I’m a sucker for something pretty. And my love for unicorns is well documented. So, when I saw the gorgeous new Rocks Off range, the Unihorn Stardust sung to me like a siren.

Rocks off are well known for their bullet vibes and the Unihorn Stardust falls into this category. Coming in the usual no-nonsense Rocks Off packaging the Unihorn doesn’t need additional frills to make it stand out.

Metallic Tear Drop

Shaped like its name sake the Rocks Off Unihorn looks a bit like a beautiful tear drop. The colours are stunning. Gradual blending from a yellow tip, to an orange shaft and a pinkie-purple base creates an eye-catching metallic Ombre effect.

There is a very slight wavy effect to the shaft of the horn, it’s delicate and very understated. Just enough to catch the light and add to the Unicorn horn effect. In size the Rocks Off Unihorn isn’t large, it’s delicate really but most bullet are small.

The entire length of the Rocks Off Unihorn Stardust is 4.5 inches, and at its widest part the girth is 2.4 inches. The Unihorn isn’t meant for internal fun but were you such inclined the shaft is a mere 3 inches. Great for teasing, not so good for penetration.

Battery Operation

A rounded base houses both the controls and the battery compartment. That’s right the Rocks Off Unihorn Stardust is battery operated. A large button situated on the base of the Unihorn controls all the functions. One button operation is not something I’m a fan of really as it means scrolling through to change the settings, but most bullet vibes are.

Battery operated vibrations are rarely anything to write home about. But I know from my existing Rocks Off bullets that their vibrations are quite powerful. The Unihorns vibrations start out quite subtle but build to something stronger as you travel through the settings.

Pulsey Pattern

The vibrations are buzzy and strong, although they lack rumble. This is par for the course with a battery op vibe. There are ten settings on the Rocks Off Unihorn Stardust. Three speed settings and seven patterns offer plenty of choice. Some of the pattern settings are really pulsey and feel quite delicious against a sensitive clit.

Rocks Off include a AAA battery inside the Unihorn. Which is handy as one of the things I hate about battery op vibes is not being able to use them straight away. The battery compartment unscrews at the base and you just slide the battery into the shaft. Removing the batteries can be a little touch and go as they seem to get stuck in the housing and require flicking out.

Easy Clean

The Rocks Off Unihorn Stardust is waterproof which is great. Bullet vibes are fantastic for using in the bath or shower. It also means it’s nice and easy to clean the Unihorn up after use. Just give it a wash with antibac soap and warm water. Avoid using anything abrasive in case you damage the pretty surface.

Made of rigid plastic the Rocks Off Unihorn is phthalates-free and non-porous which we like. Its surface is super shiny and smooth to the touch. The metallic surface is mirror reflective and quite honestly one of the prettiest sex toys I’ve ever seen.

Using the Rocks Off Unihorn is easy. You don’t need instructions, just push the button and you’re ready to go. Push the button repeatedly to scroll through the patterns. The volume level of the Unihorn is discreet but the vibrations are quite pitchy. This could travel a bit, so I’d advise popping the telly on when using it if someone else is in the house.

Precision Tip

In use I found the shape of the Rocks Off Unihorn Stardust to work brilliantly with me. The lovely slim tapered tip is perfect for precision clitoral stimulation. It can be used to sit either side of my clit to great effect and this is my chosen way to stimulate myself.

The delicate shaft can also be used for foreplay stimulation and is perfectly sized to be used to tease nipples, frenulum or anally. If using the Unihorn for anal play, please only use it for teasing. There is not enough flare at the base for the Unihorn to be safely used for anal penetration. I think the Unihorn is a good all-rounder for foreplay.

Leisurely Session

I found the lower steady settings great for setting myself on the path to orgasm. Gently awakening my clit. Moving to the higher, more intense pulse patterns allowed me to control the build. The very delicate texturing felt great when rubbed against the side of my clit and I found myself hurtling towards a strong orgasm.

The Rocks Off Unihorn isn’t a quick payoff. Its for a more leisurely session and this kind of fits the look of the toy. It seems like a toy for special occasions. I didn’t use the Unihorn internally as I know it’s too delicate really to make much of an impact, but you could do so if it tickled your fancy.

In Summary

Things I’d change about the Rocks Off Unihorn Stardust, I’d love to see a rechargeable version of the Unihorn. I think this would improve the strength of vibrations and make the Unihorn a more powerful bullet. This is just a personal preference, I still achieve a nice orgasm with the Unihorn as it stands. I’d just like more options to climb for additional power.

Lovehoney sell the Rocks Off Unihorn Stardust for £19.99 which is a total bargain for this gorgeous little vibe and makes it a perfect stocking filler too! I’ve said a few times on my Twitter that if a sex toy were created from my dreams it would be the Rocks Off Unihorn and I stand by this. Visually it’s stunning and functionally it’s an excellent value little bullet.

Thank you so much to the amazing people at Rocks Off for sending me the Unihorn Stardust. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review. Affiliate links have been used in this review.


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