Regular readers will have seen my recent reviews for Secret Play lube for Latex Leather and Lace. When Patrick asked me to select a couple for review I was drawn to the Secret Play Natural Aloe Vera lube. Mainly because I suffer with dry and irritated skin and so Aloe Vera features heavily in lots of my cosmetics.

Much like the Secret Play Oceanics lube the Natural Aloe Vera lube comes in a plain white, opaque bottle, but with a green label printed with leaves etc. The bottle still reminds me of hotel shampoo, but for the environmentally conscious it’s recyclable.

What Makes Secret Play Special?

What makes Secret Play lube special, and the reason Latex Leather and Lace sought to stock them is the body safe nature of the ingredients. Many lubes on the market contain cocktails of chemicals which can trigger reactions, infections and irritation. None of these things are synonymous with sexy times. People rarely realise how important lube is, and when I did a pop quiz on my non-industry social media few people had ever checked the ingredients of their lube.

Once upon a time I was just like my online buddies. A big fan of lubes containing all kinds of nasties, and a recipient of multiple repeated infections. After going through a full medical screening, I began to read a little and quickly realised that the lube could be the culprit. A few changes to the bottles on my bedside and I’ve not had an infection since. The lube was the problem.

Gylcerine and Parabens

So when I read that Secret Play Natural Aloe Vera Lube contains no glycerine or parabens I was very happy indeed. Glycerine is a fast track to yeast infections for me. The vagina can convert it into sugar and this knocks the PH balance out and creates all kinds of problems. I don’t even really understand why so many brands have glycerine in their lube.

Parabens are linked to cancers and can mess with the functions of your endocrine system. This has been linked to infertility and birth defects. Why would you want that shit in your lube?

Ok, so we’ve established Secret Play avoids the nasty stuff, but what does it contain? Most of the ingredients list is natural, organic ingredients. In fact the box states that Secret Play Natural Aloe Vera is certified organic. It’s also free from animal testing and has vegan ingredients. Awesome. So far, I’m very impressed. This is all the stuff I want to be reading on the side of my lube box.

Water-Based and Latex Compatible

Secret Play Natural Aloe Vera Lube is water based, which is my preferred lube of choice given that I’m a toy reviewer. I can’t use silicone or hybrid lubes with a lot of the toys I test, as I stick to body safe materials like silicone. Silicone lube will damage the surface of silicone toys.

Importantly Secret Play Natural Aloe Vera is also Latex compatible which means it’s fine to use with condoms. Some lubes will degrade and damage condoms, which is a disaster for safe sex.

My bottle of Secret Play Natural Aloe Vera Lube is 100ml in size and comes in a nice little flip top dispenser. This is my favourite way to dispense lube as it reduces spilling and over dispensing in the heat of the moment.

Gel Formula

Squeezing a little of the Secret Play Natural Aloe Vera lube out onto my hand I was stunned to see how thick it was. Just like the Secret Play Oceanics this is almost a gel-like consistency. It sits on my skin in a little bubble and when I tip my hand it doesn’t run.

When spread the lube thins out nicely, this makes application easy as it’s not trickling everywhere as you try to put it where you need it. The thicker consistency makes me think of anal lube and just like the Oceanics I can confirm the Secret Play Natural lube works very well for both vaginal and anal sex.

Clear and Colourless

The Secret Play Natural Lube itself is clear and colourless which I like. I’ve concluded recently that lube shouldn’t be coloured. It doesn’t feel right and makes staining an issue on clothes and lingerie. My preference is clear or possibly white. Being water based I had no issues with Secret Play Natural Lube marking my fabrics or bedding.

A little bit goes a long way, you really don’t need much Secret Play Natural Aloe Vera lube to get an impressive amount of spread and glide. Because it’s a gel like formula it spreads much further than it looks like it will.  I applied a small blob to my arm, not even as large as a 5p piece and it spread to cover my entire inner forearm. That’s impressive.

Great Glide With No Stickiness

During sex I found I didn’t need to reapply Secret Play Natural Aloe Vera at all. It offered a great glide and stayed put perfectly which I loved. It made anal much more comfortable from the off and with both anal and vaginal neither of us suffered any after effects of using it.

I loved that the lube just kind of absorbs into your skin after use. It didn’t leave me feeling sticky or uncomfortable, nor like I needed to take a shower straight away. I can’t stand the sticky after sex lube feeling.

In Summary

Just like with the Secret Play Oceanics, the Natural Aloe Vera has quite a distinct smell to it. It smells of Aloe Vera which is a bit of a strange smell to have in a lube. Its not strong enough to notice during sex but it is still on my hands afterwards from application. It doesn’t put me off but it’s worth mentioning as it was one of the first things I noticed when we started using it.

I really have been impressed with the Secret Play lubes. Both the Natural Aloe Vera and the Oceanics were very good for both sex and solo play. They remind me of Sliquid and given this is my favourite lube this is a hell of a compliment. Latex Leather and Lace sell Secret Play Natural Aloe Vera Lube for £16.95. This might sound like a high price point, but I’d pay this for a good lube which isn’t going to lead to infections and irritations.

Thank you so much to the fabulous people at Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the Natural Play Aloe Vera Lube to review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.



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