I usually avoid flavoured lubes. With experience I’ve learnt nice flavours usually lead to nasty infections so if I’m using flavoured lube at all its only ever for oral. Latex Leather and Lace offered me the chance to review some of their newest lube range. When I saw the Secret Play Secret Moments Oral Pleasure lube I chose Hazelnut Chocolate flavour and looked forward to the delicious flavoured fun.

As always, the package from Latex Leather and Lace arrived fast and I was intrigued to try the contents. I know Patrick at LLL has been busily trying to source good, non-toxic lube for a while. The Secret Play Secret Moments Oral Pleasure Lube comes in a pump action bottle. On the label is an inviting picture of some hazelnut chocolate which has me salivating.

Pump Action Issues

The bottle is a 50ml measure and a little does go quite a long way, so this will probably last ages. The first thing I notice about the Secret Moments Oral Pleasure Lube is the colour. It’s an unfortunate brown colour. Ok, it is chocolate flavour so what did I expect. But I’m just not comfortable with brown lube. It’s a little icky.

The pump action bottle took me ages to make work. At first, I thought it was broken. I unscrewed it to find there was a small stumpy suction tube inside the lid. Well no wonder I can’t get it to dispense. But when I consulted with another reviewer they informed me their bottle was the same and they had no problems. I thought it was just a fluke bad bottle, but it did begin to dispense properly after I’d played around with it a bit. So be patient if your bottle is hesitant.

Brown Lube is Not a Good Thing

The lube itself is thin and not quite opaque, you can see through the liquid even though it’s quite a deep colour. The brown doesn’t look chocolate coloured its not dark or thick enough to evoke thoughts of chocolate. I’m not going to say what it reminded me of but I’m sure you can work it out. There is a lot of viscosity to the Secret Play Secret Moments Oral Pleasure Lube. It trickles down my hand as soon as I tip it. But I think for an oral lube plenty of movement is a good thing.

I was a little worried about the staining because of the colouration of the fluid. I didn’t spill any, but I’d be careful around delicate fabrics. There is a strong smell of cocoa as soon as I open the bottle, this is very evocative and sets my taste buds jangling.

Delicious Mocha-ish Flavour

So, what was the taste like? Obviously for a flavoured lube this is one of the most key factors. Now it’s important to stress here that somewhere in my tiny mind I think I was expecting Nutella. Which is, of course, ridiculous. I found the Secret Moments Oral Pleasure Lube to be sweet, but not overpoweringly so.

The taste of chocolate is very present but for me it tastes more like dark chocolate than a hazelnut chocolate. I can’t taste any hazelnut really, in fact it tastes a bit like a mocha-ish flavour. The taste is strong and lasts quite a long time, lingering at the back of my throat.

The spread of the Secret Moments Oral Pleasure Lube is good. It moves easily over the surface of the skin but oh god covering your partner in brown goop is a bit icky. Its not the most attractive look. Smearing brown fluid over a cock before a blow job just reduces me to fits of infantile giggles.

Mouth-wateringly Good Fun

However, the flavour is definitely good for oral. It makes your mouth water, and this creates a great sloppy blowjob. Obviously during play the lube eventually wears off, but it doesn’t leave any kind of sticky feeling on your skin.

The ingredients of the Secret Play Secret Moments Oral Pleasure Lube read like food, I’m not even joking. Sugar, cocoa powder, milk powder and vanilla all feature in the list. Given the amount of sweet sugary ingredients I can’t stress how much I wouldn’t want to get the Secrets Moments Oral Pleasure Lube inside me. That would be a fast track to a yeast infection.

So, for me this will be strictly used for giving and not receiving. This isn’t unusual for me with flavoured lubes as I’m only really happy to use Sliquid Swirl on myself for oral flavoured fun. This isn’t a bad thing, I’m a great fan of blow jobs and mixing it up keeps things spicy.

In Summary

The Secret Play lubes pride themselves on being paraben free which is super important when shopping for lube. Parabens are not something you want to see in your lube ingredients list as they’re linked to all kinds of nasty things such as endocrine disruption and tumours. This is a big tick in the Secret Play Yes box.

I really liked the Secret Play Secret Moments Oral Pleasures lube in Hazelnut Chocolate flavour. It was a delicious dark flavour which added something exciting to oral. I liked the fact it didn’t leave him feeling sticky. I’d have enjoyed a bit more of a hazelnutty taste, but this is probably just me being fussy. I do hate the colour though.

Latex Leather and Lace sell Secret Play Secret Moments Oral Pleasure Lube in Hazelnut Chocolate for £14.95.

Thank you to Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the Secret Play Secret Moments Oral Pleasure Lube in Hazelnut Chocolate. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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