I am, what is occasionally referred to as a “sexy sex blogger”. Not only do I write reviews and posts on kink related stuff from an educational angle but I celebrate my own innate sexuality as well. Sometimes this is in erotic writing, sometimes in pictures of lingerie I’m reviewing, sometimes it’s Sinful Sunday. The term “sexy sex blogger” is sometimes used derisively, fuck that.

I began sex blogging via reviews and as my confidence as a writer grew so did my self-confidence. I post images on my social media, with my reviews and on Sinful Sunday. Because I want to and because I’m proud of how I look. It’s important that all women are represented as sexual beings. Not just the under 30’s.

We Don’t Stop Feeling Sexual

We don’t stop feeling sexual as we get older. It doesn’t stop us wanting to be desired. In fact, I’ve found with age has come body confidence I never had as a younger woman. I own my sexuality and no longer fear slut or body shaming. I know I’m not perfect. My body bears the scars of two pregnancies and weight loss and gain. There is definitely a touch of grey in my roots when I care to examine them closely. I hate this so much but It’s part of me. We all must face the march of time.

I struggled with the prospect of turning 40. It really bothered me, the number felt and tasted frumpy and old in my mouth. I don’t feel 40, it felt like such an unfairness that this was be inflicted on me when I’ve not fully appreciated the last twenty years.

Some of this was due to motherhood. That identity stealing fun sponge. I adore my children but there’s no doubt at all that when they were little I was more Mummy than me. There was no time for long baths, or bottles of wine or sexy evenings. Those things became distant longed-for memories. As my days and nights became a hamster wheel of nappies, bottles and supervision of my darling little tyrants.


Now my girls are approaching adulthood at an alarming rate and I feel sadness that this time in my life is passing. But also, resentful at the lost years which could have been spent much less productively but with infinitely more fun.

I occasionally get vilified for my views on motherhood. I’m a tigress when it comes to my kids. They’re my life. but motherhood changes you. For the early years it drains your vitality, and finances. For some women, myself included it meant the loss of my career for a bit. Only a few years but oh the boredom of sitting at home with just babies for company.

I wish I could have been one of these wonderful women I saw on Facebook. Those who managed to dress their children perfectly and still look amazing themselves. Whilst devoting spare time (who has spare time???) to doing creative projects with their offspring. For whom conversation with a toddler was a scintillating part of development. The mythical Yummy Mummy. I was a resentful mess of un-brushed hair in formula stained PJ’s.

Losing Me

In he’d walk at the end of the day, rightfully knackered. But I’d be full of pent up rage at his ability to leave the house without a military operation. Jealous that he’d spoken to other human beings. Because his stories of the day didn’t all involve Phillip and bloody Fern and daytime sodding TV. How I hated being tied to the house.

No reason to get dressed up, or even dressed. My roots grew long, my hair un-styled and un-coloured. My make-up gathered dust. How could I find the time with a two-year-old toddler and new baby? I’d lost myself totally. Gradually motherhood became less tyrannical and I began to find my way back to the me I knew. To find the time for me again.

So, the approach of 40 felt too soon and stung bad. I had only just begun to escape the clutches of motherhood and now I had this to deal with. People (stupid ones) began to tell me I needed to act my age. Ugh what an awful expression this is. Like there is a bloody handbook for each decade denoting what’s acceptable. Bollocks to that. And yet it hit home, the comments about looking “mutton” resonated and finally I caved. I coloured out my much beloved trademark pink hair and set about growing up. Out went the brightly coloured clothes and crazy heels as I attempted to mature my wardrobe.

Refusing to Conform

The thing is, I was already grown up, what I wasn’t was sophisticated or refined. I was ridiculous and over the top. And that should have been ok. But I felt pressured to be the former rather than the latter. You can’t fake sophistication though, and you can’t water down ridiculousness.

I missed my My Little Pony hair. I loathed how much I blended in with my new, boringly normal coloured hair. Yes, I’m a frigging attention seeker, and what? I didn’t feel like me again. Why had I listened to other people!!?

And then I began blogging. And through my writing and my site I realised I didn’t care about what other people thought. I must be me! Dying my hair back Atomic Pink I felt my heart burst with happiness as it dried and I saw the luminous craziness of my crowning glory again.

