I’m Not Submissive

I’m not a submissive person. Those of you who are unlucky enough to know me well will know I’m forthright and sometimes downright aggressive. Loud, opinionated and spiky are all words which have been applied to yours truly at times. So, it confuses even me that I should enjoy being sexually submissive.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being Dominant too but that’s a matter for another post. I’ve always veered more towards the Dom side of switching. Lately, however I’ve noticed a shift in the dynamics of our relationship.

His Territory

Now there are times when he looks at me and I feel my stomach flip with anticipation tinged with… what is that? Fear maybe? When I’ve been particularly difficult and I can tell he’s not sure if he wants to fuck me or kill me. Lol.

I really love that feeling, the feeling of trying my luck, pushing his buttons. Knowing I’ll never take it too far but if I wind him up just enough he’s going to crack and when he does, boy will it be good. I love to tease him, to act as if he has no right of ownership over me simply to push him into marking his territory.

And let’s make absolutely no mistake, I am HIS territory.

Oh God, That Look

I love the look on his gorgeous face, blue eyes blazing with intensity and his jaw set hard while he contemplates my behaviour. Even sat here writing this I’m turned on thinking about it. Feeling like I deserve the outcome, like I made my bed so now I shall have to lay in it.

He knows me inside out and back to front so I trust him implicitly not to give me more than I can take, but he knows I can take a lot. And he is more than happy to give it to me.

Winding him up till he grabs my face, or pulls my hair back roughly to kiss me hard leaves my head spinning with lust. Even more when he puts his large hand around my throat, lightly squeezing coz he knows that although I love the feeling, asphyxiation terrifies me.

That Mouth So Cruel

When he roughly pulls my tits out of my top and pinches my nipples till involuntary moans spill from my lips, desperate for the sweet relief of his touch on my aching cunt. And yet the bastard makes me wait.

Kissing me roughly, stealing my air and yanking my head back sadistically. Making me gasp as he kisses and bites his way down to my exposed and vulnerably soft tits. Struggling to breathe I await the touch of his mouth, will it be gentle or will it be fierce?

Gently his lips close around my hardened nipple and I feel my face heat up as desire courses through my blood. God, it feels good and I push my tits towards his face… making my first mistake. Do not assume you can take what you want. Suddenly the gentle licking and sucking intensifies, I close my eyes as my clit lights up in response to what she knows is coming, she knows it’ll be her turn soon.

As his teeth, close cruelly around my aching nipple my moans become louder, I hear myself begging. He knows what I want but he wants to hear me say it aloud. Begging for his touch, begging him to make me cum.20161113_175204

Wet With Need

Roughly he rips aside the carefully chosen lingerie and can instantly feel the effect my punishment has had, my cunt so wet, my underwear ruined. Loudly tutting at my inability to hide my need he strokes his fingers across my clit a few agonizing times, enjoying my legs shaking and my choked pleas. Eventually he takes pity and slides his fingers deep inside me, grazing my G Spot and I cum for the first time. Colours dance before my eyes as he withdraws his fingers allowing me to finish the spontaneous climax he’s created. As I regain my control I look at him and softly beg him, he knows what he’s started and he knows what I want but he will never give me it straight away. Teasing his fingers over my clit, flicking his tongue over me inducing whimpers of need from this shaking mess.

Finally, I can take no more, circling my hips up to meet his teasing mouth I cry out begging him to make me cum. And he takes pity, drawing my throbbing clit into his hot mouth and sliding his fingers deep inside me, stroking my G spot and sucking my clit until I’m no longer even aware of my name. freeing my clit from his mouth he picks up pace with his fingers crashing me into a screaming orgasm as I squirt all over his hand and arm.

Making My Arse Glow

By now all semblance of my own control has gone, I have one goal, I want him inside me. He however has other ideas and as he throws me over and exposes my arse I shiver with anticipation. As his hand strikes me for the first time the heat blooms across my stinging cheek, spreading down to my aching cunt still soaked with my cum.

“More please”

I hear my own voice as if coming from someone else. Craving the firm discipline of his hand. He spanks me harder again and again, pausing only to inspect his work on my reddening arse. All the time telling me I’m his slut and giving me a verbal chastisement for my behaviour. By this point his words are just icing on the cake as my next orgasm is already building and he knows it.

The Magic Word

“Please Baby?…”

I beg, full of need, aching to be taken now.

“Please what?”

He replies, knowing full fucking well what it is I want and need. I reach forward to stroke his hard cock through his jeans and get my hand slapped away for my impertinence.

“I didn’t say you could touch, slut”

Moaning and biting my lip at the delicious hardness beneath my fingers I know I’ve just delayed the inevitable. Another round of blows rain on my now hot arse. Suddenly he stops and from my position I can hear his jeans undoing, I begin to shake as his fingers stroke down my cunt and his cock presses against me.

“please…” I beg.20161113_175220

Finally Filled

He doesn’t say a word and slides deep inside me, repeatedly slamming into me hard and I know I’m going to cum. I scream for permission and as he says yes he dials up the intensity holding me down and fucking the daylights out of me. As my vision blurs, he pulls my hair as the intense waves of orgasm flood over me.

Quietly crying with the sheer pleasure, I lay shaking as he continues to stroke in and out of my contracting cunt, before pulling out and leaving me feeling like something is missing. I lay there for what feels like forever still feeling aftershocks from my climax.

Maybe I Am Submissive

Suddenly his fingers are back in my cunt and I know exactly where he’s going with this. Angling my arse upwards for him I feel him wiping my own juices around my hole, preparing me. Biting my lip as his hardness presses into me. God, it hurts so good, hearing me moan he asks,

“do you like that Slut?”

Breathlessly I answer yes as I push back against him, aching to feel his cock buried all the way into my arse. He responds by shoving himself deep. Moaning his name, I start to cry from the intensity of the pain and pleasure of his cock in my arse.

“Mine” he says,

“Yours” I whisper,

As he slams deep into me one final time filling my arse with his load in one final act of violation.

As I lay there with his cum trickling out of me trying to remember where I am, he lazily strokes the hair from my face and kisses me. In that moment, I don’t care that it’s out of character for me to be submissive, I just fucking love it.


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