I was unaware Satisfyer sold lubes until I saw a post on their Twitter account. When Satisfyer sent me a bottle of their Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube with the Satisfyer for Men I was intrigued.

The bottle for the Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube is quite big, it’s a 300ml bottle so this should last ages. First thing I do as with any lube is check the label for ingredients.

The Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube actually doesn’t have that extensive an ingredients list, just 6 ingredients. Nothing jumps out at me as problematic and I can’t see any parabens which is great. The second ingredient in the list is glycerine which in women can trigger yeast infections. But as this lube is intended for men I don’t think it’s an issue here.

Masculine Look

The bottle is black in colour with minimal design and detail to it. The label is predominantly white text with a blue figure made of what looks like smoke. I’m not sure how this relates to lube, but it’s pretty, all the same.

Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube is water based, which is good because it means you can use it with all types of sex toys. Silicone, oil and hybrid lubes all have issues where they can damage toys or condoms. Water-based lube is also easily washed out of clothes and bed linen. Which is good. Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube is also condom safe.

The bottle has a flip top lid, which is my favourite way of dispensing lube, it results in the least spillage and is a more precise way of dispensing. The lube flows freely through the cap and I have no problems getting it out of the bottle.

Thick Liquid

The lube itself is surprisingly thick when dispensed onto the back of my hand. It feels cool and thick like a gel rather than a fluid. It’s completely clear with only the faintest trace of a scent to it. Due to the thick nature of Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube it doesn’t run down my skin when I move my hand. It gradually creeps, and I know from experience this will make it easy to use as it stays in place.

A little Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube goes a long way. It has very good spread and allows your toy or hand to glide over your skin with little friction or effort.

My tester used Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube with the Satisfyer for Men and he found it was vital to getting the most out of the sleeve. He found the lube allowed the sleeve to slide over his cock and added to the feel of realism too.

A Little Sticky

He found that despite the water-based formulation it did leave him a little sticky after use. Nothing too dramatic but it didn’t just absorb and evaporate. However, he suffered no irritation or reaction after use.

He told me that the staying power of Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube is very good, he only needed to apply it once and it lasted the entire session. Remaining slippery and viscous throughout play.

He found the best way to use Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube with the Satisfyer for Men is to slick a coating of Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube over his cock and slide it into the channel of the sleeve. The lube was then spread up the channel naturally as he wanked. This led to minimal mess as well.

Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube can be used on its own, without a sleeve to improve masturbation with your hand. Used this way it improves glide and increases sensation. All in all, it’s a great male lube.

In Summary

Satisfyer sell a range of lubes aimed at men, these include a warming or cooling lube. I’m not sure why lube needs to be gender specific. Although when asking around I found men were less likely to buy lube than women. Perhaps marketing it specifically at men is intended to persuade men to buy Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube when they purchase the Satisfyer for Men.

My tester really liked the way Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube was aimed at men, with its more masculine packaging. He did say it would make him more likely to choose it. Myself, I feel a bit like we are heading towards a less gender orientated society. Perhaps a lube specifically aimed at a gender isn’t necessary.

Satisfyer sell Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube for £11.95.

Thank you so much to the amazing team at Satisfyer for sending me the Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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