When I was sent Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube by Roomantics for review my first thought was that it would probably be ok for an oral lube. I’m well used to seeing glycerine in flavoured lubes and it’s something I try to avoid internally. I was right, Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube does contain glycerine. Why could this be a problem?

Glycerine can be converted into yeast in the vagina and this can lead to thrush and other yeast infections. Particularly in those prone to this type of infection or with sensitive vaginas. However, I have continued to use glycerine flavoured lubes for oral. They’re a fun way to spice up sex and if they aren’t on me it’s fine.

Check the Label

Over my time as a reviewer I’ve become accustomed to checking the label of lubes before use. It becomes habit eventually, especially once you start learning about the ingredients used in some lubes. So, when the bright pink tube of Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube fell out of the box Roomantics sent me I was initially excited by the packaging. That is until I checked the ingredients list.

There are certain things which make a lube a complete no go for me these days. I went through a spate of infections a while back and it was much to my shock that I eventually narrowed it down to the lube I was using. It really can be quite an irritant if it contains certain ingredients.


The first thing I look for on any lube is parabens. If parabens are present it means the lube isn’t for me. Why is this? Parabens are a preservative used in lots of toiletries, they’re used to increase the life of the product. However, parabens are a subject of much debate as to their safety.

The problems associated with parabens are two-fold. Firstly, they’re endocrine disruptors. This means they mimic estrogen. This confuses our endocrine system, disrupting its natural functions. This can lead to things like reduced sperm counts, and increased rates of testicular, breast and ovarian cancer.

Secondly parabens have been found in the tissue of cancerous breast tumours. This raises questions as to whether they could potentially be linked. Its still a subject of much study and they are currently considered safe in low levels.

Problematic Ingredients

However, for me this isn’t a risk I’d want to take. Therefore, lubes with parabens in them aren’t something I use. Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube contains both Methylparaben and Propyl paraben.

Even if I was to put this to one side there are still problematic ingredients within Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube. It also contains Propylene Glycol. This is a petrochemical often used in flavoured or warming lubes. Unfortunately, it’s also found in products like antifreeze. This chemical can cause irritation and reactions in people sensitive to it.

Ok, so we’ve established Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube isn’t for me. I’m not going to use it intimately as I dislike the ingredients. For the benefit of a fair review I will however look at the product itself as whole.

Bright Packaging

The packaging for Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube is exceptionally bright, an almost neon pink tube with bright green writing on it. The image of a juicy watermelon is splashed across the front and it reminds me of shower gel for some reason. This tube is 2fl oz of product so it’s quite a small tube.

The Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube is in a flip top tube and the fluid dispenses out easily. The lube itself is clear and colourless and despite the name I can only detect a hint of watermelon scent to it.

Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube is very thin and loose in texture. It flows and runs across the skin easily and spreads nicely. As an actual lubricant its not brilliant. The gliding friction free coating of lube quickly disperses or is absorbed into the skin. This leaves the skin quite sticky which creates the opposite of the effect desired.


As an oral lube it would work better, Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube is a water-based lube which means it would remain active if got wet. It also means Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube is safe to use with all types of sex toys and condoms. The water-based colourless lube won’t stain or mark your clothing or bedding.

The flavour of Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube is extremely sweet and tangy. I wouldn’t know unless I was told that it is watermelon as the flavour isn’t obvious, but it isn’t unpleasant. I do think it does have that artificial undertone to it which you can get in some flavoured lube. It certainly made my mouth water, so this would make for wetter oral sex.

In Summary

I can’t recommend Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube personally as too many of the ingredients are no no’s for me these days. However, if you aren’t bothered by these things it is a super sweet and tangy oral lube.

Roomantics sell Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube for £8.00.

Thank you to the amazing team at Roomantics for sending me the Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Lube for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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