See Yourself With Love

I love being me. That everyone I know send me unicorns and My Little Ponies. I love that little girls point at me in the supermarket and tell their mums they want to look like me when they grow up. I don’t care if I’m all pink hair, tits and eyelashes it’s just externals.

Regularly I get emails and messages from young women telling me they admire my self-confidence. I wish I could tell them the magic formula for feeling this themselves. I wish I could pop it in an envelope and send it out to them all so they can all shine like the stars they are. All I can say is try to see yourself with love. Don’t worry about what other people think. If it feels right for you then it is right! We are not cookies cut to be uniform. It’s our differences which makes life interesting, like the Liquorice Allsorts tattooed on my arm.

So, fuck it if it’s wildly inappropriate for a 40-year old woman to flaunt her post motherhood body in lingerie. I don’t care if I look ridiculous pouting like a sex kitten because guess what? I feel fucking amazing. My age is utterly irrelevant. I will still be tottering about in skyscraper heels and gluing lashes to my eyelids when they’re crepey with age. And I do not give a fuck. Come at me 50 I dare you!


  1. I really loved this post, I too have been through the whole children and losing yourself scenario and turning 35 next year feel that I have somehow ran out of time to feel Sexy again. However I must say following you on social media you have really inspired me to be a little bolder. I have always had a lot of trouble with confidence and before becoming a sex blogger & following you I would never have considered taking Sexy snaps. So I’m going to try and follow in your footsteps and learn to love myself for who I am and be a little braver in my photos. You are a true inspiration so thank you, oh and by the way you are super sexy, can’t believe your 40, you look way younger x

    • Ah you have no idea how over the moon I am to hear this! I think women on the whole go through so many changes over the course of their lives their own pleasure is often the first to go. It’s a shame. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and I look forward to seeing your images!

      Candy xx

  2. Candy, you are an amazing woman and I LOVE this post. I can so relate to the feelings about being a mother and also turning 40. I don’t have pink hair but I do have the heels and the inappropriately short dresses and I don’t fucking care


    • Thank you so much Molly! Life seems full of hurdles for women in terms of self confidence. Learning not to care is so much harder than it is to say it. We can both grow old disgracefully haha!

      Candy xx

  3. Congratulations! I hope now you have more time to write more beautiful posts like this!Amazing & very informative article. Thanks for information! Love it
    enjoy trying these things out but the price on this one is only worth it like you said if

  4. Candy i agree you are an amazing Woman. Your children are lucky to have such a wonderful Tigress watching over them. age is a number folks look at 40 is nothing but a number you look like 25. i’m 62 and sometimes feel 25 some days 75 more 25 days.
    My advice GO Girl be YOU cuz is You is wonderful.
    i am now a new follower

  5. This post is bloody amazing! As are you! I am still only 28 and was lost entirely to motherhood until I started my blog. And as I was a pregnant at 16 mum I didn’t even get those teen years to explore the non parent me. The fact that I can’t be entirely me until I’m in my 40s scares me. But not after reading this. This is what I needed so much. Thank you! If I’m half as fabulous as you at 40 I will be a very happy woman!
    Aurora x

    • Ah this has literally made my day! Considering I think you’re amazing too I’m stunned to hear you suffered the same problems as me. I think as great as motherhood is you become more like a life support machine than an individual. I bloody love your blog Aurora so I’m not surprised it’s helped you find your way back to you! You keep doing you, coz you’re flipping fabulous!

      Candy xx

  6. I can totally relate! 40+…motherhood…sex…self-image… It’s a difficult, ridiculous, and impossible balance we women try to manage. BTW…you are completely sexy, and your photographs are amazing! You rock the sex kitten vibe , and I love your lingerie. I couldn’t pull of that pink hair, but it looks damn good on you. It works, because it’s obviously your spirit.

  7. Last year I had this awakening too. Reaching mid-40s and having raised 4 kids, I realised that I had stopped taking pride in myself. I had no idea what I liked anymore – from music to clothes – I was totally lost. In the click of a light switch I changed – got my hair coloured, which I now spend ages styling, take selfies, I’m always buying clothes, make up, accessories etc and I also got two extra piercings I’d always wanted but was too worried what others thought. Now I no longer care what people think and I know I’m good in bed because I’ve gained the confidence and experience and guys love it. I love this blog post – I could have written it myself as it resonates so much. Keep up the good work honey!


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