Nu Sensuelle Pearl G Spot Stimulator Review


Nu Sensuelle do a great job of creating super strong vibrators and I’m lucky enough to reviewed quite a few of them. However, one of my favourites has to be the Nu Sensuelle Pearl. I was sent this little beauty by Latex Leather and Lace.

In style the Nu Sensuelle Pearl is simple. A straight silicone shaft with an ABS chrome band and base. Measuring just over 7 inches in length the Nu Sensuelle Pearl looks quite average on first impression. My Nu Sensuelle Pearl is black in colour but is available in pink and purple too.

Magic Tip

The tip of the Nu Sensuelle Pearl is where the magic lies though. There is a raised bump at the tip and across this sit silicone nodules. Beneath this lies a small pearl and a push of a button makes this pearl move back and forth in a massaging motion. This additional stimulation is intended for G Spot but I won’t lie, I found it great fun on my clit and nipples as well.

The vibration on the Nu Sensuelle Pearl is very strong. It’s got some real bass and thunders through my insides when playing with it. The vibration feels great both internally and externally and that’s quite rare I find.

Strong Rumbly Vibes

The Nu Sensuelle Pearl has ten vibration settings in varying patterns and steady intensities. There is a lot of scope in the settings. The strength varies wildly and this is great as it makes it more universally appealing. I’ve got to say I’ve yet to come across a Nu Sensuelle vibrator without a good solid vibration on it.

The pearl has three speeds to its motion, Slow, Medium and Fast. For me this was a no brainer and I keep it on fast all the time. Whilst the other speeds are nice as a choice for me, I need the speed.

Grabby Silicone

The silicone used for the shaft of the Nu Sensuelle Pearl is super soft and very matt. It grabs everything, every spot of lint, every hair. Thankfully Nu Sensuelle include a storage bag with the Nu Sensuelle Pearl to help prevent this from happening.

Because the shaft is silicone you need to be careful with your lube choices. Silicone toys aren’t compatible with silicone or hybrid lubes, they could damage the surface of your toy. Water-based lubes are always the best choice to use with silicone. Given the grabby nature of the silicone on the Nu Sensuelle Pearl lube is recommended for a smooth sensation during play.

The Nu Sensuelle Pearl is rechargeable and comes with a natty little charging dock. This is great as sometimes magnetic chargers can be hit and miss in terms of connections. With a dock you slot your toy in and as soon as the light comes on you know you’re good to go. I really love this and feel it’s the way forward for sex toy charging. It also allows me to find the Nu Sensuelle Pearl charger easily amongst my stack of charging cables.

Slow Burn

When using the Nu Sensuelle Pearl I found it was a slow burn. Sliding the tip up against my G Spot I could feel the massaging but it was indirect if that makes sense. I was aware something was happening inside me, it felt great. But I couldn’t feel the actual pearl. Adding a little vibration into the equation and I believe my eyes actually rolled.

The sensation is deep inside me and grows like a wave as I approach climax. It’s definitely longer than say a clitoral orgasm but it’s so worth it when it hits me. It’s worth mentioning the vibrations are so strong and consistent the Nu Sensuelle Pearl can easily be used on your clit as well. As mentioned earlier I also enjoyed it against my nipples during foreplay.

Given its completely straight shaft I don’t recommend the Nu Sensuelle Pearl anally. You need a flared base on toys for safe anal play. However, it’s still extremely versatile, the pearl can be used to massage the tip of his cock, his perineum or indeed any sensitive spot.

In Summary

Nu Sensuelle state in the instructions they don’t recommend this product for continuous use for more than half an hour. I’m not sure why that would be but I’d certainly climaxed enough in half an hour to follow this instruction.

The only thing I disliked about the Nu Sensuelle Pearl is the noise level. It’s particularly noisy and has a bit of pitch to it as well. This makes it really obvious to the ear. I could disguise this with a telly on but it is a little jarring. Obviously, this is dampened when using the Pearl internally.

Latex Leather and Lace sell the Nu Sensuelle Pearl for £59.95.

Thank you so much to the fabulous folk at Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the Nu Sensuelle Pearl for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest impartial review.


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