Wax play is something I don’t dabble in very often but when I do, I always think “Why the hell don’t I do this more often?” I was sent a stunning Nebula Wax Play kit by Kandles By Kitten, an independent Etsy retailers specialising in hand poured artisan wax play candles. This is one of those times when I really look forward to playing with the product. It’s something different to the usual stack of vibrators and dildos.

The packaging for my Nebula Wax Play kit was simple and painfully elegant. Nestled in a plain brown cardboard box sealed with a wax seal and ribbon. It felt like I was opening something very special. You could sense the love that had gone into the product. Inside the box was an information card and three of the prettiest candles I’ve seen.

Helix Nebula

The card states “Inspired by the utterly glorious Helix Nebula, this set is comprised of Black, Volcano Red and Bright Turquoise wax play candles.”

The candles themselves are large and intimidating. Measuring 120mm x 50mm and weighing a hefty 200g they are chunky and bold looking. The colours are stunning and the red and turquoise really pop against the inky black.

If you are unaware of wax play candles, they are a fabulous way of introducing a little temperature play into your sex life. The candles are specially made to have a low melting point. In this case 54C. this means the wax melts fast and cools quickly. It also keeps the wax cool enough to pour directly on your skin. Wax play should only be attempted with wax play candles, anything else could lead to injury or burns.

Tactile Sensation

Once the wax pool has formed in the top of the candle the coloured wax can be dripped across the skin to create patterns and arouse sensation.

My Nebula Wax Play kit contains Vegetable wax, Candle dye, vegetable stearin and coconut oil. The candles are entirely scentless and have that lovely tactile waxy feel to them when I’m holding them.

Because you need time for the wax to melt it’s advisable to light the wax play candles 5 mins before you’ll actually want them to create a nice little puddle to begin with. As with all candles you mustn’t leave wax play candles unattended but why would you want to when they create such a beautiful ambience?

Anxiously Waiting

Lighting my Nebula Wax Play kit was really easy, they lit well and stayed lit. A nice steady flame encouraging the wax to pool. I can’t lie I began to get very excited. It had been a long time since I’d felt the thrill of hot wax on my skin and I was genuinely chastising myself for this.

Finally, I had a pool ready to start pouring. I braced myself as I tipped the black candle slightly and moaned as the wax hit my skin and trickled down my boobs. The wax genuinely felt a little bit like warm velvet. Alternating between long pouring trickles and short drops I began to cover my chest with wax.

I never cease to be amazed how quickly the wax cools and my Kandles by Kitten Nebula Wax Play kit was no exception. Hardening and cooling before I’d even moved to the next drop. There seemed to be a slight variance in temperature between the colours. I have no idea if this was psychosomatic or fact, but the black candle seemed hotter than the other two.

Pretty Patterns

I experimented with the wax across my boobs, stomach and thighs and found each velvety drop left me aching for another. It was with some sadness that I realised eventually there was little room left to cover. Despite playing for well over an hour the candles were barely dented, so I can’t imagine how long they would take to burn down totally.

Removing the wax was simple. It brushed off easily with little to no persuading. I was pleased to see there was not one red mark left despite my extended play. Apart from the pretty wax confetti on the sheet you’d never know what had happened.

In Summary

I’ve used wax play candles before but the texture of the Nebula Wax Play kit feels different. Softer somehow. I assume its something to do with the blend of botanical oils. A little of the wax got onto my lingerie and it dried up and came off with no problem.

Playing with wax play candles feels special anyway, but the Kandles by Kitten Nebula Wax Play kit adds that little something extra. I feel like I’ve rediscovered a passion and I’m very much looking forward to wearing those candles out.

You can buy the Nebula Wax Play kit for £10.00 from Kandles by Kitten amongst other beautiful coloured kits. These make fabulous presents too!

Thank you so much to Kandles by Kitten for sending me the beautiful Nebula Wax Play kit to review. I was sent this kit free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


  1. It’s strange you mentioned the slight temperature variation between the colours, I noticed that too and felt black was the hottest. As you say, it may all be psychosomatic but funny we both noticed it.

    I do love KbK candles too, they’re all so beautiful!


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