The music throbs as she cups the round of my arse. Closing my eyes, her lips nuzzle in the hollows of my throat sending shocks through my body. Dancing pressed against each other I try hard not to get lost, I have a show to put on.

Leaning back to expose my tits to the watching eyes, she sucks them hard and screws the clamps on tightly, inducing pained moans. The contrast between my large FF’s and her pert little C cup covering all bases in terms of crowd pleasing. The growing wetness between my thighs threatens to knock me off my game but I regain my focus.

She tucks her fingers in the back of my knickers and pulls hard, parting the Velcro seams and baring my arse to the baying hordes. The red lights bathe my skin a strange colour as I gasp at my sudden exposure. Grabbing my hair, she throws me to the stage floor, where I assume my well-practiced position.

Arching my back, pushing my arse in the air, I bow my head down and wait. I hear the cat calls and shouts above the music as she struts around me. Lifting my head by my collar, she pushes her cunt onto my smiling face, smothering me with her hot wetness. Lapping at her swollen clit as I’m furiously cheered on.

Fucking my face roughly she steals my air. Breathing in the scent of her instead, sex and perfumed oil. Laughing she lets me go. I splutter for breath as the red glow of the room fills my vision. She gives me but a second before clipping my wrists and collar to the long silver spreader on the stage in front of me.

I stare out at their eager horny scarlet-bathed faces, knowing what they see. By now she’ll be waving the ten-inch dildo to them before strapping it into her harness. I feel my cunt contract in excitement.

There’s nothing I can do to stop her, but I wouldn’t even if I could. I live for these nights. Being up on the red stage and letting her abuse me for the audience. I feel her fingers probe my wetness, holding them aloft for the crowd to see my arousal, my shame.

Humiliation burns, I fight the compulsion to bow my head, it’s all about the show. The massive head pushes against my helpless cunt. I bite my lip, she inches forward. The huge shaft spreading me wide stretching me further. I moan as it plunges deep into me. She holds it there, pulling me back onto it by my hair as I cry in mixed pleasure and pain.

She slowly begins to piston her silicone cock inside me, reaching down to stroke my throbbing clit. I feel her hitting my sweet spot as my climax builds. An enthralled crowd hang on our every move in aroused anticipation. I explode, juices squirting everywhere, screaming out my orgasm as it feels like I’m fucking them all.


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