If there is one thing I love more than strip lashes its heels. But let’s be fair what women doesn’t love a pair of knockout heels? So, opening my latest Pleaser review item from FM Heels felt a little bit like falling in love.

You know when you see someone across a crowd and they tick every box you have? Looks, build personality, the works… well that’s how I feel about the Pleaser Pin Up Couture Bettie 03 Baby Pink Sling backs.

Even the box for these gorgeous shoes sent thrills through me in that way that only new shoes can. The baby pink box emblazoned with the Pin Up Couture logo and lips made me want to clap my hands in delight! Opening the box, I was head over heels.

Candy Tinged Baby Pink

My Pleaser Pin Up Couture Bettie 03’s are the most delicious shade of Baby Pink. It’s a slightly candy tinged pink, not quite as delicate as I’d usually imagine a baby pink. But with a flirty, girly tone which makes me giddy. Apart from the inner and sole the entire of the sling back is this delicate shade.

As if the shade doesn’t make the Pleaser Pin Up Couture Bettie 03 the most feminine shoe I’ve ever seen the design just trills it. The Bettie 03 is quite a high shoe. The sides sit much higher up my foot than most of my heels. And more than my other Pin Up Couture heels. This graduates down to an open toe.

Love Heart Peeptoe

The peekaboo toe is shaped like a love heart. Just perfect for showing off that perfect candy coloured pedicure to its sexiest. Inside the peep toe is a pink trim to the sole, just to finish the colour scheme perfectly.

The ball of the foot rests on a pink love heart in the sole of the Pleaser Pin Up Couture Bettie 03. This is incredibly cushioned and makes wearing the Bettie 03’s a hell of a lot more pleasant than it could have been given the height of the heel.

A short band sits across the toes before opening to expose the top of the foot, in a sexy sandal-style window. I love this as the top of my feet are tattooed with My Little Ponies and I always look to see if my shoe purchases will show these off. I didn’t go through all that pain to hide them.

Pretty Pink Bows and Love Heart Cut Outs

At the top of my foot the Pin Up Couture Bettie 03 comes together with an elasticated strap. This is hidden perfectly by the pretty pink bow adorning the front of the sling back. This elasticated band makes for a superb fit and has a fair bit of stretch to it. It allows the Pin Up Couture Bettie 03’s to expand wider at the top than they look.

Either side of the bow sits a small love heart window cut into the high sides of the shoe. It’s the tiny details like this that made me literally hug these stunning heels when I finally got around to opening them Christmas evening.

The back of the Pleaser Pin Up Couture Bettie 03 is open, as you would expect with a sling back heel. The thin pink strap is broken up by a forgiving elastic band making getting them on and off a breeze. This might sound daft, but have you ever tried to undo tiny buckle sling backs after a night on tequila shots? I have, and I can tell you I ended up sleeping in one shoe.

Concealed Platform

The most important aspect of any shoe is the heel. The Pleaser Pin Up Couture Bettie 03 has a heel which measures 4.5 inches. The heel is stiletto and looks extremely elegant and in-keeping with the retro look of the rest of the shoe.

Now when I posted pictures of these beauties on social media I was asked two questions a lot. Firstly, are they comfortable and secondly, how did you walk in them? Well the clever thing about the Pleaser Pin Up Couture Bettie 03’s is they have a concealed platform of around an inch.

This means the heel isn’t quite as killer on the feet as it would seem. Despite adding inches onto my height, I found walking in the Pleaser Pin Up Couture Bettie 03’s to be a walk in the park. Or more accurately a walk to the pub as I debuted these vintage darlings on New Years Eve.

Comfortable, Vintage Glamour

The heel is high enough to elongate my short arse legs in ways I love. And yet still functional enough that I could move about and dance in them too. The high sides of the Pin Up Couture Bettie 03 mean the shoe kind of hugs you, in a most reassuring way. They feel very comfortable for such knock out heels. If I’m honest when I opened them my first thought was they would probably be bedroom shoes. But thanks to the clever design this isn’t so.

In no short measure the little cushioned love heart helps this too. It acts as a cushion for the balls of your feet. We all know that feeling, don’t we? When you’ve spent all night at the club dancing in heels and the balls of your feet feel like they’ve been branded with hot irons. My little love heart cushion staved this off beautifully.

In Summary

The Pin Up Couture Bettie 03’s are made totally from man made materials which pleases my little vegetarian heart to no end.

I felt elegant and beautifully vintage wearing my Pleaser Pin Up Couture Bettie 03 Baby Pink Sling backs. They feel like they were made just for me. Plucked from my sweetest shoe based dreams and transported onto my shoe rail by FM Heels.

FM Heels sell the Pleaser Pin Up Couture Bettie 03 Baby Pink Singback heel for £71.95 and they’re available in sizes UK 3-8. I promise you they are worth every penny. My rating on my site only goes to 5 but I really want to give these a 6. They are stunning, vintage and they made my Christmas.

Thank you so much to the amazing FM Heels for sending me the Pin Up Couture Bettie 03 Sling backs. I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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