Occasionally something arrives to me for review and I feel a little intimidated from the off. One such product is the Oscuro Leather Ring Open Mouth Gag from Latex Leather and Lace. I’m not a huge fan of gags, even though they really push my buttons in terms of ramping up my submissiveness. I have some real breath play issues, I don’t like asphyxiation and sometimes using gags triggers this anxiety. Looking at the Oscuro Ring Open Mouth Gag I can’t help but wonder if this might be the solution.

The Oscuro Leather Ring Open Mouth Gag arrives in a transparent plastic bag, don’t worry that’s not how the postman handed it to me. It was of course in a nice discreet box. Latex Leather and Lace know nobody wants their neighbours seeing their bondage accessories arriving.

Evocative Scent

Opening it up the first thing I notice is the strong smell of leather. I’m a strange one with this. I don’t eat meat, but I really think there is something evocative about the smell of leather. It smells masculine, in fact there is nothing about the Oscuro Leather Open Ring Gag which isn’t masculine.

Holding the Oscuro Leather Ring Open Mouth Gag in my hand it feels much weightier than I expect, heavier than my ball gags. In the centre of the gag is a solid leather ring. This is 2 inches across. The ring is wrapped with leather and this gives it some interesting texture.

Either side of the ring are thick leather straps. The leather is stiff and feels quite unforgiving. This might soften up with time I imagine. The main body of the strap is an inch across, but this is attached to a smaller strap which would contact the sides of your mouth. This is approx. 1.5 cm wide. I can’t help but think the Oscuro Leather Ring Open Mouth Gag doesn’t look very comfortable.

How Does It Work?

I was so curious to see how the Oscuro Ring Open Mouth Gag worked I immediately strapped it on. My first thoughts were I wasn’t sure how the ring was meant to sit. It wasn’t immediately obvious if it should be sitting in your lips or teeth. In my teeth it was extremely uncomfortable, the ring was too wide to be comfortable like that. Oscuro could include some instructions I think, don’t assume everyone buying your product will have used one before. It was time to try it properly.

My partner was extremely excited about the Oscuro Ring Open Mouth Gag. He liked the submissiveness of it and it ticked all his Dominant boxes thinking about using it with me. Putting the Oscuro Ring Open Mouth Gag on is simple. It fastens around the back of your head with a large silver coloured buckle. There are seven holes for adjustment on the opposite side so fit shouldn’t be an issue.

Wide Stretch

Despite my concern about the stiffness of the strapping it was surprisingly comfortable as my partner strapped the Oscuro Ring Open Mouth Gag around my face. I had envisioned the side straps cutting into the sides of my mouth. I’ve found leather does this with ball gags I’ve tried. Especially as it gets wet, it begins to rub but I didn’t experience this with the Oscuro Ring Open Mouth Gag.

Immediately I encountered a problem. The ridges on the ring caused by the leather wrapping were quite abrasive against the delicate skin in my mouth. It took some adjusting to get it to sit comfortably. The stretch of the Oscuro Ring Open Mouth Gag is quite extensive. My mouth is stretched open wide and there is lots of tension in my jaw.

Rendered Speechless

My partner loved this straight away. It was clear the Oscuro Ring Open Mouth Gag rendered me useless. I couldn’t speak and was reduced to garbled half words and moans. Because there isn’t anything filling my mouth my moans are clearer than with a ball gag.

He particularly liked that he could still get certain responses from me with a degree of clarity. And commented afterwards that he preferred to still be able to hear my reaction unlike with the ball gags where everything is muffled and muted.

For me, using the Oscuro Leather Ring Open Mouth Gag was a double-edged sword. I far preferred the open nature of the ring. It felt less suffocating but still left me feeling very vulnerable and submissive. Despite my usual flavour of submissiveness being bratty the Oscuro Leather Open Mouth Ring Gag made me much more submissive than normal. I’m not sure why, there was just something about it.

In Summary

However, it was not the most comfortable gag I’ve used. The bands on leather on the ring rub against the inside of my mouth and on one occasion during play the ring moved back against my gums and left them very sore.

We are split on the Oscuro Leather Ring Open Mouth Gag. He loves it, I enjoyed the feelings it bought about in me but there were moments when the discomfort wasn’t enjoyable. I know bondage isn’t meant to be comfy but at the same time I don’t want to end a play session with bleeding gums.

Latex Leather and Lace sell the Oscuro Leather Ring Open Mouth Gag for £26.99.

Thank you so much to the awesome people at Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the Oscuro Leather Ring Open Mouth Gag. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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