At Christmas I was giving away a Rocks Off Joycicle and if I’m honest I was reluctant to give it away. Recently Rocks Off have been knocking it out the park with their pretty, colourful bullet style vibes. The magpie in me wants them all tbqhwy.

Despite my reluctance to part with my Rocks Off Joycicle I did send it to its winner. But fate obviously intended me to have a Joycicle. One came to me via the amazing Tabitha Rayne at Eroticon. Tabitha was on the Rocks Off Sponsor stall which was showcasing all the Rocks Off Pretties.

Festive Vibes

The Joycicle is a festive vibrator, I said at the time of my giveaway these would have made fabulous stocking fillers or gifts for pals. There are 3 varieties of the Rocks Off Joycicle the Shimmer, Spangle and Sparkle. The difference is only really in the colours (red, blue and lilac) my Rocks Off Joycicle is the Spangle.

The packaging for the Rocks Off Joycicle is festively decorated as you can imagine, but is familiar to previous Rocks Off packaging in its dark styling. The window at the front of the box shows the Joycicle off in all its festive splendour.

Metallic Blue and Silver

My Rocks Off Joycicle is a gorgeous metallic blue and silver colour. The shape of the Joycicle is basically the same shape as the Rocks Off Unihorn, so you could almost say this was a Unihorn with a festive twist. The shape is like a tear drop but decorated as it is, the Joycicle looks like it belongs on the Christmas Tree.

The base of the Rocks Off Joycicle is a small bulb like shape tapering off to a thin point. There is some very slight texture on the shaft, this looks almost like delicate ripples. The shaft and tip are silver in colour, graduating down into an Icy Blue colour ombre. Around the join between the base and shaft are delicate white patterns, looking almost like snowflakes.

Nostalgic Memories

I can’t get the image of my Mum’s traditional glass Christmas tree decorations out of my head. The ones I was never allowed to touch, but I really wanted to because they were so delicate and beautiful.

The Rocks Off Joycicle is battery operated, as many of the Rocks Off Bullets are. It comes complete with a single AAA battery already included, but there is a paper disc over the battery, so you’ll need to remove this before the Joycicle will work. To access the battery compartment you just need to unscrew the middle of the Rocks Off Joycicle.

Ten Settings

Once your Rocks Off Joycicle is ready to rock operating it is a simple as pushing a button. The one button control is found on the base of the Joycicle. Press it once and the Rocks Off Joycicle bursts into life.

There are ten settings to the Rocks Off Joycicle. I find this seems to be the same with many of the Rocks Off bullets, three steady speeds in differing intensities and seven patterns. I have varying luck with the patterns. Some work well, some don’t work at all. I guess this is a case of personal preference.

The vibrations from the Rocks Off Joycicle are deceptively strong but a little buzzy. Just like with the Unihorn I was surprised by how strong they were. I usually find the more novelty a toy looks the less serious it is with vibration but the Rocks Off bullets seems to be consistently good for me.

Direct Stimulation

One thing I really enjoy about the shape of the Rocks Off Joycicle is how easily I can delivery the vibration directly to where I want it. That nice rounded point on the tip allows me to press it directly against the side of my clit and get some real pressure and vibration there.

I can’t really say I benefitted from the texture on the shaft, but I’m not sure it was ever meant to be anything except decorative. It’s very subtle. I enjoyed playing the tip of the Rocks Off Joycicle across my clit and labia, teasing myself with the lowest setting before ramping up to my favourite pulse pattern and pushing myself into a delicious orgasm.

I do find having to scroll through all the settings a little jarring to the experience, a one button control means you can’t go backward so if I’m on the pattern and need a little more consistent stimulation I must push the button about 6 times to get where I want to be.

The Rocks Off Joycicle is waterproof, which means you can use it in the bath or shower. It also means you can clean it very easily. Being made of ABS plastic the Rocks Off Joycicle is also body safe and non-porous. It can be used with any type of lube without risking damage to the surface.

In Summary

I love the way the Rocks Off Joycicle looks. The beautiful metallic colours and the delicate little snowflake print make this bullet something really special. I’m so glad I did eventually get the chance to own a Joycicle. I can’t wait for it to be Christmas again, simply so I can be seasonally appropriate in my wanking.

You can buy the Rocks Off Joycicle at Latex Leather and Lace for £18.99.

Thank you so much to the great people at Rocks Off for giving me the Rocks Off Joycicle for review. I was given this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


  1. Ooo this is BRILLIANT Candy, I haven’t tried mine yet, I will certainly tear open the wrapper after reading this review 💓
    So glad you enjoyed it x
    “Seasonally appropriate wanking” I absolutely adore you 💓😍💓


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