Lube is such an underrated part of sex. We rarely consider the bottle on the bedside cabinet until we’re suffering with regular UTI’s or irritation. I’ve become very lube aware in recent years thanks to a spate of recurrent UTI’s and infections. Which can only have been caused by the shitty lube I was using. So, when Patrick at Latex Leather and Lace offered me the chance to review a new range of body safe lubes he’d discovered I was well on board.

The Secret Play range of lubes prides itself on being both environmentally kind and body safe. Even the bottle is recyclable. Secret Play lube is vegan friendly, free from animal testing. And because its water-based is latex and sex toy compatible. Well I don’t know about you but at this point I was already thinking this sounded like great stuff.

Pet Lube Hates

One of my number one pet hates about lube is the inclusion of sugar-based ingredients or parabens. Sugar based ingredients can be converted into yeast by the vagina and this leads to thrush and all kinds of infection and UTI issues. No reviewer wants to be benched by crappy lube. And nothing will stop sexy time quicker than a dose of thrush.

Parabens are endocrine disrupters. This means they mimic natural hormones produced by the body, for example estrogen. This disruption confuses the body and creates problems within the systems controlled by the mimicked hormone. This has been linked to infertility, endometriosis and birth defects. There is also evidence to suggest parabens are linked to cancer with traces of them found in tumours. So, this is something you really don’t want to be putting inside you.

Paraben and Sugar Free

Secret Play is resoundingly paraben and sugar free and for me this is something I always look for when purchasing a lube. I’m totally prepared to pay a bit more for a lube which doesn’t contain sugars or parabens as I know I won’t have any issues with it. I’m not prepared to take the risk anymore.

I was sent Secret Play Oceanic Lube Wakame and Nori. It arrived in a white plastic bottle which kind of reminded me of something you’d find hotel shampoo in. The label had a water effect on it in-keeping with the Oceanic name. Despite it saying lubricant on the label if this was on your bedside table nobody would immediately guess what it was.

Clear, Colourless Gel

The bottle has a flip top dispenser, which is my favourite way of dispensing lube, it minimises waste and spillage. I don’t know why but I was expecting the Secret Play Oceanic Lube to be blue, possibly because of the name or label. Obviously, the opaque bottle kept me guessing till I dispensed it, but it was in fact clear and colourless.

Dispensing a small amount of Secret Play onto the back of my hand my first impressions were how thick it was. The glob held its form in a little bubble on the back of my hand and despite me tipping my hand there was no run at all. It reminded me of anal lube in consistency, that thicker texture. It’s almost gel like.

Excellent Glide and Spread

I was keen to try Secret Play Oceanic Lube in situ. I was extremely impressed by its texture during use. The thicker consistency spread beautifully over myself and my partner and gave superior glide on penetration. There was no trying to catch it as it trickled down us, I hate this about very thin lubes.

As I suspected Secret Play Oceanic lube was great for both anal and vaginal sex. It stayed in place nicely and didn’t evaporate too quickly either. I didn’t feel the need to reapply at all. A little bit went a long way as well, I dispensed maybe a glob as large as a 5p piece and it really spread! When Secret Play Oceanic lube did eventually absorb into our skin neither of us were left feeling sticky or uncomfortable.

When using Secret Play Oceanic Lube on my own I found it so much easier thanks to the non-run formulae. Applying it was so easy and it worked a dream with all the toys I tried it with. My bottle of Secret Play Oceanic Wakame and Nori is 100ml in size and I think this will last ages as it really did go a long way.

Unusual Scent

Thanks to the colourless nature of the fluid there were no staining issues or marking of bedding or lingerie. Water-based lubes rarely do ruin fabrics. One thing both myself and my partner did notice was Secret Play Oceanic Lube carries a very slight scent to it. We spent some time discussing how best to describe this as it’s quite an unusual smell. To me it actually smells a little like the sea. He felt it was a bit like seaweed though this could be because of the name.

I wouldn’t call it unpleasant, and during sex it wasn’t even noticeable really. But there is definitely a smell to the lube which is hard to place. I could smell it on my hands even after the liquid had long gone. Given that the Secret Play Oceanic Lube contains extract of Wakame and Nori algae it could well be that which I’m smelling.

In Summary

I really liked using Secret Play Oceanic Lube, it’s a great lube choice with none of the nasty crap which so many lubes contain these days. See folk it is possible! Get those sugars and parabens out of your lube!

Latex Leather and Lace sell Secret Play Oceanic Lube Wakame and Nori for £16.95 for 100ml. This might sound a little pricey, but I regularly pay around this for Sliquid purely to ensure I don’t get thrush or UTI’s. I think it’s well worth it. Neither of us suffered any irritation or reactions to using Secret Play Oceanic Lube and I think it would be great for those with sensitive skin.

Thank you so much to Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the Secret Play Oceanic Lube Wakame and Nori for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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