions on nudity and adult content. Twitter has been the last refuge of the filthy. Until recent changes meant timeline content is being monitored and restricted like never before. Worse still they can be suspended for simple things like nudity in the profile picture or header.

I find this heavy handed given every user on Twitter has the choice to restrict the content they see in their own account settings. They can opt out of sensitive media on their timeline. To remove accounts for nudity seems ridiculous. We aren’t talking porn, we’re talking nudity. People without clothes.

To my dismay it seems some of my favourite bloggers have suffered Twitter shadow banning recently. Shadow Bans are particularly horrible for heavy twitter users, effectively making your account invisible, your Tweets unseen. It’s very frustrating.

Sex Blogger SOS

And so, a sex blogger SOS has been issued. Share our Shit is a movement started by Girl on the Net and Eros Blog. Encouraging bloggers and other adult content producers to take part in #SoSS Share our Shit Saturday. This is a great way for us all to support each other as a community as well as sharing some of the amazing content produced in the name of sex.

I’ve never fully understood the shame surrounding sex anyway. Why do we have to speak in hushed tones and innuendo? Why do we have to cloak it in code? “Are you doing it???” Doing what? Golfing? Making a Victoria Sponge? Hanging some wallpaper? The argument that’s it’s a private intimate act only holds so much water. It’s up to the individual how private they wish to keep this aspect of their life.

I Will ALWAYS Talk Sex

I love sex (shock horror, I bet you’re all surprised). It’s my favourite way of spending an afternoon, or night, or 24 hours lol. I’ll never be shamed or feel awkward about my overt sexuality. I was so happy to support the Scarlet Ladies #ITalkSex campaign recently. I will always talk sex, be that over lunch with my mates, educationally to my kids or loudly on my blog.

So, I’m extremely proud to take part in #SoSS. But because I like to be different. And not at all because Stranger Things 2 dropped Friday night and I spent all day yesterday binge watching it, I will be doing Share our Shit Sunday to start with.

I have mixed feelings about the links below. Some I love, one made me angry, one made me cry, one gave me goose bumps. This is my #SoSS.

Giving Me Feelz

Girl on the Net – Sex Blogger SOS

The very piece which has sparked this post. GOTN sums up perfectly the feelings across the sex blog community as things become harder and harder for us. It’s hard to explain how helpless you feel when you are constantly met with these barriers and hurdles when all you’re trying to do is express yourself. GOTN, as always, does a great job in articulating this frustration and anger.

Scandarella – Danse Macabre

Ella sent me this story to read before she published it and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. A proper Halloween work of erotic art, Ella paints such a vivid picture in this creepy tale that I could almost hear the music. I’m a huge fan of Ella’s writing anyway, but this is a personal favourite.

Cara Sutra – Me Too

I read Cara’s #MeToo post just after writing my own, I was quite raw from revisiting my own feelings. Reading Cara’s moving, blood-boiling post underlined how massively the #MeToo movement has highlighted the problem of sexual harassment and abuse. The #MeToo posts can be triggering but I feel they are important reading if you can find it in you to do so. This problem has been ignored for far, far too long.

Gorgeous Visuals

Aurora Glory – Marionette Doll

I’ve seen Aurora’s Sinful Sunday Marionette Doll on a few round-up posts. But it really is so perfect I had to include it. Aurora is awesome at coming up with creative images for Sinful Sunday and I love mooching her blogs media.

Little Switch Bitch – Fluid Flesh

I’m a massive fan of LSB’s images. She’s always creative with angles and lighting and the result is some stunning pictures. This one took my breath away. The colours are so vivid and paint such a beautiful picture against LSB’s skin. Simply stunning.

Molly’s Daily Kiss – Dirtier

Molly’s pictures are always amazing. She constantly has me questioning my own images, searching for better angles and more interesting composition. She is a real visual inspiration. This Sinful Sunday post really grabbed my attention. From the voyeuristic angle to the gritty lighting it screams filth and yet what you can see is very innocent. This kind of picture gets my blood pumping.

Thought Provoking

The Oooh Review – Adult Sex Shops and Their Mistrust for Reviewers

An interesting piece on the relationship between reviewers and the companies they review for. I have found myself stunned at some of the shitty behaviour conducted in the name of reviewing. It’s a real shame that a few can spoil things for the many, but that’s all it takes sometimes. I know tons of amazing, honest and committed reviewers, who put so much of themselves into their work. A great, and thought provoking read.

Joanne’s Reviews – I Have a Lipstick Fetish

As a self-confessed Cosmetic-junkie I was drawn to Jo’s post about Lipstick Fetish. There’s no doubt in my mind I feel sexual applying lippy. I’ve certainly had requests to re-apply it before blowjobs to leave the much-desired rings around the shaft effect. I’m not sure it’s a fetish for me but I’d certainly be interested to explore this side of me further.

So that’s my little round up of things that have grabbed my attention (aside from Stranger Things 2) this week. Keep Sharing our Shit and let’s showcase the great content produced by the sex blogging community.


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