I’ve reviewed quite a few Satisfyer toys, they’re one of my consistently favourite toy brands. So, when I saw they had branched into penis play toys I was intrigued to see what they’d done. I was over the moon when I opened a recent parcel from Satisfyer and found the Satisfyer For Men.

The packaging for the Satisfyer For Men is dark and quite masculine, as I feel the entire look of the toy is. Both myself and my tester felt like it wouldn’t look out of place in amongst the male toiletries in Boots. The box is black with an image of the product on the front. But honestly unless you were clued in this wouldn’t give away what the Satisfyer For Men was intended for.

Bigger Than I Expected

Opening the Satisfyer For Men its much bigger than I was expecting it to be. The case itself measures a whopping 10 inches in length and 9.5 inches around the widest part. There is almost a conical type shape to the Satisfyer For Men. It starts out wide at the bottom and decreases in size until you reach the vent at the top.

Black in colour with bright blue accents the Satisfyer For Men looks almost sporty. Both myself and my tester feel like it could pass for a sports flask or bottle. This pleases my tester who prefers less anatomical looking toys.

Silicone Case

The case is made of silicone, it feels nice in my hand. At the bottom of the Satisfyer For Men there is a cap covering the opening. This has a two-fold effect. Firstly it keeps the Satisfyer For Men clean, secondly it hides the opening. Its very easy to flip the cap off. Beneath the cap the sleeve of the Satisfyer For Men sits.

The Satisfyer For Men comes complete with the Classic Sleeve, but Satisfyer sell a range of six sleeves designed to allow you to change the experience of the Satisfyer For Men. With names like Chambers of Pleasure and Lusty Tongues the sleeves sound exciting.

Penis Envy

The first impulse when opening a stroker or masturbation sleeve is always to put my fingers inside it. This is the closest I’ll get to experiencing the feeling of the Satisfyer For Men. Sliding my fingers into the small opening in the white sleeve I’m stunned how good it feels. The super soft, squishy cyber skin channel hugs my fingers on penetration and I feel serious penis envy.

Before I let my impatient tester loose on the Satisfyer For Men I need to photograph it. It took me a minute to figure out how to get the sleeve out of the case. Consulting the pamphlet included I realised there was a kind of cage set up holding the sleeve in the case.

Pulling the entire top of the case gently the cage lifted out pulling the sleeve with it. Then it’s easy to remove the sleeve from the cage for washing etc. Placing the sleeve back into the cage and sliding it back into the case was much easier than I thought it would be.

Pump Effect

At the top of the Satisfyer For Men is a vent which twists open to allow pressure to escape from the channel inside. This also effects the tightness of the experience. At the sides of the Satisfyer For Men there are two panels which can be squeezed during use. This creates a pump effect.

This is to increase the tightness and sensation. I found these panels quite tough to squeeze but my hands are significantly smaller than my tester and he had no problem. Given the size of the case I feel like people with smaller hands might struggle with this function a little

Time to Test!

Time to hand the Satisfyer For Men over to my tester and see what he thought. Satisfyer kindly included a bottle of their Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube to use with the Satisfyer For Men. This is a water based lube, and is the only type of lube Satisfyer recommend using with the Satisfyer For Men. This is probably because of the silicone case, silicone or hybrid lubes could damage the surface.

So, what did he think? He told me lube is essential when using the Satisfyer For Men. At first he was a little sceptical of even getting into the tight little opening in the Satisfyer For Men. But with the assistance of the Satisfyer lube he slid in with no problem. Satisfyer say the For Men is suitable for all penis sizes.

Hugging Me With Soft Walls

“Although there was no definitive pattern I could feel against me, the sensation of sliding into the Satisfyer For Men felt great. The channel was very tight, but with a few strokes it began to adjust to my cock, hugging it with soft walls. I opened the vent the first time I used the Satisfyer For Men but during subsequent uses I kept it closed.

The main reason for this is the sensation was better, but I also found with the vent open there was a little spillage after climax the first time. I could grip the sides of the Satisfyer For Men easily to pump air into the channel and create a tighter grip if I needed to.

I may even have been doing this naturally whilst gripping the toy during my wank. But I felt no need to do it consciously. The tightness of the Satisfyer For Men felt perfect for me.

Both myself and Candy wondered if the size of the case would affect the ability to get a good rhythm during wanking, but we needn’t have worried. I found it very easy to find my stroke and even at an increased pace the sensation was consistent and felt amazing.

Intense Orgasm

The closer I got to climax the faster I stroked, and the intensity was immense. It felt so good and when I came it was longer and stronger than normal. There is no doubt about it the Satisfyer For Men improves the wanking experience

There is a definite realism to the cyberskin. It feels soft and warm against my skin and is without doubt a better sensation than just my hand.”

He told me cleaning up the Satisfyer For Men afterward was very easy, simply sliding the cage out of the case over the sink and washing it in hot soapy water in the sink. Allow the sleeve to dry fully before reinserting back into the case.

In Summary

My tester couldn’t really find anything he disliked about the Satisfyer For Men. He loves the increased strength of orgasm and finds the Satisfyer For Men very easy to use. I’m very impressed with Satisfyers first foray into penis play toys.

Satisfyer sell the Satisfyer For Men for £34.96 and the additional sleeves for £13.95.

Thank you so much to the great people at Satisfyer for sending me the Satisfyer For Men for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.



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