Padding across soft damp grass I feel the morning sunlight warm my hair. Approaching the woodland glade which houses your cage I gently tug the lead, encouraging my pets to keep pace. Walking behind me, heads bowed they know their good behaviour will be rewarded soon.

The tall gold gilded cage is a sight to behold against the dewy trees framing it. Although it’s beautiful, the view is improved by you inside. Sat against the bars you look up as you hear the swish of my gown against the grass. I see your deep blue eyes light up with fire as you take in the approaching scene.

I instruct you to stand and reach through the bars to stroke your skin. Lust coursing through me as your eyes close at my touch. Opening the glinting manacles, I firmly lock your wrists to the bars. Further trapped, totally mine. Unlocking the door, I step into the cage leading my pets in with me.

I unhook their leads and stroke their long silky hair. Cascades of gold and ebony falling in curtains over their breasts. Cupping their faces, I whisper to them it’s time to play…

Settling into my seat I watch them crawl across the cage towards you. The heat in your eyes, the tension in your jaw reflecting the frustration you feel. How long has it been my darling? Finally, they reach you and begin to travel up your body, a journey of lips and tongues. Your cock jumps hard. I feel the tingling begin deep inside me. Spreading down to my aching cunt. Watching my pretty girls servicing my favourite pet.

Leaning back against the bars I watch you lose yourself in the rhythm of their mouths. Your muscles tight as the sensation of two tongues snaking over your shaft pulls you deeper. Soft sighs of desire caress my ears and ignite my own need further. God you’re beautiful. My fingers trace up my parted thighs, feeling the weight of your gaze on me. Urgently I stroke and tease my greedy clit.

Closer still your cock twitches painfully, but my girls know better than to let anyone cum. Expertly stroking their fingers over each other while they work. Giving their mistress the show she expects. Tasting the frustration in the air, I cry out as brilliant lights dance behind my eyes. Release flooding my body.

Sated now I approach you, as my pets withdraw from play. Breathing hard, filled with pleading need. I hold your face and kiss you deeply, stroking my hand up your rigid length. My fingers glide smoothly over your skin, I feel you press back into the bars praying I won’t stop. Sliding my free hand over my wet cunt I allow you a taste of paradise, you suck my fingers hungrily moaning. I feel your head slicken with the first drops of your release.

And then I stop.

“Mistress please?” you beg,

I shut the gate and don’t look back, leading my pets away.



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