Funny how time stretches when you can’t measure it. Did I kneel there under his gaze for a minute or an hour? it’s hard to tell. No ticking of a clock to give me a clue. Just the regular throb of my pulse in my clit as I await my servitude. He moves slightly and the chair scrapes. My breath catches in my throat.

His fingers trace across my shoulders, knocking the straps of my dress down my arms. Exposing my tits. My nipples harden but not due to the cold. It’s his scrutiny, his examination which is bringing my shivers. His warm hand slides down to touch me. Gentle cupping giving way to a tighter grip. Keep your calm, try not to lose control of your breathing. He pinches my already aching nipple hard. I bite my lip as the sensation spreads like warmth through me. But I don’t move.


He pulls my head back sharply by my hair, forcing my eyes to meet his for the first time. I feel the nerves, the anticipation. Where is this going? He gestures with a nod and I stand. My dress sliding further exposing more. He tugs the bottom and it falls in a puddle around my feet. My vulnerability makes my nerves raw. Every inch of me on fire waiting his touch.

Tracing his finger down my spine I remain in position, the heat of his hand hovers over the small of my back. I brace myself in readiness as his first blow lands on my arse. Stinging and hot. Making my skin prickle and redden. He moves behind me, his presence consuming me. His breath on my neck, grazing his lips across my throat, gentle in contrast to the continuing assault from his hand.


A Lucky Slut

His fingers close around my throat as he whispers to me that I don’t deserve his touch. I’m a lucky slut to be the subject of his urges. I can’t answer, my reply choked in my throat. I don’t need to, we both know the truth. His fingers deep inside me now. Feeling the result of his work running down his hand and wrist. A moan escapes my open lips and he slaps me hard in response. Nobody cares for my moaning. My pleasure is irrelevant here.

He tips me forward, still gripping my throat and I feel his cock press against my thighs. I want to spread my legs but fear the result. He inches inside me. Torturous teasing as he slowly fills me. Possessing me. This is my purpose, a vessel for his cock. Nothing more. As he bottoms out inside me he pushes my thighs apart and fucks me hard, brutally and with purpose.

I struggle to stay standing as he slams into me from behind. My cunt on fire, crying out as the tears begin to fall. A mix of need, frustration, humiliation. He pulls out, pushing me to my knees. Watching me cry as his come mixes with my tears.



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