Princess Plugs are a pretty way to enjoy anal play. I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to review one of gorgeous Precious Metals plugs. I selected the beautiful Heart Shaped Anal Plug.

The Precious Metals Heart Shaped Plug

On arrival, the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug made a great first impression. Packaged in a sweet little black storage bag I’m already nodding in approval, I honestly think a storage bag should be included with all Princess Plugs.

Size wise the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug is not large. A total length of 2.95 inches and an insertable length of 2 ½ inches, this is a great size for those new to anal play or plugs. The widest point is just 1.1inches at the bulb.

The Importance of Base Width

The most important part of a plug for me is always the base. Wide bases are vital to safe anal play. The anal passage creates a slight vacuum effect and it’s possible for plugs to travel up inside you. Nobody really wants a trip to A&E to have an errant butt plug removed so always make sure your plugs and anal toys have nice wide bases. A good rule of thumb is the base should be equal or wider to the widest point of the plug.

The base of the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug is around 1.5 inches wide at its widest and heart shaped. This is wide enough for me to be comfortable with the safety element of it. Embedded into the heart shape is a gorgeous deep red jewel. This catches the light beautifully and sparkles like crazy.

Tear Drop Bulb

I opted for a silver coloured plug but do a gold coloured version too. The plug is made of an Aluminium Alloy for body-safe confidence. This also makes it superbly easy to clean. You can easily wash it in hot water using antibacterial soap. Just avoid using something abrasive in case you damage the surface.

A traditional tear drop shape bulb makes the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug a dream to insert. The point is blunt and rounded, leading to a thin, long neck. Holding it in my hand there is a decent weight to the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug, however at 70g it’s not heavy enough to feel the weight whilst in situ.

Using The Precious Metals Heart Shaped Plug

So, what is it like in use? The Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug requires a little lube for easy insertion. It’s best to use an anal specific lube as they tend to be thicker and better suited for purpose.

When the bulb slides home I don’t feel the suction-like pull which I do with larger plugs. Once in place the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug is extremely comfortable. There is no stretch to wearing it, so this isn’t a plug for those looking for an extreme sensation. However, for a beginner or someone looking for a plug for extended wear it is brilliant.

Wearable Weight

The weight and size make the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug very wearable. I don’t struggle to hold it inside me either.  Whilst moving around the wide bulb and thin neck kept the plug anchored inside me brilliantly. And the base is wide enough to stop me from worrying about travelling.

One of my favourite things about butt plugs is the impact they have on PiV sex. If a butt plug has a wide enough bulb it can make sex a tighter experience for both parties, increasing sensation and adding a yummy new dimension.

During Sex

The Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug is a little on the small side for this and at first, I wasn’t expecting to feel anything apart from the anal sensation during sex. However, I was surprised to feel I could feel it during sex, there was a definite difference. Even using a dildo for solo play, I could feel the dildo brushing against the bulb of the plug through the skin. Not gonna lie, this is hot.

When I climax wearing the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug it increases the intensity of my orgasm. I find wearing a plug gives those muscles something to contract around and it is a much stronger feeling.

Comfy Base and Sexy Look

The heart shaped base is surprisingly comfortable for a metal base. Sometimes metal bases can dig in but I find this one sits nicely. However, one slight annoyance is the tendency to turn around during wear. My heart is lopsided every time I look at it! This is possibly just my OCD but I want it to look perfect when my man finds it.

The jewel itself is super sparkly and glints beautifully when on show. It looks and feels very sexy nestled between my cheeks. I really do love Princess Plugs they are such a gorgeous way to indulge in anal play and appeal to my inner magpie.

In Summary

If I was to make any changes to the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug it would be to make it available in a choice of sizes. This is a lovely plug but it’s size makes it more of a beginners plug. I love anal play and will definitely wear this plug often but I’m not in the market for an extreme feel. Larger size options would make this a more universal plug.

I love the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug. I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a pretty plug suitable for bedroom fun or longer-term wear. It’d also make a fantastic way to warm up to anal sex. If you want an extreme sensation try one of the larger Precious Metal plugs offered on

You can buy the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug from for £14.95. This is such a good price you really can’t go wrong. If you want to pretty up your booty or surprise your loved one then give this a try.

Thank you so much to the fabulous folk at for sending me the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Plug for review. This item was sent to me free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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