When a company is called Mystery Vibe you can’t help but wonder why they’re so mysterious. So, when I was offered the chance to review the Mystery Vibe Crescendo Vibrator I was curious as to what I was getting. 20161206_165519

When the Crescendo arrived the box alone made me excited. It looked sleek and expensive. I felt like I was opening something secret or special. Inside the intriguing black slip case printed with the enigmatic “Mystery Vibe” was a beautifully printed “Crescendo” box. Nestled inside this was the Crescendo itself. 20161206_163519

Discovering The Mystery Vibe

The instructions sit in a little envelope in the lid of the box and sat on top of the Crescendo is a little card stating “Love Your Crescendo”. The Crescendo is an aqua blue in colour, bright and striking in the black housing. 20161206_165408

The Crescendo is a long, slim flat shafted vibrator with two fins on the wider end. It’s made of body safe silicone and feels exceptionally soft to the touch. Dotted along the shaft of the Crescendo are what look like slight horizontal ribs beneath the silicone.

Shape Shifting Silicone

Part of what makes the Crescendo so special is the function behind these slight ribs. Crescendo isn’t restricted to just a long shaft style vibrator. You can actually bend the Crescendo to your desired angle or shape to meet your individual needs.20161206_164329

I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me. I struggle with G Spot stimulation and toys. I need a very specific curve and tend to veer towards toys that look like they can meet this need. Sometimes this leads to disappointment as if this curve isn’t right I find it impossible to climax using it. 20161206_164012

Holding the Crescendo in my hands I gently applied a little pressure and watched in wonder as it bent into a slight curve. With further inspection, I found you could almost concertina effect the Crescendo into an S shape.

More Motors Than You Can Shake A Stick At

The controls of the Crescendo are on the side of the wider end. These come in the form of an arrow up and down on one side and a +/- on the other. You switch the Crescendo on by pressing and holding one of the arrow buttons for a few seconds. 20161206_164432

The Crescendo has an astonishing 6 motors! That’s right 6! There is a motor in each end of Crescendo and 4 along the shaft. Crescendo comes pre-set with 12 vibration settings varying from standard vibration to crazy patterns. To scroll through the different patterns, use the arrow keys, and to change the intensity or speed you use the +/-. 20161206_164403

The 6 motors give Crescendo a crazy amount of power. I don’t usually like patterned vibrations but I find several of Crescendo’s to be extremely tempting.

Customizable Vibration

Crescendo is USB charged but cleverly this is done wirelessly. Crescendo comes with a dock which plugs into a USB cable {included}. To charge Crescendo you simply rest it fins up on the dock so the arrow on the dock lines up with the – button. A blue/green light will begin to blink once the charging is connected. 20161206_164509

Crescendo has an accompanying app which can be used to download customisable vibration patterns and can be connected to the Crescendo by Bluetooth. The mystery app is available on both Apple and Android app stores. 20161206_164529

Crescendo is waterproof and comes with a beautiful roll case to house all the accessories as well as the vibrator itself. 20161206_163751

Will The Reality Meet The Expectation?

So far so good. I love the concept of Crescendo. Its customisation seems a brilliant way to get around the issues of angle, curve not suiting everyone’s anatomy. The huge selection of vibration options suggests there is no way you could fail to find something to tickle your fancy. Would the promise of Crescendo carry through to its performance?20161206_163631

I didn’t intend to try Crescendo out straight away, however once I’d started creating shapes I was so compelled to find out what it was like that I decided to have a play with it then and there. 20161206_163834

Applying a little water based lube {no silicone lube as this isn’t suitable for use with the silicone coating of Crescendo} I found Crescendo initially made me think perhaps I’d got excited for nothing. The shaft isn’t very thick and it slid inside me easily and wasn’t wide enough to stimulate me.

G Spot Joy

However, we know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and so adjusting the vibrations to a suitable setting I gently curved the Crescendo to a curve I knew would reach my G Spot. Sliding it back inside me it was like an explosion of intensity. 20161206_163931

The deep rumbly vibrations pressed against my G spot and I found it so delicious to circle the tip of Crescendo against it, sending shocks of pleasure through me. Suddenly gripped by an intense urge to cum I began thrusting the Crescendo deep inside myself at a frantic pace. My orgasm came out of nowhere and as the waves of climax hit me I felt the familiar splash of my own cum hitting my thighs as I squirted everywhere.

Dual Orgasms

As I recovered from my earth shattering internal orgasm I felt my clit crying for attention. Deciding to test the Crescendo’s shape shifting abilities I pulled the base back up towards my stomach, folding it in on itself and allowing the flat shaft to both remain buried deep inside me against my G spot and leant flat on my clit.

Suddenly excited by the possibilities I selected a strong pattern and pressed the end of the Crescendo against my clit. The deep vibrations spread through my insides and teased my clit. I usually hate patterned vibrations but this was so good it was mere seconds before I came hard again. My clit pulsating and my G spot sending yet another cascade of juices all over me. 20161206_163814

I was so impressed by the Crescendos seamless shape changing ability, I didn’t expect to be able to alter the angle whilst it was inside me. The strength of the vibration is beautifully customizable and because the intensity is changeable you can increase or reduce as you need during a prolonged play session.

What’s To Dislike?

If I was pushed to find something I disliked about the Crescendo I would like it to be a bit more girthy, however I assume this is a sacrifice made to make the Crescendo bendable. Although it might not be a go to toy for thrusting or being filled up in terms of making me cum Crescendo is faultless.

At its top speeds/intensity Crescendo is quite loud but nothing that couldn’t be disguised by a telly or music.

I Love My Crescendo

Mystery Vibe have really pulled a rabbit out the hat with Crescendo. It’s a total solution for the anatomical issues met by so many vibrator purchases. The little card included in the Crescendo box says “Love Your Crescendo” well I can honestly say I really do. 20161206_163544

You can buy Crescendo from Mystery Vibe for $199.00. This does seem like a lot of money but Crescendo is an amazingly clever vibrator. It even memorises the setting you last used and holds the vibrator at that setting for your next use. I definitely think Crescendo is worth the money considering it contains 6 motors.

Crescendo was sent to me by Mystery Vibe free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review, Thankyou so much to Mystery Vibe for this opportunity.



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