I’ve accidentally become somewhat of a tail plug queen on my social media recently. An influx of Pony and Bunny tails has kept me well dressed in the tail department. So, I was super excited when MEO sent me a pretty NS Novelties Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug.

Arriving in a large white box with an actual sized image of the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug on the front. The aesthetic is cute before I’ve even opened it. Opening the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug I’m struck by two things straight away. Firstly, how large the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug is and secondly how narrow the bulb is.

Large Pink Pom Pom

The Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug has a large pink pom pom tail made of soft fake pink fur. It has quite a synthetic feel to the fur, but it is pretty, and I love it on sight. Attached to this is a large pink silicone base leading to a long slim plug.

The entire length of the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug is just under 7 inches including tail. The plug itself is 4 inches long with 3.5 inches of that being insertable. At the widest point the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug is 4 inches around. Its quite a large plug but the difference between the bulb and neck in size is very slight.

Silky Silicone

The taper from bulb to the neck is gentle and the neck is 2.75 inches around. This is quite large for a plug neck. The bulb of the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug has a very gradual taper down to a thick blunt tip.

The main body of the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug is made of a soft baby pink silicone, to match the delicate baby pink fluffy tail. The silicone is silky and matt feeling. It’s soft but quite grabby. It creates a fair bit of friction on insertion, so lube is essential.

Because the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug is made of silicone it’s only compatible with water-based lube, anything else could damage the surface of the silicone. I’d recommend an anal lube for use with this plug.

Easy to Clean

One of the main things I’m asked on Twitter about tail plugs is “How do you clean them?” NS Novelties offer the following cleaning advice on the packaging “Polyester Hair is easily wiped down with soap and warm water.” There seems to be this belief that plug play is going to lead to copious amounts of mess. I’ve never had this problem. Washing the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug is easy and it dries to a little fluffy pom pom again which is easily fluffed up with my hand.

I love tail plugs for how playful they make me feel. There is a real cosplay element to them. Even though I’m neither a cosplayer nor into pet play I still love wearing a tail plug. It brings a fantastic fantasy element to play.

Problems with Shape

So, time to try the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug and see how the pretty tail would fare in terms of comfort and practicality. I slicked a layer of water-based lube across the surface of the plug and slid it inside me.

Straight away I realised there was an issue. The bulb isn’t wide enough to lock the plug in place inside me. It feels more like having a dildo inside me than a plug. The thick neck isn’t very comfortable despite being made of silicone. I think it’s just too wide and short.

The entire time I’m wearing the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug I’m pushing it back inside me. There’s no purchase at all with the tiny difference between the neck and bulb. I’m not sure this would even work if you were used to a smaller plug than myself. There is just too little shape to the plug.

A Fail in Practicality

When the plug is inside me there is very little weight to it and the tail is a generous size and shape. Really sitting out from between my cheeks as if it was my own little bunny tail. It’s a real shame the shape of the plug is such a fail in terms of practicality and comfort.

When I removed the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug I found my bum actually ached from trying to keep the plug in place. When I tried to penetrate myself using a dildo the plug just came straight out. For me this would certainly be no good to wear during sex.

In Summary

I’m disappointed in the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug. If that plug shape had been just a little more defined, with a slimmer neck and more pronounced bulb it would have been a real winner. I love the tail and colour, it just doesn’t work for me.

You can buy the NS Novelties Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug from MEO.

Thank you so much to the fabulous people at MEO for sending me the Bunny Tails Pink Butt Plug to review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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