“Patience Kitten, all good things come to those who wait.” Or so he tells me. Just like I have to wait for the wax to burn on my candles, I have to wait for Daddy.

I never thought of myself as a patient person and yet I’m filled with a stillness of mind. Waiting doesn’t have to be torture. Instead I can savour the anticipation. I can allow my mind to trip over all the possibilities. Waiting allows me to fully appreciate what’s to come.

Because once the candles have burnt sufficiently there will be delicious hot trickles across my skin. Velvety wax teasing as it flows. Moans filling the air as the candlelight reflects in my big brown eyes. Coloured patterns to excite my eye whilst the sensation drives my body wild.

Just like when Daddy touches me. Some things are definitely worth the wait.

Who else is sinning this Sunday? Click the lips to find out!

Sinful Sunday



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